Buying a House in Turkey by Algerians

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Buying a House in Turkey by Algerians

All the details and information about the mechanism of buying a house in Turkey by Algerians

Buying a House in Turkey by Algerians
04th July 2022
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Buying a house in Turkey by Algerians is no longer a strange thing, the crossing of capital from one continent to another is welcome if the host country has the environment that capital prefers, and this is provided by the legal legislation related to the real estate sector in Turkey, and this explains the heavy demand for the Turkish real estate market from all foreign and Arab nationalities, including the Algerian one, due to the features, benefits, specifications, incentives, and investment returns that this sector enjoys which satisfy the needs of individuals and local and foreign investors and give them confidence and a sense of security and satisfaction to put their money and invest it in this real estate market.


Reasons for buying a house in Turkey by Algerians

There is no doubt that there are reasons behind the Algerians choosing Turkey to buy a house there, which we will get to know:

-The large population in Turkey, which constitutes the target group that creates various investment opportunities in the real estate sector in order to meet the demands of this category.

-Infrastructure projects carried out by the Turkish government greatly affect the Turkish real estate market, such as Istanbul Airport, the largest airport in the world, and the Istanbul Water Canal "New Bosphorus".

-Availability of manpower that covers the need for investment projects in the Turkish real estate market.

-Tax facilities granted by the Turkish government to investors in the Turkish real estate market, where the decision to reduce taxes in Turkey is one of a series of decisions related to the real estate sector in Turkey, and it was positively reflected in motivating foreign investors to own real estate in Turkey, which contributed to reviving the market Real estate in Turkey in general.

-Getting real estate residency and benefiting from its advantages, as once an individual of foreign nationalities purchases any property on Turkish lands, he can get real estate residency valid for a renewable period of one year, and real estate residency in Turkey is granted to the property owner, his wife and children who have not reached the age of eighteen years.

- Getting Turkish citizenship, as the Turkish government amended the Turkish Nationality Law, and the decision to grant citizenship by buying a property worth 400,000$, and this decision included all nationalities around the world except for Syrian citizenship under the old agreements concluded between the two countries, and the decision includes naturalization for all family members of the owner of the property; his wife and children under the age of eighteen, which means that your life will completely change thanks to the advantages of obtaining Turkish citizenship.

-Real estate prices in Turkey are significantly cheaper than those in Europe, with infrastructure advantages, similar to the structure of developed European countries. The various attractions that attract attention in Turkey, such as a wonderful climate, a promising economy, a huge real estate market, and many tourist and historical attractions that attract tourists from all over the world to it, all make investment and residence in Turkey a profitable and ideal option.

-Investment return, the return of investment is defined as the ratio of the profit earned by the investor to the total cost after excluding all costs associated with the investment process. A very important aspect is if the purchase is financed directly or indirectly through loans, and you can easily notice the huge volume of real estate sales and purchases, as well as the large number of economic, commercial and residential projects in Turkey with the availability of appropriate conditions from the infrastructure to the transportation network, ending in the various geographical locations in the heart of the city or in the suburbs, according to the type of project. These projects are accomplished by huge, ancient and globally known companies, based on the attractive force of tourism in Turkey, which is manifested in its best forms during the tourist periods and seasons, through the demand for renting homes during those seasons throughout the year allowing high profits and high return of investment in all forms of investment real estate.

- Low cost of living in Turkey, the relatively low cost of living in Turkey, compared to the rest of Europe and neighboring countries, with the availability of the elements of a comfortable life, and advanced living systems encourage the purchase of real estate in the Turkish real estate market and the enjoying of a happy life in Turkey.

-Moderate climate and charming nature, Turkey has various natural beauty ingredients, a charming nature that cannot be found in other countries of the world, and a relatively mild climate, along with an ancient civilization and history that adorns the wonderful cities of Turkey, and its ruins is a witness to it until now, which gave this country a distinctive tourist privacy Distinctive, for its richness in its delightful features.

-Investing in the Turkish real estate market is a long-term investment, that real estate investment is a long-term investment, that is, its benefit can continue for many years from your purchase of the property, unlike investing in foreign currency, gold and other types, it is very possible that the economy of any country faces many fluctuations, loses its durability, and this is what most countries suffered from after the spread of the Corona virus pandemic, so currencies lost their value while the real estate sector maintained its investment value and even started to gradually rise.

-The encouraging investment environment in the real estate market in Turkey, there is a set of legislation and laws issued by the Turkish government in order to secure the investor’s capital and motivate him to invest in the Turkish real estate market, which led to the multiplicity of housing projects in the Turkish real estate market at attractive and competitive prices for real estate, which led to Increasing demand for the Turkish real estate market, where various options suit all material possibilities

-Foreign investments in Turkey, where the number of foreign direct investments entering the Turkish market amounted to nearly eight billion dollars, and this number has increased until foreign investment in the current year became an important factor that revitalized the Turkish economy.

All the previous factors encouraged Arab investors to buy a house in Turkey for Algerians to take advantage of all the economic advantages that any investor is looking for who wants to invest his money in a profitable way.




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