A special trip in the famous Belgrade Forest

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A special trip in the famous Belgrade Forest

We offer you a detailed report on the Belgrade Forest in Türkiye through the following article

A special trip in the famous Belgrade Forest
15th August 2023
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Istanbul, a beautiful city full of history and culture, has a special place that attracts the attention of hikers and nature lovers and it is the famous Belgrade Forest, an ideal destination to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city and explore the charm of picturesque nature and the Belgrade Forest is one of the most important natural parks in Istanbul, and it attracts thousands of visitors annually to enjoy the stunning landscapes it offers and unforgettable adventure experiences, so the editorial team was keen to highlight everything related to this famous forest, so continue reading to find out more information and details that will help you when visiting Turkey.

Recreational activities in the famous Belgrade Forest

  1. You can enjoy an enchanting tour of the Belgrade Forest trails and explore the beauty of the surrounding nature.
  2. Bicycle rental is available in the Belgrade Forest, giving you the opportunity to explore the area by bike and enjoy the scenic views.
  3. You can rent a boat and enjoy a quiet trip on the beautiful lakes in the Belgrade Forest, enjoying the charming landscapes.
  4. You can experience a fun camping trip in the Belgrade Forest and enjoy the fresh air and peaceful atmosphere of the area.
  5. The Belgrade Forest is home to many wild animals and birds, and you can see and photograph these animals and birds and explore the unique biodiversity in the area.
  6. Visitors have the opportunity to ride horses in the Belgrade Forest and explore the area on horseback.
  7. Belgrade Forest also contains some historical monuments such as bridges and ancient ruins, where you can explore these areas and discover the history of the place.
  8. Belgrade Forest includes a variety of restaurants and cafes serving traditional Turkish and international cuisine. You can experience the deliciousness of food and explore the local flavors of this region.


What does the famous Belgrade Forest look like in winter?

In the winter, the famous Belgrade Forest in Istanbul turns into a magical destination that tourists and visitors can enjoy and they can wander among the winter trees covered with raindrops and enjoy dining in warm restaurants that overlook the picturesque landscapes and the forest is covered with a layer of beautiful white snow, which makes it an ideal destination for snow lovers.

In addition to the beauty of the trees and the splendor of nature, visitors can stroll and jog on the designated trails offered by the forest and there are also many other activities and events available in the Belgrade Forest to add more fun and entertainment to the visit, so visitors can enjoy a unique and exciting experience in the Belgrade Forest during the winter season, where they can enjoy the beauty of nature, walking and jogging, in addition to a variety of other tourist activities available in the area.


What does the famous Belgrade Forest look like in the summer?

In the summer, the Belgrade Forest is a wonderful tourist destination in Istanbul, where summer activities are organized excellently and excellent services are provided and visitors can enjoy horseback riding, camping and barbeques in this picturesque environment and the Belgrade Forest is warm and sunny during the summer, with June to August being the busiest.


What distinguishes the famous Belgrad Forest in Istanbul?

The Belgrade Forest in Istanbul is a unique destination for hikers and visitors, as it has exceptional natural beauty that extends over a wide area and the municipality manages the area well and provides the necessary services for visitors and Belgrade Forest is one of the largest and most famous parks in Istanbul, and it enjoys natural protection due to the diversity of trees, plants and animals in it.


Where is the famous Belgrade Forest located?

Belgrade Forest is located in Istanbul, between the districts of Sisli and Kilyos, about twenty kilometers from the city center and it extends over a vast natural area of ​​more than five thousand hectares, and is considered a protected natural destination that attracts tourists and visitors throughout the year from inside and outside Turkey.


How to get to the famous Belgrade Forest?

There are several means to reach the Belgrade Forest in Istanbul and it can be reached by private car or taxi, where you can drive your car or order a taxi to reach the site.

In addition, Belgrade Forest can be reached from Taksim by taking the M2 metro until you reach Hacıosman Station and after getting off at this stop, you can take bus number 42HM which goes towards Bahçeköy and after getting off the bus, you will only need to walk for five minutes to reach Belgrade Forest.


What are the most popular restaurants near the famous Belgrade Forest?

After exploring the Belgrade Forest in Istanbul and enjoying the wonderful tours and picnics in it, you can relax and head to the high-end restaurants and cafes located in the Belgrade Park in Istanbul for a fresh and delicious meal and the restaurants “By Balikci” and “BİZİM KANATCI” are among the best restaurants in the Belgrade Forest. "By Balikci" restaurant serves delicious seafood meals, while "BİZİM KANATÇI" restaurant serves a variety of delicious dishes and if you want to eat and enjoy a wonderful view of the sea, you can visit the "Bik Chef Istanbul" restaurant located near Belgrade.


What are the best times of the year to visit the Belgrade Forest?

Spring and autumn are the best times to visit the Belgrade Forest, as the weather is pleasant and the scenery is beautiful.


Is there a tourist guide or map of the trails in the Belgrade Forest?

Yes, maps and tourist guides are available in the Belgrade Forest, which you can obtain from the visitor center or download from the official website of the forest.


common questions

Are there BBQ and dining facilities at Belgrade Forest?

Yes, there are designated areas for grilling and eating in Belgrade Forest and you can bring your own BBQ equipment or use the facilities available there.

Can I organize a picnic or camping trip in Belgrade Forest?

Yes, picnics and camping trips are allowed in Belgrade Forest and you can enjoy the stunning scenery and experience life in nature.

Are there sanitary facilities and toilets in Belgrade Forest?

Yes, public sanitary facilities and toilets are available in different areas of Belgrade Forest for the convenience of visitors.

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