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School Registration for kids

Enrolling children in school through Binaa Investment provides you with the best educational institutions with a chance to get discounts on the total fees

With the approach of the new academic year, parents wonder about everything related to enrolling children in school, especially the enrolling date and the appropriate age for kindergarten and primary education, while searching for the best schools in Turkey.

Enrolling children in school

Enrolling in kindergarten in Turkey

Enrolling in kindergarten begins in July for children between 57 and 68 months old, according to Article 11 of the Turkish Ministry of National Education's Pre- and Primary Education Regulations.

There is also a chance to enroll in kindergarten until the age of 3 years if a vacant place is available in the first grade; Children who have completed the age of 36-56 months are then enrolled.


Enrollment in primary education in Turkey

At the end of September, children who have completed 69 months of age will be automatically enrolled in the first grade of primary school, according to the Primary Education Regulations of the Ministry of National Education.

The child's guardian can file a petition to delay school enrollment for one year if his son/daughter is between 69 - 70 - 71 months old starting from September of the year in which the registration is supposed.

Children under the legal enrollment age, aged 66 - 67 - 68 months as of September have a chance to apply for a school in the first semester, following a formal application by a parent.


Enrolling children in school through Binaa Investment

After knowing the date of enrollment and the appropriate age for kindergarten and primary education during the new school year, the best schools in Istanbul and Turkish cities are sought, among many options.

At Binaa Investment Company, we are happy to shorten the way for you by providing the best school for your children, with a chance to get special discounts on the total expenses for all our customers.

That is not limited to preschool and primary education only but also includes all educational stages.

We are at your service when enrolling children in school from kindergarten and primary education to secondary school, besides, registering in Turkish universities at the best prices and special discounts for our customers! Contact us now


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Source: Presidency of the Republic of Turkey