Düşlar vadisi Villa

Wonderful views of the Black Sea from most of the luxury Beykoz Istanbul villas

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51 km
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Why Düşlar vadisi

  • Düşlar vadisi, is prestigious and exceptional villas that offer another world of luxury and recreation.
  • The Düşlar vadisi project was established under the supervision and guarantee of the government.
  • Breathtaking views of the Riva River and the Black Sea, characterized by its cool waves.
  • An entire city is built with the project, where all services and facilities are available.
  • A spacious area for villas with their own gardens and swimming pools.
Payment methods
Payment method The first payment Number of installments Notes
Cash 100% 1
Number of rooms Areas Project Type Prices
4+1 286 m2 - 255 m2 Apartments 16,375,000 ₺ - 16,630,000 ₺
4+2 323 m2 - 259 m2 Duplex 20,100,000 ₺ - 20,500,000 ₺
5+1 434 m2 - 311 m2 Apartments 26,300,000 ₺ - 26,500,000 ₺
5+2 365 m2 - 495 m2 Apartments 28,100,000 ₺ - 28,500,000 ₺

information of Düşlar vadisi

  • Düşlar vadisi, Prestigious villas in Beykoz Istanbul with exceptional views of the Riva River, which passes through the hills on the site of the project, also splendid views of the Black Sea, which is only seven minutes away from the project.
  • The project is in the locality of Riva, which is in the north of the charming Beykoz region. Construction companies flocked to this area in a hurry after our project began to expand with the end of each of its stages, which we will come to successively.
  • Beykoz is adjacent to the Bosphorus on one side, and the Black Sea on the other. It is specifically located on the Anatolian side of the city of the two continents, Istanbul. The area is characterized by the vast areas of green landscapes with lush forests.
  • This project is being established in partnership with the Turkish government; Thus, with a comprehensive and complete guarantee from the Turkish government, which means supervision and follow-up, starting from preparing contracts and completing papers, until reaching the stage of finishing, delivery, and distinguished services, and finally, periodic visits to maintenance and control at the beginning of each year.
  • The project is prestigious villas, as we mentioned in the project title, which means that those who live in it are the elite of the people of Istanbul or those coming to it, due to the ideal luxury adopted by the construction company in all the details and folds of the project.
  • The project is centered on eight hills, a good height from the Black Sea, in the middle of these hills is the Riva River, which passes in the heart of the project and divides it, and the vast green spaces spread within the project, which means that greenery and nature are everywhere in this integrated city.
  • A very huge project that made it famous because of its large area, which reached one million one hundred and seventy-five thousand square meters! It contains 1400 detached villas! The construction company has been able to this day to complete the first phase of it, and it is about to complete the second phase.
  • Being away from the noise of the city and the noise pollution in it is a goal that most people aspire to get away from the atmosphere of tension and routine work, and here in this project we find much more than that, endless services of luxury that are found to get you out of the hustle and bustle of the city.
  • The natural green areas in the project with fruitful trees rich in vitamins, in addition to the green lawns spread among its folds, all of this makes you live nature in its truth in one of the villas within this project.
  • The construction company adopted the introduction of a new touch in the Turkish real estate market, specifically for villas, which is the delivery of villas without finishing or interior cladding and the distribution of rooms; In order to achieve the customer's preferences and requirements, these villas are as he wanted and are not standardized as in most Istanbul projects.
  • The villas are spacious and spacious, and each of them contains gardens with green grass to decorate it with a separate summer swimming pool, allowing you to relax throughout the summer, all this indicates that the project contains family specifications with distinction.
  • The project is being built in three main phases, the first of which has delivered 509 villas since 20/12/2021. As for the second phase, it has a total number of 199 villas, many of which are still available for sale, and they will be delivered on 06/15/2023, and the last phase contains 692 villas to be delivered on 20/12/2025
  • Also, all social facilities will be ready with the first phase, and each villa will be composed of two or three floors. These facilities adopt the principle that the client does not have to leave the project, by placing everything he wants in his hands.
  • The services that accompany the project are ideal in all respects. Each villa has an independent swimming pool that allows you complete privacy. Everything you might think about will inevitably be found among these services:
  • More than 70% of the project area is natural green spaces.
  • Golf course for the project
  • A private wild garden and forest with an area of ​​207,000 square meters.
  • A shopping center affiliated to the project with an area of ​​14,000 square meters.
  • A special area for social facilities.
  • Swimming pools, gymnasium, spa area, etc.
  • Sports fields
  • Basketball, soccer, volleyball, tennis, etc.
  • Shooting and horse-riding areas.
  • A private school affiliated with the project.
  • A government school affiliated with the project.
  • Blue lagoon
  • A lake in the middle of the project.
  • A mosque attached to the project.
  • Helicopter station.
  • An agricultural area for agricultural enthusiasts from the people of the project.
  • Private parking for each villa.
  • 24-hour daily security.


Project details:

Project area

One million one hundred seventy-five thousand square meters

Green spaces

207.000 m2

Number of villas


Villas’ floor

2 to 3 floors

Type of villas

4+1/ 4+2 duplex /5+1 /5+2 duplex

Villas spaces

286– 399 m²




Distances from…

Sabiha airport

51 km

Black sea

7 km

Third bridge

5 km

City center

45 km

Sultan Mehmed Fatih Bridge

19 km


  • Seaview

  • Direct on Sea

  • Government guarantee

  • Return on investment

  • suitable for Turkish citizenship

  • Luxury

  • ownership

  • Mountain view

  • Forest view

  • Green view

  • Balcony

  • Downtown

  • Transportations

  • Bosphorus-view

  • smart homes

  • gardens

  • Childrens playground

  • Green spaces

  • Private parking lots

  • Closed swimming pools

  • Closed parking lots

  • Guest parking lots

  • Summer swimming pools

  • Winter swimming pools

  • Open swimming pools

  • swimming pools

  • Gym

  • Health club

  • Cafe

  • Resturant

  • shopping center

  • Outdoor sports

  • Security

  • security cameras

  • Mosque

  • prayer room

  • Turkish bath

  • sauna

  • Jacuzzi

  • Path

  • Running tracks

  • Football field

  • basketball court

  • Outdoor sessions

  • Cleaning

  • Compound management

  • Shared Services Dues

  • Cinema

  • Sports fields

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