Advantages of searching for rural homes for sale in Türkiye

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Advantages of searching for rural homes for sale in Türkiye

Learn about the advantages of buying and owning homes in rural areas of Türkiye

Advantages of searching for rural homes for sale in Türkiye
01st April 2023
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Turkey attracts many tourists and investors who are looking for a quiet and rural lifestyle, so if you are looking for a country house for sale in Turkey, you are on the right track! In Turkey, there is a wide range of real estate properties, from rural homes with stunning views, to farms that are ideal for amateurs to supply fresh food as in this blog, we will highlight the advantages of buying this type of real estate and help you realize the dream of owning a wonderful home.


Rural house prices in Turkey

When searching for rural homes for sale in Turkey, the price factor comes to the fore and is considered one of the most important points affecting decision-making as the prices of rural houses in Turkey vary and depend on many factors such as area, location and available services.

There are also many quiet rural areas in Turkey, which offer competitively priced country houses suitable for family residence or for retirement and vacations in the middle of the picturesque nature.


Investing in real estate to buy a country house

The Turkish countryside is very popular among investors due to the clean air and picturesque nature of the area, moreover, a country house for sale gives investors an opportunity to achieve high financial profits in the future and therefore, investing in it is an important investment opportunity from which the investor can benefit greatly.


The most popular destinations for buying a country house in Turkey

Turkey has a good number of wonderful destinations to buy rural homes and enjoy the calm and psychological comfort provided by the rural atmosphere as the city of Uzungol in Risa State is distinguished by its stunning scenery and towering forests, while Fethiye in Izmir State is an ideal destination for nature lovers and majestic mountains.

From the eastern side of Turkey, the town of Arkanci in central Anatolia attracts lovers of the calm and hustle and bustle of the city as Nevsehir in Ankara state includes farms, agricultural fields and stunning scenery, while the village of Yalova in Izmir state is distinguished for its cultural, historical and natural heritage, in addition to its cultivation of olives.


Advantages of living in a country house

Life in rural homes in Turkey has a number of advantages that make it attractive to those looking for tranquility and comfort as the absence of noise, congestion, and environmental pollution gives you an opportunity to enjoy the clean air and picturesque nature and since life in the countryside is more simple and calm, trying to escape from the tension and complexities that you may encounter in urban life may become the most important reason for living in the countryside, and rural homes enjoy more privacy and comfort as these characteristics are the most important advantages of life in the countryside, and despite some difficulties that you may face, such as the lack of some modern services, life in the countryside remains close to nature and contains a number of characteristics that may make it a good experience.


Costs of living in a country house compared to a city

Turkey is a popular destination for buying country houses, and this is likely to be related to the relatively lower cost of living in rural areas compared to the city and in contrast to the comparison of prices in urban and rural areas, rural homes with larger spaces can be obtained at lower prices and living in the countryside may reduce the basic costs of living, including the costs of rent, taxes, health insurance, public transportation and local utilities in general.

In terms of accessing essential services, choices may be relatively limited in rural areas, however, rural homes are available at a lower price without having to move to urban areas for services.

Rural homes also offer many environmental benefits, such as clean air, natural surroundings, and lower energy costs and in the end, the choice between the busy city life or the comfort of rural areas may be a personal matter, however, the interests of real estate investors often depend on the potential profits and a good investment.

Real estate building services to search for rural homes for sale in Turkey.

Binaa Real Estate Company has long experience in real estate consultancy and real estate investment in Turkey, and specialized in providing search services for rural homes for sale in Turkey, where a distinguished group of luxury rural homes suitable for investment in Turkey.

In addition, the company provides free consultations to its clients regarding the options available for purchasing rural homes in Turkey and identifying suitable and ideal areas for life as the company also provides professional services in real estate management, property management, and preparation of contracts and documents necessary to transfer ownership of the entire property, which makes the process easy and smooth for its client.


Disadvantages and cons of buying a country house in Turkey

Among the main disadvantages of buying a country house in Turkey is the distance from city centers and the difficulty of reaching them quickly, and this means additional costs in transportation and that owners can also face some problems due to power and water cuts in remote areas as it should also be noted that some old rural houses need maintenance and restoration, and this requires costs and self-effort.

It should also be noted that basic services in the countryside are not fully available such as sanitation services and communication networks, which presents a challenge in the daily life of people looking for complete comfort as these problems should not be a hindrance to the purchase, but should be noted and the appropriate place chosen that does not affect the daily life of the owners.

Searching for rural homes for sale in Turkey may be a real start towards a world of profit and investment, and it may be an opportunity to obtain Turkish citizenship and in general, it is an important opportunity and a gateway available to enter the real estate market in Turkey and take advantage of the many advantages it constantly offers.


An advice provided by Binaa, now seize the opportunities and be among the first to invest in the real estate market in Turkey as prices are still stable, but with the passage of time, they will increase significantly, which confirms the results that you will get.


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