Nef Reserve Kandilli Apartments

Apartment compound in the heart of the two continents with a wonderful view of the Bosphorus

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Under Construction
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27 km
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18 km
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Why Nef Reserve Kandilli

  • It is a family project on the outskirts of the Bosphorus, within one of the best Asian areas of Istanbul.
  • It is within a central location in the heart of the old city, surrounded by prestigious compounds and ancient archaeological sites.
  • It has an innovative architectural design that combines the archaeological and contemporary characters, signed by the engineer Emre Arolat.

Turkish citizenship.

  • Elegant interior decoration, with various options for interior designs, spaces, and divisions.
  • The project is under construction with comfortable payment plans over 36 months, suitable for the conditions of Turkish citizenship.
Payment methods
Payment method The first payment Number of installments Notes
Cash 100% 1
Installment 50% 36
Number of rooms Areas Project Type Prices
3+1 181 m2 - 207 m2 Apartments 19,000,000 ₺ - 36,000,000 ₺
3.5+1 166 m2 - 413 m2 Apartments 19,000,000 ₺ - 48,000,000 ₺
2.5+1 157 m2 - 213 m2 Apartments 19,500,000 ₺ - 32,000,000 ₺
4+1 235 m2 - 235 m2 Apartments 24,000,000 ₺ - 44,000,000 ₺
5+1 384 m2 - 384 m2 Apartments 40,000,000 ₺ - 80,000,000 ₺

information of Nef Reserve Kandilli

Asian Istanbul apartments project Uskudar

  • Apartments for sale in Asian Istanbul, within the historical Oksudar district, located in a central point on the outskirts of the Bosphorus, opposite the European side of the city of the two continents.
  • It is a family project in the center of the old city of Istanbul, surrounded by a group of high-end residential compounds, many tourist places, and ancient historical monuments.
  • It is only five minutes away from the Bosphorus Bridge, Sultan Adil Palaces, Sultan Jamil Palace, Kandilli Park, and Çamlıca Hill, the most famous and highest of the seven hills of Istanbul.
  • Your future apartment is 20 minutes away from Taksim Square, Kadikoy district, besides the most famous shopping centers on the Anatolian side, such as Acacia Mall and Capitol Shopping Center.
  • The project extends over 40 thousand square meters, comprising 406 luxury apartments, within 29 residential towers with six floors in height, each floor containing two spacious apartments.
  • The buildings have an architecture in harmony with the landscape and the luxurious Bosphorus palaces, blending tradition and modernity, reflecting the genius of the Turkish engineer Emre Arolat.
  • There are diverse apartment options suitable for everyone, with well-considered divisions, also residential models starting from 2.5+1 up to 5+1 duplexes, with areas ranging from 157 m² up to 411 m².

istanbul Asia

  • You can also choose between two types of interior design, one in light shades of mink, beige, and cream, along with a light wood shade.
  • The second design of the apartments is characterized by grey and soil tones with dark shades of carefully selected wood, reflecting the bold architectural lines of the project.
  • Luxurious apartments with spacious areas, with floor-to-ceiling windows in all rooms, allowing the sunlight to penetrate every corner of the house.
  • The project apartments also have floor-to-ceiling glass balconies, enhancing receiving sunlight and daylight while creating a more spacious living space.
  • The view captures the hearts by the picturesque green spaces, the breathtaking landscapes, in addition to the inspiring views of the Bosphorus and its majestic villas and palaces.
  • The landscape texture is impressively elaborated, blending cultural influences and social needs with the characteristics of the land to create places of beauty and distinction.
  • Eat a baked roll or a bowl of fresh pasta, then slowly savor delicious coffee with its sweet bitterness in the compound's elegant restaurant next door to your apartment.
  • If you are looking for psychological comfort and having a balance inside and outside; all you need is to meditate in the compound's quiet garden under your home or relax and stretch out.
  • Concerning the cold nights, they are exceptional in the Istanbul Uskudar apartments project, surrounded by outdoor fireplaces, to spend the best times with family and friends.
  • Enjoy a unique social lifestyle, through an integrated set of services and facilities that enhance personal development and luxury, as follows:
  • Home theater
  • Cinema
  • Music room
  • Playstation room
  • Event room
  • Guest room
  • Games room
  • Sauna room
  • Turkish bath
  • Private studio
  • Squash club
  • Indoor football court
  • Indoor basketball court
  • Tennis court
  • Fitness center
  • Indoor and outdoor swimming pool
  • Maintenance services 24/7

apartments for sell in istanbul Asia

Project data summary

The construction area of the project

40,000 m2

number of buildings


Floor height


Number of apartments


Apartment Options

2,5+1, 3+1, 3,5+1, 4+1, 5+1

Apartment spaces

157 to 411 m2


Nearby the project

Bosphorus Bridge

5 minutes


5 minutes

Sultan Adil Palace

5 minutes

Beautiful Sultan's Palace

5 minutes

Kandilli Garden

5 minutes

Çamlica hill

5 minutes

Taksim Square

20 minutes


20 minutes

Acacia Mall

20 minutes

Capitol Mall

20 minutes


  • Seaview

  • Marina

  • Return on investment

  • Suitable For investment

  • suitable for Turkish citizenship

  • Luxury

  • ownership

  • Master room

  • Parents room

  • Earthquake resistant

  • Residential complexes

  • Seperated kitchen

  • American kitchen

  • City center

  • Downtown

  • Transportations

  • Bosphorus-view

  • smart homes

  • Near the metro station

  • beside a university

  • Playgrounds

  • Sports fields

  • Childrens playground

  • gardens

  • Green spaces

  • Closed parking lots

  • Open parking lots

  • Closed swimming pools

  • Open swimming pools

  • swimming pools

  • Gym

  • Health club

  • Cafe

  • shopping center

  • supermarket

  • Security

  • security cameras

  • Turkish bath

  • sauna

  • Jacuzzi

  • Running tracks

  • Path

  • Football field

  • basketball court

  • Banquet hall

  • Cleaning

  • Easy transportation

  • Reception

  • Compound management

  • Shared heating

  • Fast Elevators

  • Cinema

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