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Residence Permit In Turkey

Details of getting a residence permit in Turkey, including resolutions and papers for application, besides stating the types of residence permits in Turkey and the conditions for getting each of them.

Recently, it has become easy to get a residence permit in Turkey, thanks to the legislation, besides the facilities provided by the Turkish government regarding Turkish citizenship and residency.

However, to ensure getting a residence permit smoothly, the conditions of residence of all kinds must be considered. For this reason, Binaa Investment Company provides this article, which is full details of the residence permit in the Republic of Turkey.


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What is a residence permit in Turkey?

It is a legal document that allows a foreign expatriate to reside on Turkish territory for work, tourism, study, investment, or even accommodation, given that it is renewed whenever the specified period of residence expires.

The requirements to apply for a residence permit vary between requests for extending, transfer, or a request for the first time. Thus, the application for a residence permit for the first time is for people who do not have a residence permit before.

While the request for a transitional permit includes those who wish to change the type of their residence permit. People who have an expired or about to expire permit need to apply for extending the residence permit.


Types of residence permit in Turkey

The types of residence permits in the Republic of Turkey are divided into six main sections according to the purpose of residence, which are as follows:

1.   Short-term residence permit

There are a variety of short-term residence permit options, each type is proper for specific circumstances, and these types are:

  • Tourist residence: granted to a foreign tourist who wishes to stay within the Turkish borders for a period exceeding the period of the entry visa for tourism.
  • Work residence is obtained to work within one of the companies operating under the Turkish state flag. It is for one year and can be renewed.
  • Real estate residence: a foreigner gets it when purchasing a property in Turkey, whatever the price.

2.   Long-term residence permit

Applicants who have lived in Turkey can apply for a long-term residence if they meet the following conditions:

  • A period of residence in Turkey of not less than eight years continually. If the resident is abroad for more than six-month the right to apply for it will be lost.
  • A valid health insurance policy.
  • Financial self-sufficiency and proof of not receiving any financial support from the Turkish government in the last three years.
  • A clean criminal record free of crimes and incidents that constitute a threat to public security.


3.   Family residence permit

When the husband/wife gets a valid residence permit of any kind; The wife/husband and all children under the age of 18 are entitled to have a family residence permit for the same duration as the grantor's residence permit.


4.   Student residence permit

It is the visa granted to international students wanting to enroll in Turkish universities. It is of the same period as the study indicated in the university admission document.


5.   Humanitarian residence

It is a permit granted to displaced people because of the war, other reasons related to human rights, and other individual humanitarian cases. The length of stay is determined on a case-by-case basis.


The required documents for a residence permit

  • Residence permit application form.
  • Four personal photos.
  • Comprehensive health insurance.
  • Copies of the lease contracts or the title deed (Tabu).
  • A residence document is taken from the civil registry indicating the current address in Turkey.
  • A translated copy of the marriage contract if the applicant is married.
  • Turkish tax number.
  • The original pages and certified copies by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs at the Embassy of Turkey of identity information pages and transaction pages in the passport.
  • A bank statement to prove the ability to afford to live in Turkey.
  • A file in which all documents are put.

It is noteworthy that the validity of the passport must not be less than 60 days from the date of applying for a residence permit in Turkey.


Consequently, the residence permit is a mandatory document for foreigners who want to settle in Turkey. If you have more inquiries about residence permits, you can contact the Binaa Investment team, who will be happy to share all the information and the required procedures to complete your task.

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