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Get to know the procedures related to travel to Turkey, regarding the conditions for entering Turkish territory, in addition to how to get permission for internal travel between states and cities.

Many believe that traveling to Turkey is a difficult task that requires complicated procedures, like its European counterparts. In fact, access to Turkish territory is easy, occurs according to simple conditions.

Turkey is one of the glorious tourist areas that can be toured to at all times of the year. It is characterized by stunning views and a variety of entertainment. Many families find their fascination in Turkey, as the Turkish people are friendly who love to help others.

If you intend to travel internally between states, travel to a Turkish city for education, work, investment, or other reason, this article is your guide to all the information you need.



Travel develops the human mind and breaks the routine of daily life through the experience of doing something new, and getting familiar with tourist places that immortalize a long history, which is abundant in Turkey, the cradle of civilizations and the meeting place for tourists from all over the world.


Significant procedures when traveling to Turkey

  1. Get an entry visa to Turkish territory valid for six months.
  2. Take the necessary measures and organize transportation within the country.
  3. Before entering Turkey, book a suitable hotel because the search process will take a lot of your time.
  4. Bring a good amount of money with you, despite the availability of automated teller machines in various regions in Turkey, but you may go to a place where there is no ATM.
  5. Learn some basic Turkish words, and learn about dress etiquette in some areas, as many rural villages still preserve old customs and traditions.


Getting an entry visa to Turkey

The entry visa to Turkey is issued according to particular procedures, which differ according to the reason for entering the country, and they are as follows:

1. Traveling to Turkey for work

Turkey is one of the countries that comprise plenty of expatriate workers, there are some job opportunities for expatriates, such as translation services, technical and software engineering, medical professions, and restaurant management.


You can apply for a work permit from the Turkish Ministry of the Interior in Ankara, qualifying you to work legally.

2. Travel to Turkey for education

Getting a study visa in Turkey does not take much time; its duration is determined according to the period specified in the acceptance letter submitted by the student.

A study visa does not give its holder the right to work. However, a tourist residence must first be got, then converted into a work residence after getting permission from the Turkish authorities.

3. Travel to Turkey for investment

Investment means here purchasing and owning a property of any type. Then, establishing and initiating an investment project, for which the expatriate will pay taxes and financial obligations to the Turkish authorities.

4. Traveling to Turkey for marriage

Whether by marrying a Turkish woman or vice versa, thus a person cannot get citizenship until residing in Turkey for at least three years.

5. Human migration to Turkey

It is currently the most widespread type of migration due to the spread of wars. Turkey is known for hosting many Syrian and Iraqi refugees and many others.


Means of travel in Turkey

1- Trains

You can travel from Europe to Turkey by train. There is a network of railways operating in Romania, Turkey, and Hungary. Turkey can be reached from Budapest in Hungary by train.

It is also possible to travel by train from Bucharest in Romania to Turkey.

2- Planes

There are many airlines companies in Turkey that carry passengers from Asia, Africa, Europe, and North America to Turkey.

Also, there are many international airports in Turkey, including Esenboga International Airport, Ataturk International Airport, Antalya International Airport, and other airports.

3- Cars and buses

To travel by car or bus, you are required to get a travel permit, and you need to be familiar with all the required necessary documents.

You can travel from Bucharest, Romania, to Turkey by bus. Also, buses are available from Sofia, in Bulgaria, to Turkey, and from Greece, Iran, and Syria.

4- Boats

The boat is a means of transporting travelers to Turkey through the waters, getting the traveler to the coastal cities through short ferries on the Greek islands.


Internal travel permit in Turkey

A travel permit in Turkey is an official permit that allows traveling from one Turkish state to another, including the permitted travel period from departure date to return date, showing the reason for travel and the number of companions.

The internal travel permit in Turkey "permission" is required from the following classes:

  • Syrians holding a temporary protection card.
  • Foreigners who have got asylum in Turkey.

Concerning foreign Arabs and non-Arabs residing in Turkey and Turkish citizens, they have to get the health code in Turkey as a condition of booking travel tickets between Turkish states, without the need to get a travel document.

The purpose of this idea is to control the movement of travelers holding asylum and temporary protection cards because the laws obligate them to remain in the Turkish state in which they are registered, to get their aid and support, and there are security reasons for this permission.


Finally, after reviewing the most prominent procedures, conditions, and tips for traveling to Turkey, you can now book your ticket after getting an entry visa to Turkish territory, enabling you to be in Turkey legally and move with confidence and safety.

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