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Q&A about Turkish Citizenship

FAQ is a service provided by a construction company to its website visitors, through which answering their questions about real estate investment in Turkey.

We provide you with a set of the most important frequently asked questions to answer your inquiries regarding issues related to real estate investment in Turkey within the framework of Turkish law and legislation.


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In this section, 20 questions are answered about: Turkish citizenship under recent amendments, title deeds in Turkey, real estate residence permits, how to get it, besides health and educational services for foreigners.


Frequently Asked Questions About Turkish Citizenship

Q1- How do I get Turkish citizenship by investment?

By one of the following ways:

  • Purchasing a property worth no less than 250 thousand dollars.
  • Depositing 500 thousand dollars in a Turkish bank.
  • Investment in fixed assets worth 500 thousand dollars.
  • Employing 50 Turkish citizens in your own company.


Q2- What is the property value under which I get Turkish citizenship?

The property value should not be less than one million US dollars if the purchase took place between 01/12/2017 and 09/18/2018.

It should not be less than $250,000; If the purchase took place on 19/09/2018 and later.


Q3- Can I rent or resell the property after getting citizenship?

You can rent the property, but you can only sell it after 3 years of ownership.


Q4- Can I reduce the taxes on the property by registering it in the Land Registration Department at a lesser value than its actual value?

No, because the difference in the property value in the land registry department from the one registered in the appraisal report results in refusing to submit the property for naturalization.


Q5- How is the dollar exchange rate calculated when purchasing a property?

The US dollar exchange rate is calculated according to the exchange rate of the Central Bank of Turkey at the time of purchasing the property.


Q6- Is paying the price of the property in cash?

No, all payments from the buyer to the seller must be by validated bank transfers.


Frequently asked questions about Title deeds in Turkey

Q7- What is the title deed in Turkey?

It is an official document taken from the Directorate of Land Registry in Turkey; it proves ownership of the property. It includes information about the owner's name, and the property address in detail, besides its area and type, whether it is residential or commercial.

Q8- Can I share the title deed with another person?

Yes, more than one person can share the ownership of one property; however, this is proven in the title deed document.


Q9- Can I get the title deed online?

Yes, through the WEB TAPU website, all the procedures for getting the title deed are done electronically, including the payment of the fees. After that, it is time to go to the Land Registry Department for signature.


Frequently asked questions about real estate residence permits in Turkey

Q10- What is the real estate residence permit in Turkey?

It is a short-term residence permit, usually for one year, that a foreign investor gets after purchasing a property in Turkey.


Q11- How long is the real estate residence permit valid in Turkey?

The real estate residence permit gives a foreigner the right to stay in Turkey for usually one or two years and is renewed annually.


Q12- How much does it cost to get a real estate residence permit in Turkey?

The costs of getting real estate residence in Turkey are limited to health insurance, its value is calculated according to the age group, in addition to some other fees, with very small total expenses.


Q13- Is there a certain value required for the property through which I can get a residence permit?

No, whatever the property value, it will qualify you to get a real estate residency.


Q14- Can I rent the house after getting the real estate residence permit?

 No, Turkish law requires that the property is for housing not for rent.


Frequently asked questions about health and education services in Turkey

Q15- Does the foreigner get health insurance in Turkey?

Health insurance does not cover foreign tourists; however, they can benefit from health care services free of charge only in emergency cases.

The foreign residents in Turkey, who work with a contract of service, can benefit from the health insurance service by their jobs under the payroll of a resident company.


Q16- Can I enroll my children in Turkish public schools?

Yes, Turkish public schools accept foreign arrivals, and you can, with easy procedures, enroll your children in one of them.


Q17- Are public schools in Turkey free for foreign nationals?

Yes, they are free for both the expatriate and the citizen.


Q18- What are the required documents for enrolling in Turkish schools?

The certificate of the last year of study and transcripts of grades, certified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the issuing country, translated and notarized inside Turkey or abroad through the Turkish embassy in your country, besides the passport, residence permit, and the student's address registration. All these documents must be submitted to the Ministry of Education in Turkey.


Q19- Are Arab or international school certificates recognized in Turkey?

Yes, the Turkish Ministry of Education recognizes educational certificates from Arab and international schools.


Q20- Can my children study an Arabic curriculum in Turkey?

Yes, there are many schools in Istanbul and some Turkish cities that teach students the curriculum in Arabic.