Bahcesehir .. the city of gardens

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Bahcesehir .. the city of gardens

The growing importance of Bahcesehir in the Turkish real estate sector

Bahcesehir .. the city of gardens
26th December 2022
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Bahcesehir, which won the title of Garden City in Istanbul, is one of the most important areas of the city and the most widespread among those interested in real estate investment in Istanbul or those looking for distinctive housing and stability, and in this article we will shed light on the most important details related to it.


Advantages of buying an apartment in Bahcesehir

Buying an apartment in Bahcesehir has many advantages, and the area is known for its excellent quality of life, with plenty of green spaces and modern parks, which makes it ideal for families. The residential areas also offer a lot of amenities, such as shopping malls, restaurants, and entertainment facilities.

Moreover, the public transportation network is extensive and reliable, which makes commuting to other parts of the city easy and convenient. In addition, Bahcesehir is a safe neighborhood with low crime rates compared to other neighborhoods in Istanbul.

 Finally, the cost of living is very reasonable compared to other parts of Istanbul; This makes it an attractive option for anyone who is looking for a good place to live without breaking their budget. With all these factors in mind, buying an apartment in it is definitely a great option.


Apartment prices in Bahcesehir

Bahcesehir is a promising residential area in Istanbul, and its apartment prices are constantly increasing, as the average cost of an apartment in Bahcesehir is about $200,000, which is higher than the Istanbul average of $150,000.

While the cost of living in Bahcesehir is still relatively low compared to other parts of the districts, it is slowly catching up to more expensive areas and with a number of new construction projects underway and an increase in demand for rental properties in the area, prices are likely to continue to rise over time. Time, excellent transport links and proximity to amenities make Bahcesehir a desirable area for potential buyers or renters looking for a more affordable option in Istanbul.


Residential complexes in Bahcesehir

Bahcesehir is a district in Istanbul, known for its residential complexes. These complexes offer a variety of different amenities to its residents, making them desirable places to live in and come in a variety of sizes and styles, from modern high-rises with luxurious amenities to smaller, more traditional buildings.

 Residents can also take advantage of the many outdoor activities available in the area, such as walking trails and parks with plenty of green spaces. Other nearby amenities include shopping malls, medical centers and educational institutions. With various housing options and close proximity to all modern amenities, it is an ideal place for people looking to For a comfortable home in the city.


Transport in Bahcesehir

The area has an extensive bus service that connects it to the rest of Istanbul, as well as an underground train network. The M1 metro line runs through the area and makes it easy to get around. There are also plenty of taxis available for those who want to go further afield or just want a more convenient option for getting around. And for those who prefer cycling, there are also many cycle paths around the area that make riding it safe and enjoyable. All in all, it has one of the best transportation networks in Istanbul, making it easy for residents to get to the place they need quickly and without hassle.


Mall of Istanbul .. Bahcesehir

The Mall of Istanbul is one of the largest shopping centers in Turkey and is located in the heart of Istanbul. It offers a range of shopping, dining and entertainment experiences for visitors. The mall has more than 300 stores, including the best international brands, in addition to a variety of restaurants and cafes.

 It also includes several cinemas and a bowling alley, and the mall has an impressive array of amenities such as ATMs, currency exchange facilities, and a 24-hour medical center. Thanks to its spacious interiors and ample parking, in short, it provides a wonderful shopping experience for both locals and tourists alike.


Akbati Mall Istanbul .. Bahcesehir

It is one of the largest malls in the city and has over 250 stores selling everything from fashion to electronics. The mall also has a large food court and entertainment complex, making it a great place to spend an afternoon or evening.

 Akbati Istanbul Mall also offers free Wi-Fi, making it easy for visitors to stay connected while enjoying their shopping experience and with its wide range of shops, restaurants and entertainment options.


Golet Park, Istanbul

Golet Park is a stunning park in Istanbul located on the edge of the Bosphorus Strait and offers great views of the surrounding area. It is a great place to spend a few hours or even a day, as it has a lot of areas to explore and enjoy.

From lush green lawns and walking trails to picnic areas and playgrounds, Golet Park has something for everyone and there are also plenty of fishing opportunities in the nearby waters. This beautiful park is a great way to escape the hustle and bustle of the city center and spend some relaxing time in nature.


Bahcesehir University

 One of the oldest universities in Turkey and founded in 1998, it has grown into a leading international university with over 17,000 students from more than 70 countries offering a wide range of academic programs and has established itself as a leader in research and education across various disciplines.

As part of its commitment to excellence, Bahcesehir University invests heavily in its faculty and facilities, ensuring that every student receives an outstanding educational experience. The university campus is home to the latest technologies and facilities that enable students to succeed academically and professionally. In addition, the university provides students with great opportunities. For internships and international exchange programmes, with a diverse student body and commitment to excellence.


We were with you on an introductory tour of the most important information related to that area. If you want to get a unique opportunity to buy an apartment in it, do not hesitate to contact us so that we can put in your hands many options and special offers in the real estate market in istanbul that you should consider.


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