Cheap apartments for sale in Istanbul

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Cheap apartments for sale in Istanbul

Where to find cheap apartments for sale in Istanbul and what is the importance of investing in them

Cheap apartments for sale in Istanbul
13th June 2022
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What do you think, is it really possible to find cheap apartments for sale in Istanbul? Or is this considered impossible, given its grandeur, sophistication, and manifestations of modernity in every part?

We received this question from many of our clients, which prompted us to organize the following article to be comprehensive to talk about everything related to this aspect and to talk in detail about this issue and also to point out the most prominent steps through which it is possible to find cheap apartments for sale.

We wish you an enjoyable read.


Why are you looking for cheap apartments for sale in Istanbul?

Certainly, your search for apartments for sale in Istanbul with a cheap or suitable price was not in vain, but rather a desire to obtain a set of privileges or to reach a specific goal.

Through the following paragraph, we will inform you about the most important reasons and motives that motivate foreigners to buy apartments in Istanbul in particular, and not in other Turkish cities or other important cities around the world, as many European cities are no less important and distinguished, and despite that Istanbul today is a destination for many .

1 - The importance of living and stability in that city cannot be denied, where all the elements of an ideal life are available, such as:

- Stability.

- Luxury.

- Sophistication.

- Development.

Modernity and urban luxury, which is clearly evident through the projects scattered in its most important areas.

The presence of a lot of distinctive and modern real estate projects that suit everyone.

The cost of living in Istanbul is cheap compared to the costs that you will find in one of the European countries.


2 - What you do not know is that it is easy to find cheap apartments for sale in Istanbul for many reasons, most notably the availability of many real estate projects, which contributed to meet the volume of demand.

3 - The city of Istanbul is the first tourism destination in the world. It contains the legacy of the past, as it contains many historical and archaeological monuments that are spread throughout, such as palaces - museums - castles - forts, and others. This is in addition to beautiful natural places, parks, gardens and huge malls that represent the main element in modern tourism.

4 - In fact, a special opportunity to be a resident of Istanbul, where you can have a number of friendships and distinguished relations due to the great cultural diversity that it enjoys, as it is a destination for many foreigners around the world without exception they come from everywhere to live and settle, and it is necessary to point out a very important thing, which is that the Arabs are among the first chosen ones for it, for many reasons, the most important of which are:

- Cultural affinity, there is a common history between them.

- The Islamic Religion.

- The presence of similarities in many traditions and customs.

- Geographical location close to the Arab world.

5 - Those who live in that city can get wonderful opportunities to learn in its most important and prestigious universities and private and public schools, and do not forget that it includes many international schools and universities.

6 - Istanbul is one of the safest places in the world to live and reside, and this is what made it a first choice for many people around the world, especially those whose country suffers from wars and economic and political crises.

7- This city is witnessing many urban transformation projects that include rural areas in particular and remote areas or far from the city center in order to modernize them and imbue them with modernity and distinction.



Importance of buying apartments in Istanbul:

Certainly, the choice of foreigners to search for apartments for sale in Istanbul was not a random choice, but rather a deliberate choice and a desire to obtain many important privileges, which are as follows:

1 - First, the possibility of obtaining a real estate residence permit, which is one of the most important types of residence in Turkey at all, and is a legal way to reside in Turkey without being subject to violations.

It is the appropriate option for people with low incomes, as the price of the property is only required to be at least 75,000 US dollars, without being bound by any other conditions in terms of specifications or space.

2 - One of the main motives that encourage the purchase of real estate in Istanbul in particular and Turkey in general is to obtain Turkish citizenship in return for the price of the property being at least 400 thousand US dollars.

3 - The Turkish government did not hesitate to provide all the facilities and flexibility that the buyer is looking for, as:

- Ease of procedures for owning and buying real estate in Turkey.

- The real estate appraisal document that makes them feel safe because it controls real estate prices.

4 - Do not forget that buying an apartment in this city gives you the opportunity to live in absolute luxury and in an atmosphere similar to what prevails in European countries with an oriental character.

