Is it better to buy a property in Turkey in cash or in installments?

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Is it better to buy a property in Turkey in cash or in installments?

Advantages of buying a property in Turkey in cash and in installments, and which of the two methods is better

Is it better to buy a property in Turkey in cash or in installments?
12th July 2022
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The facilities provided by the Turkish government to those wishing to own real estate in Turkey have no limits, so you will find that the real estate market in Turkey has become a safe haven for many people around the world, investors, businessmen and anyone who wants to develop their capital or is looking for high-end housing.

There are many options available to the buyer, the most prominent of which is buying a property by paying its price in cash or buying a property by paying its value in installments .

If you do not know the difference between the two options, you can follow the next article that will accompany you with the editorial team at Binaa Real Estate Company.

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Which is better to buy a property in installments or cash in Turkey?

You will certainly be confused. Are installment apartments better or apartments that are paid in cash? As a result of your insufficient experience and your extensive knowledge of the regulations and laws related to the real estate market in Turkey, you will not be able to make a decision on your own, and you will need a complete statement that guides you, and shows you the advantages and disadvantages of each option.

Through the following paragraphs, you can see the dimensions of both options:

 First of all, you should know that paying in cash means that you pay the value of the property in full, while paying in installments is that you pay its value in installments and several stages, and it may be divided over a year, it may be two years, it may be three years, and it may be more, and this varies according to the construction company that you deal with. It should be noted that buying an apartment in installments in Turkey through the bank gives you more time to finalize your payments than if you choose to purchase through a direct construction company.


Buying a property in Turkey with cash:

Many people choose to buy an apartment in Turkey with cash in order to take advantage of the many advantages that we will review in full through the following paragraph:

Get high discounts:

If you choose to buy a property in Turkey and pay its value in cash, it is likely that you will get a good discount ranging from 10% to 20%, and sometimes construction companies offer higher discounts.


Immediate receipt of the title deed:

It is possible to go to the title directorate directly and start the ownership transfer procedures to register the property in the name of the buyer and then receive the title deed of the real estate.


Transferring the price of the property once:

You can transfer the value of the property through a bank in Turkey once, and then receive the transfer receipt. Thus, you have paid the transfer fees to the bank only once, while if the payment was in installments, each time you would have to pay part of the installments to pay a commission.


Buying a property in Turkey in installments:

1 - The buyer can get a discount, but it is not as high as if the payment was in cash, as the maximum is 5%, as a result of the possibility of long-term and convenient payment.

2 - You should know that the buyer of installment properties in Turkey will not be able to obtain the title deed of the property until after he finishes all the installments incurred on it, and after paying the last amount, the procedures for transferring ownership from the seller to the buyer, i.e. the new owner, begin.

3 - The buyer will have to pay more commissions when transferring each agreed payment of the price of the property, and this puts more burdens on him.


The importance of buying an apartment in installments in Turkey:

Many people choose to buy real estate in installments in Turkey, as it is an ideal solution in many cases, and often those who resort to this possibility do not have the full price of the property to pay it in one go, or if they believe in the principle of wealth distribution to obtain guaranteed profits or use their capital in more than one project.

The importance of buying an apartment in installments in Turkey cannot be overlooked, which we will refer to in detail through the following points:

The buyer will not have to face the financial pressures of paying in the long term.

The buyer can use the property and benefit from it even if he has not finished the full price, and therefore this is of great benefit to the buyer, as he did not waste time waiting until he collects the full price.

What you do not know is that the buyer can benefit from a lot of discounts and offers offered by the building companies. Do not forget that the larger the first payment, the more this helps you to get a larger discount. Therefore, real estate experts advise that the first payment be 50% of the total price of the property, and it is also advised By being one of the first to go to the real estate project, this gives you an advantage in obtaining a high discount.

The buyer will not have to borrow in order to pay for the property.

The importance of buying apartments in installments in Turkey is that it avoids the buyer from resorting to debt to pay the full value of the property, as this makes there an additional burden that may be difficult to control.


How to buy an apartment in installments in Turkey?

One of the common questions that customers are asked about the real estate sector in Turkey is about how to buy a property in installments, which we will present through the following paragraph:

Through construction companies:

The most popular way for you to buy an apartment in installments in Turkey is to go directly to one of the construction companies that offer many offers, distinctive options, many specifications, and discounts as well.

You have to know that the real estate that is under construction is cheaper than the real estate ready for housing in stages, and therefore this is suitable for people with low budgets. It should be noted that the first payment that must be paid must be no less than 35% of the total value of the property price, and the buyer is given a ten-year period years as a maximum to pay the installments due.


