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University Registration

Registering at the university through Binaa Investment Company gives you the opportunity to study in the best universities in Turkey at competitive prices, with special discounts on the total fees, especially for our dear customers.

The high academic level in Turkey's universities and their moderate tuition costs have increased the search for how to register at the university, from choosing the appropriate major, to receiving a visa from the Turkish embassy in the student's country.

Advantages of studying in Turkish universities

1- Enrolling in Turkish universities does not require obtaining a high grade of high school, as happens in Arab countries.

2- Study costs in Turkey are significantly lower than other European countries compared to the quality of education.

3- Turkish universities are distinguished by their expert educational staff and advanced scientific centers, which have placed them among the list of the best universities in the world, according to international assessments.

4- Turkish university degrees, both governmental and private, are recognized at the local and international levels.

5- Qualification for the labor market, through practical training while studying in the most powerful Turkish industrial, health and other institutions.

6- Turkish universities provide their students with huge libraries that contain thousands of paper and electronic references with the latest modern technologies for education.

7- The language of study of the student's choice, whether Turkish, English, or Arabic, with an opportunity to master the language of his choice by studying it for a year or less.

8- An opportunity to learn and master the Turkish language through university studies, as well as to mingle with local students and Turkish society in general.

9- Government facilities provided to foreign students, such as scholarships, student accommodation, health insurance, and reduced transportation.

Steps to enroll in universities in Turkey

1- Selecting the university and specifying the academic specialization.

2- Selecting the language of study from Turkish, English, or other languages.

3- See the conditions for Turkish scholarships and how to register for them.

4- Preparing the documents required for submission, which differ from one university to another.

5- Pass the required tests in some universities, such as the yös test, or the SAT.

6- Travel to Turkey after obtaining the student visa from the Turkish embassy in the student's country.

7- Go to the university headquarters to submit the original documents to complete the registration.

University registration through Binaa Investment

And you can shorten the time and effort, by registering at the university through Binaa Investment, which provides you with a list of the best universities in Turkey, with special discounts for all our clients.

We are pleased to be with you, starting with choosing the university major and paying the expenses, through receiving the university acceptance letter to obtaining a student visa from the Turkish Consulate in your country, until completing the application at the university upon your arrival in Istanbul... Contact now.

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