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Virtual Tour Real Estate

The virtual real estate tour in Turkey is a significant tool for investors to get accurate & detailed information about apartments to choose what suits them

The virtual tour has become an important tool in the real estate sector, through which the buyer can get accurate and detailed information about a property before visiting, especially the foreign investor who is, for some reason, unable to travel to Turkey.

What is a virtual tour?

It is a professionally organized real estate tour that allows you to visit your favorite apartment through the most secure video calling applications to get the best possible buying experience while you are at home.

We show you, through a video call, all the minute details of the apartment you want to buy. We take you to all its corners, from one room to another, checking the details of the lighting system, security, internet service, and others.


Virtual tours by Binaa Investment

With Binaa Investment, you can buy a property online while in your country. One of our team members will visit the agreed-upon housing project on the specified date, then make a video call to cover all its details upon your request.

During the virtual home tours, our company representative answers your questions directly and moves our camera upon your request to show you all the details you want in the kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, and balcony!

In addition to shooting the rooms from different angles, as well as the entrance to the property, and its view from the outside. Upon request, we take you on a tour of the neighborhood or city where your new home is located.


The importance of the virtual tour?

  • Viewing all corners of the house through your mobile screen, from your office, or while walking on the road, thus saving time and effort.
  • The virtual tour saves you traveling to Turkey to inspect the property, and thus saves money.
  • You can inspect the house at any time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week; It's like being on a virtual tour of a full-time open house.
  • The virtual tour provides you with a lot of information and accurate details about the property, which you may overlook during the field tours.


Finally, if you want to buy a property in Turkey, but you live abroad, or do not have enough time to inspect the properties you want to choose from, do not hesitate to contact us!

The Binaa Investment team shows you a selection of real estate opportunities and offers the best apartments for sale in Istanbul, Antalya, and other Turkish cities to choose from them what suits you!

Then our representative will inform you about all the property details through virtual tours as if you were on the ground. The purchase process ends with getting the title deed and completing the Turkish citizenship procedures online, and finally, receiving the Turkish passport wherever you are. Contact us now.


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