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Free House Program

Binaa investment offers the Free house program to its clients who buy a property twice in Turkey through them, with suitable financing plans & payment options.

If you are one who seizes the real estate opportunities offered by a construction company through owning an apartment in Turkey that suits your needs, you are invited to take advantage of the free house program.

Free home program from Binaa Investment

Only for Binaa Investment customers who buy a home for the second time through our company, we offer the free home program with a financing plan that suits everyone, with specific and long-term payment options.

The company will create a financing program, which will result in getting the second house from Binaa Investment for free by financing it from one of the accredited Turkish banks.

In addition, the new house is rented at excellent prices, thus covering the bank's installments through the rental return, by up to 100%, through payments of up to 120 months.


Advantages of financing housing in Turkey

  1. Possibly paying the property value in long-term installments of up to 120 months.
  2. The freedom to choose the payment method of installments, either in irregular payments or regular and equal payments.
  3. Possibly utilize financing of up to 80% of the property value you want to buy.
  4. You may get financing up to 100% of the property value if you provide additional real estate coverage.
  5. If you use a housing loan or financing, you may be waived from the Resource Utilization Support Fund fees (KKDF), as well as from banking and insurance transaction fees (BSMV).


The most prominent types of housing finance in Turkey

Fixed Installment Financing

Buy a house in Turkey with the real estate financing system, and pay the property value in installments with fixed payments; So that all installments are equal in all months.

Irregular Payments Financing

You can also buy a house in Turkey with the real estate financing system in irregular payments. However, if you want to determine the value of the installments for each month separately, you can increase or decrease the monthly installment value as you wish.


Finally, if you are one of Binaa Investment's customers you have a golden opportunity to benefit from the Free house program offered exclusively to the company’s clients, according to a financing program that suits you.

All you need to do is contact our team and have a look at real estate opportunities and offers for the best apartments for sale in Istanbul, Antalya, and other Turkish cities, and choose your new home free of charge from Binaa Investment. Contact us now!

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Sources: Kuwait Turk Bank + Al Baraka Bank