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Residence in Turkey by purchasing a property

Getting to know everything about residency in Turkey through purchasing a property or an apartment. The conditions for getting a residency will be discussed, besides the required documents and the steps for getting it.

To stay in Istanbul legally, many foreign investors try to get a residence in Turkey through purchasing a property, which guarantees an easy entry and exit to Turkey without the need to get a visa.

As Turkey is striving to raise the level of the Turkish economy by developing the level of investments, real estate investment, in particular, it offers many advantages to international investors upon owning. Perhaps the most important is the residency by purchasing a property, whatever its worth.

In this article by Binaa Investment, how to get real estate residency and purchase a property in Turkey is highlighted. Also, the most important frequently asked questions on this topic are addressed.



What is residency in Turkey through purchasing a property?

It is a short-term, renewable residence, given for one year to a foreigner who owns real estate, provided that it is used for housing. It is issued by the Directorate General of Immigration Management. It also does not require a specific value. Accordingly, the newcomer is permitted to enter Turkey without a visa.

Does the family of the foreign owner get a real estate residence permit?

We need to differentiate between the residency through purchasing real estate and family residency.

On the other hand, the foreigner who owns the property can grant his wife and children under the age of eighteen the residence of a family companion. If the family residence is lost, it will be easy to move to the tourist residence.

The required documents to get a residence in Turkey by purchasing a property

  1. A valid passport for at least six months, translated into Turkish, and certified by the notary public.
  2. Health insurance for the property owner.
  3. The title deed of the property (Tabu).
  4. Earthquake insurance for the real estate unit.

If the ownership is in the name of a company, not an individual, then some papers must be added to the previous documents, which are:

  1. Documents and passports for authorized people in the company.
  2. A translated copy of the passport and certified by a notary public.
  3. Two personal photos.
  4. Residence address and information about the family.
  5. The company's tax number.
  6. Land registration information.


Steps to get residency by purchasing a property

 Purchase a property in Turkey and get a title deed.

 Book an appointment at the General Directorate of Migration Management in Turkey.

Go to the interview appointment at the Immigration Department and submit the above documents.

Pay the fees for getting residence permits in Turkey.

The residence card is sent via Turkish Post (PTT) if the application is approved.

Is the property required to be of a specific financial amount or a certain space to get a real estate residence in Turkey?

There are no specific conditions regarding the property space or its financial value. If the foreigner buys a house to live in Turkey, even one room of a simple financial value, he will get a real estate residence as a result.


Conditions for getting a residence in Turkey by purchasing a property in Istanbul?

According to the recent resolution issued by the Turkish Ministry of Interior, it has been decided to stop issuing residency permits for foreigners in the Fatih and Esenyurt regions of Istanbul state. However, that decision excludes two types of residency, namely:

  • Residence under purchasing real estate in these two areas.
  • A student's residence in Turkey provided that his university is located in one of these two regions exclusively.


Advantages of residency after purchasing a property in Turkey

This type of residency grants the foreigner many privileges on Turkish soil, as follows:

  • It is the residence permit in Turkey with a chance to renew without complicated procedures.
  • The foreigner can get a Turkish identity card according to it.
  • Opening a bank account in a Turkish bank
  • In addition to getting a Turkish driver's license, under easy procedures.


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