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We accompany you on a live visit to the property in Turkey, then highlight the eight best Turkish cities suitable for living and investment in terms of nature, services, and real estate prices.

Before you begin your quest to move and live in Turkey, the Binaa Investment team,  through this article, will take you to a live visit to properties in the best cities to live in the Turkish states, to choose from it what suits your interests and affordability.

Living in Turkey

Turkey has all the ingredients of a tourist country, thanks to its charming climate, picturesque nature, and luxury real estate, thus becoming the sixth-best tourism destination in the world.

Why not! It is an ideal place for settlement and security due to its economic and social components, besides the services it provides to its residents.

When making a decision to choose the correct Turkish city for housing or investment, the options for apartments will vary from one person to another, according to the character of the area and lifestyle, and most importantly, the spirit of the residents residing in it.

For example, but not limited to, many foreigners do not like to live in the southern cities of Turkey, such as Mardin, because it is landlocked, and most of its residents speak only Turkish, which makes foreigners find it difficult to communicate with others.


What is the best city to live in Turkey?

Binaa Investment Company puts in your hands the eight best cities to live in Turkey, with an illustration of real estate prices and the advantages of buying property in them, which are:

1.   Istanbul city

Istanbul is at the forefront of Turkey's favorite cities for foreigners wishing to invest, whether by establishing a company or purchasing a property. It is also the best city in Turkey for living and stability.

The city of two continents attracts expats, tourists, and Turks, due to the diversity of job opportunities and the distinguished educational system that encourages many families to reside there, needless to say, its charming nature and mild climate.

As for real estate prices in Istanbul, it can be said that apartments overlooking the Bosphorus are the most expensive, noting that most Turks and expats prefer to live in the outskirts of Istanbul, with easy access to the city center.


2.   Antalya city

Antalya is where you can find sunny beaches and mountains, with breathtaking views of the Mediterranean coast, and accordingly, it is one of the best places in Turkey for nightlife and shopping.

Antalya is one of the best tourist destinations in Turkey. It has a high annual rate in terms of the number of tourists thanks to the permanent investment of the local council in improving the landscape and infrastructure.

The city also abounds with various ancient monuments and has many areas that hold astonishing waterfalls that catch the eye. All this and more make it one of the most beautiful areas in Turkey.

Whoever wants sea view apartments for sale in Turkey will definitely go to Antalya, noting that property prices in Antalya are somewhat high.


3.   Izmir city

It is Turkey's third-largest city, where you can find comfort, tranquility, and an urban lifestyle.

Izmir is famous for its ease of movement, due to the highly organized transport lines, with water crossings, bicycle routes, as well as pedestrian paths.

When you visit Izmir city, you will be captivated by the charm of the view of the Aegean Sea and the atmosphere of peace, comfort, and tranquility that you will enjoy in the open air.

Own a property in Izmir, Turkey, and enjoy an organized life without crowding.


4.   Kalkan City

If you are looking for total luxury, Kalkan is perfect for you.

Though Kalkan is small, its inhabitants and nature make you live in an atmosphere of luxury. It is surrounded by charming beaches and mountainous terrain that provides a stunning view of the sea, and its residents enjoy a conservative and calm lifestyle.

Concerning the prices of apartments in Kalkan, they are not the cheapest, but the city remains the most suitable for a break after a hard working week or a wonderful vacation with the family.


5.   Fethiye city

Fethiye is one of the charming coastal cities. It is the home of the Blue Lagoon and the Valley of Butterflies. It is very suitable for exploration fans and those wishing to spend time in the middle of nature. It is also ideal for shopping fans.

Property prices in Fethiye are low. Thus, buying an apartment in the city for those looking for cheap homes for sale in Turkey is very suitable.


6.   Alanya city

It is a rapidly developing and growing city. It has everything an urban lifestyle needs.

Alanya is located in an advantageous geographical position; It is in the eastern Mediterranean, making you enjoy the golden sunshine all year round. Also, it is the cheapest Turkish city in terms of housing and living costs.


7.   Bodrum City

Bodrum is the leading and first city to welcome foreign visitors and expats. It is a coastal destination filled with tourists all year round, making you feel like you are still at home.

Bodrum city center is densely populated with vibrant daily life, making it one of the best Turkish cities overlooking the Aegean Sea.


8.   Bursa City

The Turkish city of Bursa attracts various nationalities due to the diversity of cultures it holds.

Bursa attracts tourists and those wishing to reside in Turkey. It embraces the old historical Ottoman buildings. It is called the Green Bursa because of its sparkling gardens, forests, and family parks.

The city is famous for its distinguished activities, such as skiing, one of the most significant activities in the city. It is also famous for its cuisine, where you can taste the delicious Turkish dishes.

Concerning the real estate market in Bursa, prices are suitable for buying an apartment or renting houses in Bursa because it is one of the cities that have been somewhat late in urban development.


Hence, we have taken you on a live visit to the properties in the best cities of Turkey.

Now, you can choose according to your aspirations, financial situation, and goal in buying a property.

Choose a property in your favorite city, and leave the rest to the Binaa Investment team, who is ready to answer your inquiries and questions. Contact us to be with you at every moment until you reach your goal.

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