5 - Istanbul is characterized by a strategic geographical location on two continents (European and Asian), which made it characterized by the characteristics of both together.


Investing in real estate in Istanbul:

If you want to enter the world of real estate investment in Turkey, Istanbul is your first gateway to obtain abundant profits, and we have a set of important factors that support the investor's decision to buy real estate in that city for investment through the following paragraph.

Istanbul is one of the most suitable cities around the world for real estate investment, due to its high population density and the influx of tourists throughout the year from different countries of the world, and this is precisely what led to a significant increase in demand.

In your opinion, with the growing population and the high demand for buying real estate in Istanbul, has it become difficult to find properties for sale?

Due to this great demand, construction companies are building and constructing many high-end and important real estate projects and luxury residential complexes, and therefore it is very easy to find the right apartment for you according to your budget and goals.

In Istanbul, you are faced with many options for investing in real estate, the first of which is to rent the property to obtain a fixed monthly return, especially during the tourist periods, and the second idea is to resell the properties after a period of time so that you can benefit from the price difference that will result between the buying and selling stages.


Real estate prices in Istanbul:

A wide category of people and investors believe that real estate prices in Istanbul are very high and not compatible with everyone's budgets, but the reality is otherwise, as this city is suitable for searching for cheap apartments for sale, and Istanbul in this aspect has surpassed many European cities similar in terms of importance.

According to many experts and specialists in the field of real estate in Istanbul, it is likely that prices will rise during the coming period, after the completion of the construction of many infrastructure projects, especially the water canal, and this is enough for any investor during the current period to go to owning real estate in Turkey before the price hike, especially in light of the many facilities provided by the Turkish government.


Where to find cheap apartments for sale in Istanbul?

One of the common questions asked in this regard is (where to look for cheap apartments for sale in Istanbul)? Is the European side more suitable for this purpose, or is the Asian side more suitable?

Through the following paragraphs, you can see the most important of these areas, and many of their advantages and details related to them will be indicated.

1 – Cheap apartments on the outskirts of Istanbul:

One of the first places you can look for cheap apartments in Istanbul is (rural areas, suburbs or remote places) as they are cheaper than real estate prices and apartments in the city center or nearby areas.

At first glance, you will think that buying an apartment on the outskirts of Istanbul is not a good idea, as it is difficult to reach the city center and move from one place to another, but it is on the contrary, as these areas have received a lot of development and the Turkish government is working to develop and improve its infrastructure continuously and to deliver transportation lines to it.


2 - The cheapest apartments for sale Esenyurt:

One of the most important areas in Istanbul, specifically on its European side, is Esenyurt, which is one of the ideal options for looking for cheap apartments for sale, and the reason for this is that there is no metro line yet in it, in addition to the fact that there is a side in it that has not been covered by urban transformation projects and real estate is still popular.

But this does not mean that it lacks important public or recreational facilities that help residents to have a comfortable life, and many construction companies today are working to build their modern projects in it, in addition to the ongoing work on the construction of the new metro line, and all this will contribute to a high rate of real estate prices in it in the coming days. .

The current time is an appropriate opportunity to search for apartments for sale in Esenyurt Istanbul, and this is what many specialists in the Turkish real estate market have indicated.


3 - Cheap apartments in Beylikduzu:

One of the distinguished options for buying cheap real estate in Istanbul is (Beylikdüzü), which is located on the European side of the city and is also a destination for those who prefer to buy newly built real estate, as in the recent period many large real estate projects have been developed in it, and after the Metrobus line passed through it, there was no problem of access to the city center. In general, those who live in that area will not need to leave it in order to meet their basic needs, as all service and recreational facilities are available, from green spaces and parks to restaurants and cafes, to major commercial centers such as (Marmara Park Mall).

As for real estate investment, many real estate investors consider it a good start in order to start a successful real estate investment, as real estate prices in it are somewhat cheap compared to the prices of the areas that are located near it, at least, such as Basaksehir, Sariyer, or others.