Buying a ready-made apartment in installments:

You may not have enough time to buy an apartment under construction and wait for the construction work to be completed and therefore you need an apartment ready to move in, but the offers available for this type of apartments in installments are few despite their presence and the down payment is somewhat higher than other options, where it is at least 40 % of the total value of the property.


Through a Turkish bank:

Many real estate buyers in Turkey resort to buying a property in Turkey through a bank in Turkey, where the bank had previously purchased real estate from the construction company and placed a mortgage sign on the property until the full price was paid.

One of the advantages of buying a property in Turkey in installments is that you will have a long time to pay its full value, which may exceed ten years, but do not forget that the price of the property here will be higher than if it was purchased through construction companies, due to the high interest imposed on it.


In this context, it is necessary to note a very important matter, which is that buying an apartment in installments allows you to obtain Turkish citizenship if it meets the stipulated conditions, on top of which its value is not less than 400 thousand US dollars, and this is among the many facilities that the Turkish government has been keen to provide For foreigners wishing to obtain Turkish citizenship.


Important information when buying a property in installments:

Here are the most important tips and advice that you should consider when looking for properties for sale in Turkey in installments:

Be keen on your ability to pay the installments on the agreed date without any delay so that you do not find yourself in front of fines and violations, so you must study your financial budget well.

Don't make the first payment high so that later you will find yourself unable to secure the next payments on time.

Beware of borrowing, as this will put you in front of two problems instead of one, and put a lot of difficulties on your shoulders.

You have to focus with all the terms and conditions that are recorded in the purchase contract and you must agree to them voluntarily.

Look for the construction company that offers you more special offers and allows the buyer a longer period to finalize the installments.


Is it easy to find offers in installments in Turkey from your point of view? Certainly, there are many construction companies that are keen to offer a lot of special offers and create projects that match the prevailing taste and to achieve the desire of the majority to obtain Turkish citizenship. Therefore, the real estate market in Turkey is full of special offers and projects that are still under construction to meet the high population density Which the Turkish state is witnessing and the demand of many investors from different countries of the world and the busy tourist seasons.


In order to find the right apartment for you, you have to choose to deal with one of the distinguished real estate companies in Turkey with experience and extensive knowledge of all dimensions of the real estate market in Turkey to put in your hands a lot of distinguished and suitable offers for you and to achieve your goals and in line with the financial balance. Do not forget to The real estate company, in cooperation with its experts and real estate and legal consultants, will avoid you from falling into the grip of real estate fraud and paying the money in its rightful place.


What is the importance of buying real estate in Turkey?

Regardless of whether you have chosen to buy a property in Turkey in installments or in cash, what are the main reasons that make you think about Turkey specifically and not other countries in the world to buy real estate and real estate investment?

Guaranteed and High Returns:

It cannot be overlooked that real estate investment in Turkey offers the investor a lot of high profits, especially during the tourist seasons, where the large influx of tourists from different parts of the earth to it for an enjoyable vacation, and therefore the investor must act smart and choose a suitable property with a suitable location and an important view and to be close to Famous tourist attractions.


Moderate property prices:

Real estate prices in Turkey are moderate and appropriate compared to the prices that you will find in European or American countries, and this moderation in their prices has made them the focus of attention of many real estate investors around the world.

In the matter of talking about real estate prices in Turkey, you must know that, according to experts, it is expected to rise in the coming period by significant rates, due to many reasons, namely:

The high population density in Turkey.

Bus tourist seasons.

The great development of the real estate sector and luxury.

The rise in the prices of raw construction materials, since they are imported from abroad.

Change the value of the Turkish lira against foreign currencies.

Turkey's booming economy.

Great political stability.


Obtaining real estate residency:

One of the main reasons that drive many foreigners around the world to own real estate in Turkey is the desire to obtain real estate residency, which is one of the most important types of residency in Turkey at all, which entitles its holder to permanent residence and stability in Turkey without being subject to violations or accountability, as well as allowing the holder to benefit from Of all the services and privileges enjoyed by the Turkish citizen.


Ease of buying a property:

The Turkish government did not hesitate to provide all the facilities that the foreigner is looking for to own real estate, which he did not find in European countries, which were keen to impose many difficulties that make the matter of owning their land very difficult.

These facilities consist of the following points:

tax cuts.

Ease of ownership procedures and completion of official transactions.

Allowing them to buy any type of real estate they want without any restrictions.

Monitor and track the market so that no buyer is a victim of fraud.



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For more news and information about the real estate market in Turkey, we advise you to follow our website, in which we monitor all the answers you are looking for through it.

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