Resan Kırgül Konaklar Villa

A world of comfort designed especially for you at Atakent Villas Project

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Why Resan Kırgül Konaklar

  • Resan Kırgül Konaklar project is one of the most important real estate projects in Istanbul 2022. Prestigious villas in Atakent are suitable for family housing ranging in size from 200-300 square meters with a closed garage of 600 square meters in an Umraniye area in Asian Istanbul.
  • Since 1970, the region started a remarkable industrial and service activity and became independent from the Uskudar region, so it is ideal for an investment that makes your family always near you.
  • If you are looking for villas in Istanbul for an elegant life, the Umraniye villas project is your first choice, where everything you need is near you, with an independent green garden in which to practice meditation and enjoy moments of peace and pleasure
Payment methods
Payment method The first payment Number of installments Notes
Cash 100% 1
Number of rooms Areas Project Type Prices
4+2 233 m2 - 233 m2 Villa 13,145,000 ₺ - 13,145,000 ₺
4+2 232 m2 - 232 m2 Villa 14,060,000 ₺ - 14,060,000 ₺
4+2 234 m2 - 234 m2 Villa 14,155,000 ₺ - 14,155,000 ₺
5+2 252 m2 - 252 m2 Villa 16,442,000 ₺ - 16,442,000 ₺
5+2 268 m2 - 268 m2 Villa 17,450,000 ₺ - 17,450,000 ₺
5+2 270 m2 - 270 m2 Villa 17,555,000 ₺ - 17,555,000 ₺
5+2 269 m2 - 269 m2 Villa 19,250,000 ₺ - 19,250,000 ₺

information of Resan Kırgül Konaklar

  • Resan Kırgül Konaklar 10 villas of the latest real estate projects in Turkey 2022, with their attractive design, are in an attractive geometric shape to add to the neighborhood a touch of the oriental style of cohesive social life and facilitate your integration into the surroundings.
  • Umraniye villas Project that was established in the Asian city of Istanbul, where it was independent from its neighborhood as a result of the rapid development of its service and industrial sector. All it needs are restaurants, branches of international agencies, schools, malls, hospitals, and banks are steps away from you.
  • Istanbul Villas project has an earthquake-resistant design with an early warning system for fires to make your family feel safe, in addition to the sound insulation property of the building to give you complete privacy.
  • The Atakent Villas project was built in a first-class service and industrial area teeming with investments and project owners, where the population of an Umraniye area reaches 650,000 people.
  • Umraniye villas complex is close to the neighborhoods of Uskudar, which separates you from European Istanbul, the well-known Beykoz and Atasehir district, and Sultanbeyli, and the Şile Road passes through it, which leads to the tourist destination of Istanbul.
  • These villas are characterized by a soundproofing system and a fiberglass infrastructure with steel ceilings and ceramic coating from the outside in line with the upscale taste of the region, in addition to permanent air conditioning and:
  • Special heating system (stove - oven - extractor hood) with a floor heating system.
  • Front and back garden with separate garden.
  • Generator of electricity.
  • 7/24 High level security monitoring system.
  • Closed garage with mechanical ventilation system.

Project details:

Project area

1700 m²

Number of villas


Apartment types


Closed garage for each apartment

600 m

Distances from…

Sultan Fatih Bridge


15 July Bridge


Sabiha Airport


TEM highway


Water Garden Mall


Metropol Mall


Emaar Mall


NP Brain Hospital


Erdem Hospital


Ulubey Schools


Anabilim Kindergarten


Ugur schools


Bahcesehir Private School


  • Return on investment

  • Suitable For investment

  • suitable for Turkish citizenship

  • Luxury

  • ownership

  • Green view

  • Balcony

  • Master room

  • Parents room

  • Earthquake resistant

  • City center

  • Downtown

  • Transportations

  • Bosphorus-view

  • gardens

  • Green spaces

  • Private parking lots

  • Cafe

  • Resturant

  • shopping center

  • Security

  • Outdoor sports

  • security cameras

  • Mosque

  • prayer room

  • Central air-conditioning

  • Air Conditioners

  • Maintenance Services

  • Independent heating combination

  • Easy transportation

  • Outdoor sessions

  • hospital

  • Turkish bath

  • Jacuzzi

  • Closed parking lots

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