Apartments for sale in Fatih Istanbul

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Apartments for sale in Fatih Istanbul

Advantages of buying apartments in the Fatih district of Istanbul

Apartments for sale in Fatih Istanbul
21st July 2022
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The idea of buying apartments for sale in Istanbul Fatih for investment or housing is a fruitful idea, as this region falls within the framework of the ideal areas due to its unique features, its touristic position, and its commercial and investment centers.

It occupies the largest part of the love of the Arab community and it is also not devoid of foreigners, because of its importance, we have dedicated this article to talk about all the details related to this area... Follow us.


Buying apartments for sale in Fatih Istanbul:

Most of the investors who come to buy real estate in Istanbul choose the Fatih area alone to be the incubator for their property. The matter has increased significantly in the recent period and not stopped but is still in the immediate time, which caused several questions about the subject and prompted the curiosity and passion of many investors to study the real estate market in the Fatih area to conclude that this area contains all the ingredients for successful investment, especially in light of the real estate revolution in Turkey.

Real estate investment Fatih is undoubtedly a profitable investment, as this core area is witnessing a huge turnout from Arab and foreign investors, which is uncharacteristic in another region, all thanks to its great archaeological components that made it a symbol of tourism in Istanbul, while basic service centers are available in various health and commercial sectors, which makes the person who resides there need to leave it for another area, because he will find in it all the services and goods he may think of.

Residential real estate in Fatih area varies, as it is classified among the basic residential areas and has from the cheapest properties such as regular apartments and studios to the most expensive residential complexes, villas, hotel and smart apartments, and prices in the area vary according to the unique specifications of the property such as location, area, height, proximity or distance from the main services.

 In general, like all other real estate, real estate prices in the Fatih area are suitable and even competitive when compared to their counterparts in other European countries, so if you are thinking of settling and residing in this area, it is a suitable residential option and it is served well, and as an advice, you should hurry to seize the property that suits you in it, the demand for the real estate in Fatih is increasing remarkably, and the consequent gradual rise in prices.


The location of the Fatih area in Istanbul:

The promising Fatih district is located in the European part of Istanbul, surrounded on the east by the famous Bosphorus, and it has a distinctive view of the Marmara Sea from the south side, and from the west, it is bordered by the prestigious Zeytinburnu area and from the north side, the Fatih district adjoins Beyoglu and Bayrampasa. In addition to a waterway that reaches the Bosphorus Strait. It is about 44 km away from the new Istanbul Airport, and about 50 km away from Sabiha Airport, its area is approximately 15.6 square kilometers occupied by many services, gardens and attractions that we will mention successively.


The most beautiful sights in Fatih, Istanbul:

Fatih area is considered a tourist icon in the city, as it is witnessing a great turnout from foreign tourists because it contains a huge number of tourist and archaeological attractions. Here are the most famous of them:

First - Hagia Sophia Mosque:

The building is an architectural masterpiece that represents the pinnacle of Byzantine architecture. It was built in the basilica style. The rest is crowned with one of the largest domes in the world, with a diameter of about 21 meters and a height of 55 meters. Its ends rest on four square shoulders, the interior of this mosque is decorated with many paintings, drawings and inscriptions that cover its walls from the inside. Today, the Hagia Sophia Mosque is an artistic and architectural edifice, and for 481 years, it was used as a mosque before it was turned into a museum.

The tombs of Hagia Sophia are part of the Hagia Sophia compound located near it. The only separation between them is the garden. It includes the tombs of the most famous Ottoman sultans who ruled the Ottoman authority in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, including Sultan Muhammad III, Selim II, Murad III, Ibrahim I and Mustafa I, along with a number of sons, where the tomb is characterized by a brilliant Ottoman urban style, in addition to the decorations written in the most beautiful Arabic calligraphy.


Second - Fatih Mosque:

It was named by this name in relation to the name of Sultan Mehmed the Conqueror, who conquered Constantinople in 1453, and it is also included in the annex section of the tomb of the Conqueror. This mosque is a great example of Turkish Islamic architecture, as its dome is centered on four huge columns, with a diameter of 26 meters. As for the mihrab, it is the same mihrab of the old building, and the calligraphic decorations that spread in the mosque take on a Baroque character. There is a special section for the Sultan in the mosque, which was built in the eighteenth century and is dedicated to the prayer of the sultans.


Third - The closed market:

The market has been famous since its inception for handicrafts until now. Luxurious handicrafts such as Turkish carpets, pottery, copper utensils and famous Turkish utensils are still popular, in addition to jewelry, precious stones, woolen and silk clothes, souvenirs, and many other products.

There are also many restaurants and cafes in the market. This market contains seven fountains, a well and a large mosque. The school and the bathroom inside the market were renovated during the renovations that were carried out in 1894 after a severe earthquake. During the Ottoman era, this market was not only a shop for buying and selling only, but it was the center of the stock exchange.


Service means in Istanbul, Fatih:

Fatih area is known for its distinguished and integrated services and modern infrastructure, including:

First - Educational services:

If you are looking for an area that provides the best educational services for you or your children, the Fatih area in Istanbul is one of the first and best options that you should look at. In addition to the touristic position of the area, it is considered one of the good educational areas and is intended for students from all over the world, whether they are foreigners, Arabs or even Turks. Among the most famous schools in it are Dawood Pasha School, Iskandar Pasha Primary School, and Model Generations of Hope Kindergarten, in addition to many universities, the most famous of which is Sultan University Muhammed El Fateh.


Second - Means of transportation:

The most important characteristic of the Fatih area is the very developed network of public transportation, which was the reason to link the neighborhoods of the region together and also connect it to the rest of the areas of Istanbul, such as the metro that works around the clock, in addition to the metro bus, which is fast buses that are more expensive than regular buses but it shortens you time due to its extreme speed.

The Fatih area is still vibrant and full of civilization, filled with various entertainment and tourism places, wide multiple markets and large educational centers intended for various social classes, and many groups of people want to live there, and for this, it has become the most prestigious modern residential complexes that meet the aspirations of the aspirant to live in the city of Istanbul .



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