What do you know about the Bayrambasa area in Istanbul?

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What do you know about the Bayrambasa area in Istanbul?

Advantages of investing and buying real estate in Bayrampasa

What do you know about the Bayrambasa area in Istanbul?
07th February 2023
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The journey of searching for real estate or apartments for sale in Istanbul does not start before you look at the Bayrampasa area, as it is one of the largest and most important areas of this city, and over the past years it was able to attract many investors and foreigners, not only that, but it is an important tourist destination.

The editorial team at Binaa Real Estate will highlight this area in this article.


Basic information about the Bayrampasa area

What you do not know about that area is that it is called by more than one name, as there are those who called it the Bayrampasa area, and there are those who called it the Al-Areeq neighborhood. About the noise and the hustle and bustle, which is a foothold for many members of Turkish society.


Where is Bayrampasa located?

This area is located on the European side of Istanbul, and its location is very strategic. If you want to be precise, it is located in the very center of the city. From here, you can make sure that it is suitable for the residence and settlement of families in particular, as they can obtain all the services that they need in their daily lives, especially since they are rich in public transportation that helps to move from one place to another, and based on these various features, it is considered suitable for real estate investment.


Dimensions of housing in the Bayrampasa area

Residents of this area can easily move from one place to another due to the abundance of public transportation, for example, they can quickly reach Sultan Ayyub, Osman Pasha, and Fatih.

On the other hand, it must be noted that this area contains a strong infrastructure that makes the standard of living more luxurious and distinguished.

Real estate prices in that area are considered appropriate and are not high, as is the case with Sariyer and Maslak, nor are they very cheap like those found in rural areas. One of the most important information about this area is that its residents still maintain the prevailing customs and traditions of Turkey.

In this context, it must be noted that the region includes many tourist and recreational attractions that create an environment of well-being for residents or visitors. On the other hand, the region is rich in the presence of many schools, which confirms its suitability for families with young children.


Popular places in Bayrampasa district

One of the main reasons that made the region a high-class tourist destination is that it contains many famous destinations that draw attention to it.

First: Forum Istanbul Mall

It is one of the most important malls in Istanbul at all, and it is one of the centers that have passed many years since its construction, as it was built in 2009 AD, and its importance reflected positively on the region and its real estate.

The mall hosts a large number of distinguished shops, which exceeded 300 in number, and in turn contains many distinctive brands and brands, and in addition to that, it is known to be highly specialized in displaying furniture and home furnishings.


Second: Sabri Park

We can say that it is one of the best gardens in Istanbul, and all the city's residents go to it in order to have a fun and special time and an atmosphere full of calm, especially on vacations, where families go to it in particular.

This park allows visitors to practice many different activities such as sports, running, and others.


The most important schools in Bayrampasa

The region contains many public and private schools, all of which follow a distinguished educational approach and provide high quality for students, and there are many institutes.

There are nurseries for young children that prepare them for moving to schools later.

One of the most famous universities in which it is located is Yildiz Technical University, which attracts Turkish students from various places, as well as hosts international students.


Infrastructure development in Bayrampasa

The high population density is what prompted the responsible authorities to develop the infrastructure sector in order to meet their needs, and this is one of the most important factors that will lead to a rise in real estate prices in the future.

Based on all the previous information, the area has become suitable for all classes of society, as there are many modern urban projects that include distinctive specifications.


The importance of real estate investment in Bayram Pasha, Istanbul

As we have seen above, the assets that this region possesses cannot be underestimated at all, hence the importance of real estate investment in it, and it has become one of the first major destinations suitable for investment and the development of funds, especially as it contains many important industrial facilities.


Motives that drive you to own property in Bayrampasa

Real estate investment is a desire for high returns.

Living in a sophisticated environment that combines the nobility of the past and the modernity of the present.

Desire to obtain real estate residence.

Obtaining Turkish citizenship if the property is identical.


Offers apartments for sale in Istanbul with Binaa Real Estate

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