In the context of talking about the cheapest apartments for sale in Istanbul, a very important thing must be noted, which is that real estate prices on the Asian side are relatively cheaper than real estate on the European side, taking into account the factors affecting real estate prices and the most important areas that you find in this aspect (Sancaktepe - Umraniye - Kartal - Beykoz - Tuzla) If you are wondering about the Uskudar region, you should know that the prices in it are high due to the development of its infrastructure, the Turkish government is constantly working on developing and improving it, as it is a major tourist destination in Istanbul due to its many landmarks Most notably, The Maiden's Tower and Çamlıca Mosque. Add to your information that real estate and apartment prices in that area are constantly rising, which confirms the importance of real estate investment in it.

The most important rural areas in Istanbul:

We have previously mentioned that real estate prices in areas far from the city center are cheaper than others, and one of the most important and famous areas in Istanbul is Silivri, which is characterized by its upscale rural climate and green spaces, as for its famous urban style (villas) with a distinctive modern design.

Silivri is one of the cheapest areas in Istanbul at all, and as for the problem of its distance from the center of Istanbul, the Turkish government plans to extend a line from the metrobus of Beylikduzu so that transportation to and from it becomes easy.


Advantages of cheap apartments in Istanbul:

Certainly, this choice from among the large and diverse group of real estate in Turkey has many important advantages, and through the following paragraph, you can show them in full.

First: Real estate prices in Turkey fluctuate constantly and it is not possible to remain constant on one condition for a long time, which made the foreigner willing to own this type. It is possible that after a period of time prices may rise and the owner of the apartment can benefit from the price difference that will result between the buying and selling stages.

Second: cheap real estate in Turkey is no less in quality and importance than luxury real estate.

Third: Did you know that cheap real estate is a better option than renting homes?

Fourth: A good opportunity for real estate investment, especially for those with low budgets.

Fifth: The areas that contain cheap real estate do not have the same monthly returns as those found in luxury residential complexes.

Sixth: All services and service facilities that residents usually need, such as shopping centers, hospitals, medical units, schools, hospitals, and others, are available in those areas.

Seventh: Most of the urban transformation projects that are organized in those areas, which indicates that they are oriented towards luxury and excellence.


Disadvantages of cheap apartments in Istanbul:

Also, these apartments have many positive aspects. There are also some negative aspects, and some may see them as well, while others do not make a difference.

Here are the main negative points that you will find when buying cheap real estate in Turkey.

- It does not have the recreational service facilities that are available in luxury residential complexes.

- It may be relatively far from public transportation lines, schools, universities, health centers or recreational places, so it is not considered a suitable option for those who have young children.

- It is difficult to find new construction in these areas, as most of them are old.

- Real estate prices in these areas are rising by not great rates.


How to find cheap apartments in Istanbul?

With the great diversity of real estate in Istanbul and the presence of 39 areas distributed on both sides of the Asian and European sides, it is difficult to find a cheap property easily, so it is necessary to follow a set of important tips and advice, and this is what we will talk about in detail through the following paragraph:

Eliminating strategic locations:

If you really want to find a property in Turkey that is cheap or at a suitable price, you should not choose the distinguished strategic locations, as the slumping of locations leads to a constantly high real estate price, so you can choose places far from the city center or remote as we mentioned above.


Stay away from the great views:

Of course, you know that the more distinctive the view, the higher the price of the property, so stay away from sea views or that overlook green spaces, mountains and forests.


Do not buy a property alone:

One of the important tips that should be taken into account when buying a property in Istanbul is the need to use a real estate company with experience, knowledge and extensive knowledge of everything related to the real estate market in Turkey, because thanks to its good relations with the most important construction companies, it can provide you with the right property for you.


Under construction properties:

One of the distinct options that the buyer will find in front of him when searching for cheap apartments for sale in Istanbul are the properties that are still under construction, as this type of property is cheaper than ready-made properties in many stages and add to your information that it rises at a high rate after the completion of the construction stages, and that percentage ranges between 35% and 70%.


The real estate market in Istanbul is full of diverse and important options suitable for everyone, whether in terms of specifications and architectural style or in terms of prices, and you only have to communicate with our real estate consultants to provide you with the most important and best real estate opportunities available for you.


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