The compound is currently famous in Levent Istanbul thanks to its perfect views and designs

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46 km
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City center
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  • DAP YENI LEVENT It is an exceptional compound in a strategic location in Istanbul.
  • It is government guaranteed by the famous Emlak Konut Company.
  • There is a metro station near the DAP YENI LEVENT project, facilitating the reach to most areas of Istanbul.
  • the investment value of the project is profitable and rewarding.
  • It is within a pivotal location, the business center district of Istanbul, Europe.
Payment methods
Payment method The first payment Number of installments Notes
Cash 100% 1
Number of rooms Areas Project Type Prices
1+1 158 m2 - 192 m2 Apartments 21,514,000 ₺ - 21,514,000 ₺
2+1 160 m2 - 273 m2 Apartments 24,199,000 ₺ - 24,199,000 ₺
2+1 179 m2 - 203 m2 Duplex 26,397,000 ₺ - 26,397,000 ₺
3+1 193 m2 - 280 m2 Apartments 29,504,000 ₺ - 29,504,000 ₺
4+1 212 m2 - 398 m2 Apartments 32,142,000 ₺ - 32,142,000 ₺
3+1 259 m2 - 288 m2 Duplex 35,709,000 ₺ - 35,709,000 ₺
4+1 329 m2 - 361 m2 Duplex 49,954,000 ₺ - 49,954,000 ₺

information of DAP YENI LEVENT

  • It is an exceptional compound in Levent Istanbul with a government guarantee that has gained fame during the previous months because it is one of the projects that use the rustic style in the heart of Istanbul, where the vast green spaces are spread along with gardens and ponds.
  • This project is very unique because it is located in the Levent district, which includes the most luxurious projects in Istanbul, therefore it is the hub of business and towers in this city.
  • Levent is administratively affiliated with the Sarıyer district on the European side of Istanbul. The word Levent in Arabic means the yellow region, and it was named so because of its green spaces, which turn yellow at sunset every day.
  • As for getting from the project site to other parts of Istanbul, it is easier than you think, as there is a metro station directly in front of the project, linked to several lines that reach the entire neighborhoods of Istanbul, even the Asian side.
  • This project is in front of BUYUKDERE Street, which includes the headquarters of banks, commercial centers, and most of the skyscrapers. While walking around it, you can take a distinctive glimpse of the economic and social life of the city's residents.
  • Let's talk now about the features of the project! The first one is the construction company, the company is characterized by the robust foundations for its buildings, as one of its projects has a foundation of 60 meters deep underground!
  • To enhance the strength and value of its project, this company has been able to agree with the government company, Amlak Konut, which means that the project has a full government guarantee, in addition to the supervision, follow-up, and auditing directly by Amlak Konut.
  • The project site is also a few kilometers away from the famous Belgrade Forest, which supplies the European side with oxygen, which means that it has stunning views, in addition to its view of the famous Nef Stadium, where the famous Galatasaray club plays.
  • We also note that the investment returns of the project are profitable and have a good return as it exists in an area with high investment value; the title deed belongs to the Sarıyer district, which is a special place among the people of Istanbul.
  • Internally, the project is surrounded by green lawns extending in its entrances and corridors. The construction company has adopted planting fruit trees to give the residents a natural and lively atmosphere.
  • The room area or the living area starts from 158 square meters, as the construction company is keen to enhance the spacious areas of the apartments to give a family concept to its project. As for the ceiling heights, the least of them are more than three meters.
  • The project construction company is accustomed to providing luxurious finishes under government supervision and periodic follow-up. The delivery is also under government supervision, in addition to the great services after the delivery process, such as annual maintenance and the like.
  • The project has two phases, the first consists of a total of 7 blocks and 428 units extending over ​​103,000 square meters, while the total housing units are about 1,050 units, about 40 commercial units, and more than 50 thousand square meters of green spaces only.
  • Concerning the services that the Levent Istanbul compound will provide, they are no less important than its features, most notably:
  • Outdoor swimming pools.
  • Indoor swimming pools.
  • Turkish bath.
  • Steam chamber.
  • Fitness hall.
  • Green spaces with water pools.
  • Tracks for jogging and walking.
  • Fruit trees and lush gardens.
  • Family events and activities.
  • Playgrounds and games for children.
  • Parking
  • Security 24-hour.

Project data summary

The project area

103 thousand m2

green areas

50 thousand m2

number of blocks


number of units


Building height

9 to 10 floors

Unit types

1+1/2+1/2+1 Duplex/3+1/3+1 Duplex/4+1/4+1 Duplex

average areas

158 - 398 m2


Nearby the project

Istanbul airport

46 km


100 meters

Istanbul Valley Mall

3.5 kilometers

Metro station

100 meters

Neif Stadium

500 meters

Sultan Mehmed Al-Fateh Bridge

7 km

The famous Bebek coast

7 km


  • Government guarantee

  • Return on investment

  • Suitable For investment

  • suitable for Turkish citizenship

  • ownership

  • Forest view

  • Green view

  • Inside a compound

  • Downtown

  • Transportations

  • Near the metro station

  • Childrens playground

  • gardens

  • Green spaces

  • Private parking lots

  • Closed swimming pools

  • Summer swimming pools

  • Turkish bath

  • sauna

  • Path

  • Running tracks

  • Near a highway

  • Easy transportation

  • Fast Elevators

  • Compound management

  • Shared Services Dues

  • Cleaning

  • Security

  • Outdoor sports

  • Gym