Akzerva Topkapi Apartments

Investment and luxury project in the center of Istanbul on the main road along Zeytinburnu

project Summary

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Under Construction
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30 km
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City center
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Why Akzerva Topkapi

  • The Akzerva Topkapi project is located in an investment area in the middle of Istanbul.
  • Akzerva Topkapi project is adjacent to the E5 highway.
  • The project is in front of a transport node that serves all areas of Istanbul.
  • The project is established by one of the most high-end construction companies.
  • Apartment options suit the investment content.
Payment methods
Payment method The first payment Number of installments Notes
Cash 100% 1
Installment 30% 24
Number of rooms Areas Project Type Prices
1+1 68 m2 - 79 m2 Apartments 14,639,767 ₺ - 15,963,833 ₺
2+1 107 m2 - 142 m2 Apartments 20,454,433 ₺ - 28,880,167 ₺
3+1 160 m2 - 216 m2 Apartments 30,487,500 ₺ - 39,852,600 ₺
4+1 209 m2 - 258 m2 Apartments 37,115,100 ₺ - 50,321,800 ₺
4.5+1 240 m2 - 258 m2 Apartments 42,774,367 ₺ - 52,279,767 ₺
5+1 237 m2 - 237 m2 Apartments 47,353,367 ₺ - 47,394,233 ₺
Property video
Property video

information of Akzerva Topkapi

  • The apartment project in Zeytinburnu has been able to compete with the existing projects in this area and show itself as a project with a high investment value. Also, it overwhelmed the other projects and proved that it is, at present, the best through its advantages.
  • Its most prominent feature is its located along the most significant highway in Istanbul, the E5 road. This road connects Istanbul from one end to the other, including the most important means of international transportation, the Metrobus, which is unique through its private line in the middle of this road and connects the Asian and European sides of Istanbul.
  • It is one of the best investment locations in the well-known area, Zeytinburnu Topkapi, that area holds most of Istanbul's investment projects and also has the most significant tourist attractions such as
    • The famous Topkapi Palace
    • Panorama 1453
  • Concerning the internal features of the project, the first of which is the environment that it offers to its residents, a fertile environment dominated by the beautiful green. We see the natural landscapes at the heart of the project, even the balconies in the project will be gardens containing flowers and green lawns; how is that?
  • The construction company expanded the areas of terraces and balconies in most apartments to add gardens in all buildings and on most floors as well. For example, we see a balcony on the fifth floor from which branches of green herbs and beautiful flowers hang.
  • It is a project in such a location and contains 16 blocks and more than 1441 apartments, which is a great achievement and an intense competition for the neighbouring projects. The project has been able to mix investment and housing at the same time. The investment returns of the apartments will absolutely exceed expectations in light of such features.
  • The project adopts a simple elegant design. We see the high ceilings and spacious spaces. The project is a mix of modern and ancient designs, making it a beautiful model for everyone interested in buying a property in Turkey.
  • The construction company got Honorary certificates for adopting environmental protection and applying it to its projects; the most prominent of which is LEED GOLD, which is concerned with introducing natural life to large residential projects; you will certainly see that when visiting the project or owning a property in it.
  • If you want to live a healthy life, you need to live in this project, this is the slogan launched by the construction company, and indeed, in light of adopting all that has been planned, we will get a beautiful place full of modernity and healthy life.
  • Concerning the services that the project provides to its residents, they are another world of beautiful services, the most prominent of which are:
    • Olympic swimming pool.
    • Turkish bath
    • steam chambers
    • sauna
    • Integrated SPA system
    • fitness hall
    • Diverse and fruitful gardens as well
    • Beautiful lakes
    • Tracks for walking and jogging
    • Games and gardens for children
    • Yoga hall
    • Car park
    • 24-hour security

Project data summary

The project area


Construction area


Number of blocks


Number of commercial units


Number of apartments


Apartment options


Apartment spaces

68– 237 m²


Nearby the project

Istanbul airport

30 km


1 km

main road

50 m


500 m


200 m

Forum Istanbul Mall

2 km

Topkapi Palace

1 km


  • suitable for Turkish citizenship

  • Luxury

  • ownership

  • Multiple heights

  • Master room

  • Parents room

  • Earthquake resistant

  • Residential complexes

  • Seperated kitchen

  • American kitchen

  • Downtown

  • Transportations

  • Near the metro station

  • Near the metrobus

  • beside a university

  • Sports fields

  • Childrens playground

  • gardens

  • Green spaces

  • Closed parking lots

  • Private parking lots

  • Open parking lots

  • Closed swimming pools

  • swimming pools

  • Gym

  • Cafe

  • Resturant

  • supermarket

  • Security

  • security cameras

  • Turkish bath

  • sauna

  • Jacuzzi

  • Path

  • Running tracks

  • Banquet hall

  • Near a highway

  • Easy transportation

  • Compound management

  • Fast Elevators

  • Shared heating