Real estate investment in Turkey | Encouraging statistics and figures

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Real estate investment in Turkey | Encouraging statistics and figures

Despite the global health and economic circumstances, the demand for apartment inventory and real estate investment in Turkey has not decreased. Real estate investment is a safe way to preserve and develop capital and get rewarding benefits such as Turkish citizenship and real estate ownership remotely.

Real estate investment in Turkey | Encouraging statistics and figures
05th May 2021
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Real estate investment in Turkey has become one of the most prominent and prosperous investment sectors, thanks to the great attention paid by the Turkish government for this sector, besides the facilities and tax cuts occasionally. This has encouraged local and international investors to enter the Turkish real estate market, and utilize the available investment advantages and opportunities, besides the rewarding profit rates. In this article by Binaa Investment, we address many indicators and statistics that confirm the solidity of the real estate sector in Turkey and its continuous prosperity.


Real estate investment movement in Turkey

Official statistics of the real estate investment movement in Turkey indicate an increase in foreign investors’ demand to enter the real estate investment race in Turkey, thanks to the high-security rate as a result of the continuous supply and demand movement, besides the excellent facilities in deals and legal procedures provided by the government to investors.

Iraqi citizenship holders are on the top of foreign investors map, who are the most present in the Turkish real estate investment market in 2019, by purchasing 7.596 properties. While; Iranians ranked second by 5.423 properties.

They are followed by Russians by 2.893 properties. The Saudis came fourth in the real estate investment race by 2.208 properties. And Afghans by 2.191 properties.


At the national level, sales percentage increased between 2019 and 2020 at good rates, as shown by the following statistic.


Real estate inventory for apartments in Turkey

The Endeksa platform, which is specialized in digital statistics for the Turkish real estate market, addressed some significant figures about the real estate inventory in Turkey.

At the beginning of 2020, according to specialists, the real estate inventory for investment in Turkey reached about 900 thousand apartments; the first three places were for three major states.

Of course, Istanbul ranked first at the level of the Turkish states, with a share of 260 thousand apartments. Followed by the capital, Ankara, with about 130 thousand apartments, and then the state of Izmir with 76 thousand apartments.

While the state of Hakkari appended the arrangement of real estate inventory with 35 thousand residential units, and the rest of the apartments were distributed over Bursa, Gaziantep, Antalya, Mersin and the rest of the 81 Turkish states.


Real estate prices in Turkey

The Turkish real estate market is considered a substantial competitor to its counterparts in Europe and the countries in the region. It is a promising market and offers suitable profit margin opportunities for local and foreign investors.

In addition, the Indexa website has published recent statistics on the price per square meter of the residential apartments in Turkey for April 2021, as it reached about 2.920 Turkish liras per square meter.

According to the statistical site, in terms of the price per square meter of residential apartments, Mugla has been ranked among the most expensive cities, at approximately 6.900 Turkish liras per meter. As for Istanbul, the average price per square meter is 4.337 Turkish liras.


Why is real estate development growing in Turkey?

The Turkish real estate sector is growing fast, at a steady pace, due to the great attention paid by the government to this sector and the encouragement of foreign investments in it. The following are some of the advantages allocated to real estate investors in Turkey.


Investment advantages in Turkey

  • Strong infrastructure in public services, utilities, facilities, roads, transportation, airports and others, which enhances the opportunity to start a new life and settle in Turkey or launch a new commercial activity in Turkey of high reliability.
  • Facilities by the Real Estate Act through granting the investor who owns or invests in real estate of a value exceeds $ 250,000 several privileges; Including the right to get permanent real estate residency and apply for Turkish citizenship.
  • In conjunction with the attention paid to the rest other sectors, which support the growth of multiple investment sectors in Turkey, such as the growing health sector of quality and speed of missiles, the tourism sector, and the banking sector.
  • Facilities of bank transactions and loans for Turkish citizens in particular, and within the real estate sector, with long-term financing periods, was positively reflected in large jumps in real estate prices during the last year 2020.
  • Turkey enjoys a prominent economic-political power in the world, in addition to the fact that it has become a destination for millions of citizens to settle out their countries that are witnessing unstable political or economic events.
  • Therefore, the country has become a dream and a model to follow. Also, its nationality has become a safe haven for families. Needless to say, Real estate investment has become the fastest and surest way to get Turkish citizenship.

Turkish real estate market expectations for 2021

Despite the global health circumstances and the repeated lockdown in many countries and airports globally, the demand for purchasing real estate in Turkey has not declined during 2021.

But rather, the demand is expected to increase in summer, in terms of foreigners’ interest in real estate investment in Turkey, which is reflected in the sales figures for the first quarter of the year compared to the same period last year.

There is a growing interest in facilitating legal matters and procedures for online purchasing real estate remotely in Turkey for the foreign investor, which means greater confidence and better flexibility to attract more capital in hard currency by increasing real estate sales.

Through the highest security rate and the Turkish government guarantee in many projects, the real estate field in Turkey is a golden opportunity for profitable investment. It is a dynamic market considering constant supply and demand, making it viable. Not to mention the continuous support and incentives provided by the Turkish government.

Thus, it is a real opportunity for everyone who plans to settle or invest in Turkey reliably and securely.


Types of real estate investment in Turkey:

The most important types of real estate investment in Turkey are residential and commercial real estate. Where residential properties include apartments, villas and penthouses, commercial properties include office buildings, shopping centers and warehouses.

Turkey has great potential for real estate investment due to its fast-growing economy, political stability, and large population.


Advantages of investing in residential real estate:

Investing in residential real estate in Turkey offers a number of advantages:

-There is a large and growing demand for housing, due to population growth and urbanization in the country.

-This means that investors can expect to see their property values ​​increase over time.

-The Turkish government offers a number of incentives to foreign investors, such as tax breaks.

-There is a wide range of property types available in Turkey, from apartments to villas, so that investors can find what suits their needs and budget.


Disadvantages of investing in residential real estate:

There are a number of negatives and drawbacks to investing in residential real estate in Turkey. Chief among them is the difficulty of finding tenants. The market is very competitive, and there is often more property available than tenants looking to rent. This can lead to vacant properties, which can be costly. In addition, rents can fluctuate greatly, depending on the state of the economy and other factors. Non-payment of dues is also a risk; if tenants don't pay their rent on time, it can put a strain on the landlord's finances.


Advantages of investing in commercial real estate:

Commercial real estate investment has many advantages over investing in residential real estate. One of the biggest advantages is that you don't often deal with tenants. With commercial real estate, you can get long-term lease contracts with major companies that are easier to deal with than individuals.

In addition, it is much easier to collect rents from commercial tenants than from residential tenants. Don't  forget that you can get much higher returns on your investment. Commercial real estate also tends to be more stable than other types of investments, so you can expect to see slower but more steady growth in your investment.


Disadvantages of investing in commercial real estate:

Disadvantages of commercial real estate investing include:

-Commercial real estate can be a risky investment, especially if the property is located in an unstable or high-crime area.

-Office and retail space can be difficult to rent out, especially if the local market is not strong.

-The initial costs of purchasing a commercial property, such as the down payment, can be expensive.

-Lenders typically require a higher down payment and guarantees for business loans than they do for residential loans.

-Commercial leases usually last for several years, so investors must be prepared to commit to the property for the long term and not make a sudden decision to sell it before the committed contracts expire.

-There is always the potential for both profit and loss. So, before you invest in commercial real estate, it is important that you understand the advantages and disadvantages so that you can make the best decision for your financial future.



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Edited by: Binaa Investment ©

Sources: Anatolia + Turkish Statistics Institute + Al-Jazeera


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