Apartments for sale near the highways in Istanbul

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Apartments for sale near the highways in Istanbul

Advantages of buying a property near the highways in Istanbul

Apartments for sale near the highways in Istanbul
04th November 2022
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To succeed and excel in the real estate investment project in Istanbul, a distinguished strategic location must be chosen, and this is very possible in Istanbul, as it contains many strategic locations that are suitable to buy next to them because the prices near them are more likely to rise than anywhere else.

In this article, the editorial team at Benaa Real Estate will discuss the issue of buying apartments near highways, as this city is famous for it. We wish you an enjoyable read.


The most important highways in Istanbul

As a result of the great congestion witnessed by the city of Istanbul, it was necessary to find a solution to the road and transportation crisis that emerged due to the high population density in which this city is known, and through the following paragraphs, learn about the most important of them:


First: E-5 Highway

The E5 highway is one of the most famous roads in Istanbul, starting from Buyukcekmece to Fatih in the heart of the old part of European Istanbul, and it connects different parts of the city and provides ease of movement for the residents.

 The motorway is also desirable because there are many services and metrobus and in addition, the metrobus passing in the middle of the E5 main road facilitates movement around the city.


Second: TEM highway

It is one of the longest highways in Turkey and connects the continent of Europe with the Turkish countries that pass through it. It is located in the city of Istanbul and passes through its section. The TEM Highway is one of the most important highways in Istanbul.

It is a vital artery of Istanbul and provides an efficient and fast link between the different parts of the city. It is also one of the most important roads that lead to the airport, as well as a modern and well-maintained road that provides a smooth and comfortable journey for all its users.


Third: the main road E-80

The motorway is a major transportation artery for both passenger and commercial vehicles and the E-80 main road offers many advantages for motorists First, it is a very safe road to drive on and the traffic is well organized and secondly, the E-80 main road is a very scenic road.


 Buy apartments in Istanbul near highways

If you are looking for an apartment in Istanbul near the highways, there are many options to choose from and there are many different types of apartments, from luxury apartments to affordable apartments. Apartment prices vary according to size, location, and amenities.

Some of the best places to look for an apartment in Istanbul near the highways are:

1 - Sisli is a central area and one of the most popular places to live in Istanbul. It is home to many luxury apartment buildings as well as more affordable options and there are many transportation options in Sisli, making it a great place to live if you need to move around a lot.

2 - Beylikdüzü is an area west of Istanbul that is growing in popularity as it is home to many new projects, including luxury and affordable apartments, with good transportation options and close to the airport, making it a convenient place to live.

3 - Esenyurt is another western district that is becoming increasingly popular among people who are looking for an apartment in Istanbul near the highways and has many new projects with both luxury and affordable prices.



Important information about Istanbul apartments

If you are looking for an apartment in Istanbul close to the highways, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, the closer you are to the highway, the more expensive the apartment will be. Second, apartments close to highways tend to be more noisy than those that are further away. Finally, you'll want to ensure that the apartment complex has good security, these areas can be a magnet for crime.


The importance of investing in real estate in Istanbul

As one of the most populous cities in Europe, Istanbul has a lot to offer investors in terms of real estate opportunities and the city is not only home to a growing number of businesses and tourists, but also has a rich history and culture that makes it an attractive destination for many people.

Istanbul has experienced significant growth in recent years and this growth is expected to continue in the future and this makes now a great time to invest in its properties and there are many different types of properties available, from apartments to office buildings, there is sure to be something that meets your needs and budget.

Investing in real estate in Istanbul can be a great way to earn rental income or sell the property for a profit in the future.


How is your real estate investment in Istanbul profitable?

Today, Istanbul is a major tourist destination, attracting more than 12 million visitors every year and is a popular choice for real estate investment due to its growing economy, stable political environment and lower property prices compared to other major European cities.

Real estate investors can find good opportunities in the residential real estate market in Istanbul, where the city’s population growth and strong economy support the increasing demand for housing, which leads to higher prices. Close to famous attractions.

In order for your real estate investment in Istanbul to be profitable and distinct, you must use one of the real estate experts, specialists and scholars to develop the real estate market in order to provide you with the most important opportunities and options available in the market and suitable for your goals, and what you do not know is that buying a property through a specialized company makes you save a lot of time and effort in Unorganized random search as a result of your lack of experience and knowledge. Do not forget that real estate companies have distinguished relationships with the most important construction companies, and therefore there is an opportunity available to you to get a discount or a very special price.



Comprehensive information about the Istanbul real estate sector.
-Field tours, through which you are briefed on the most important offers and options available in the Turkish real estate market.
- Recommendations and advice from experts in the field of real estate investment in Turkey.
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All those in charge of Binaa Real Estate are fully prepared to provide you with all the services you are looking for, starting from searching for potential options and conducting extensive field tours in the real estate sector and available projects, to providing us with a real estate property management service in case you do not have the opportunity to reside in Turkey And follow up on it yourselves.


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