The most important cities for buying real estate in Turkey

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The most important cities for buying real estate in Turkey

The best cities to settle and buy real estate in Turkey

The most important cities for buying real estate  in Turkey
02nd July 2022
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The Turkish state is the first option for everyone who wants to search for real estate for sale in Turkey as it contains 82 cities, each with specific advantages and positives, and has attracted many investors and businessmen over the past ten years with an unprecedented number and the numbers are still increasing.

Through the following article, the editorial team at  Binaa Real Estate Company will inform you about the most important Turkish cities suitable for the purchase of real estate and will highlight the most important advantages and details related to it .


Learn about the most important cities in Turkey to buy real estate:

Through the following paragraph, you can see the most important cities in Turkey that are suitable for searching for real estate for sale.


1-) Real estate in Istanbul:

The first and main city in this country is (Istanbul), which is characterized by its urban luxury that is unlike anything else, as it owns many luxury residential complexes designed according to international standards and at the hands of the most important experts and specialists.

Let's tell you that real estate prices in Istanbul are cheap compared with real estate prices we  find in similarly important and prestigious cities.

The city of Istanbul contains a lot of luxury strategic projects such as the new Istanbul airport and the water canal, which are currently being built, in addition to the integrated transportation network that connects all areas of Istanbul with each other and contributed to providing a smooth and sophisticated life.

What you do not know is that this advanced infrastructure has a significant impact on the high prices of real estate in the city, especially on the nearby areas, and therefore you find that the investment value of these properties and areas is very high.



2-) Real estate in Bursa:

- The second most important city in terms of buying real estate in Turkey.

The Jewel City, as it is nicknamed due to its luxurious and distinctive properties in the heart of nature.

It is considered one of the most crowded cities because it has a moderate climate and has become a suitable destination for foreigners and tourists who have found a suitable environment for stability and investment.

Not forget to mention that real estate in Bursa is one of the largest and most profitable sectors in Turkey. And that real estate investment in this citye achieves guaranteed results away from adventures.


3- Real estate in the capital, Ankara:

The capital of Turkey is well known and has gained wide popularity with Arab and foreign investors as it is the most important city for buying real estate in Turkey because of many of its assets :

- Its beautiful climate, it enjoys a snowy winter and a hot summer, in which you find the seasons at the right times.

Its charming terrain and attractive green spaces.

- The transportation network penetrates all parts of this beautiful city  it has the strongest transportation network in the world and this is because of the great interest in it being the capital and the face of the country.

- There are many tourist attractions such as Lake Mafi Gol or as it is called Blue Lake, the Museum of Anatolian Civilizations, which displays The most important  types of arts across different times and ages, Ankara Castle, which dates back thousands of years, and when you visit it will stand  stunned In front of creativity in architecture, art and greatness in design.

All of the above made it a city to attract tourists and foreigners to buy real estate in it, of course the prices of real estate in Ankara vary according to many factors, including:

-        Proximity and distance to the city center.

-        Proximity to the public transport network.

-        Proximity and distance from service centers in the city such as schools, universities, hospitals, and recreational centers.


Real estate in Antalya

The city of Antalya in Turkey is characterized by offering distinguished offers for the purchase of real estate, as it includes a wide variety of apartments, villas, lands, shops and farms at cheap prices and with the possibility of financing as Binaa Real Estate Company offers programs and special offers in Antalya properties that can be well invested as the city also has a group of residential places that are eligible for investment, such as Konyaalti, located on the edge of the city center, which includes a wide range of real estate and those interested in buying real estate in Antalya can obtain high returns on their investments, and this city is characterized by the availability of many opportunities for real estate investment in the short and long term.


Real estate in Mersin

Among the best cities to buy real estate in Turkey, Mersin comes at the fore, as it has a unique strategic location and a beautiful natural environment that makes it a favorite destination for real estate investors as Mersin has a variety of Turkish real estate for sale of various types as it is noted that real estate in Mersin is characterized by developed infrastructure and complexes equipped with high-quality hotel facilities and services as real estate in Mersin is also distinguished by its reasonable prices and competition in comparison with other tourist cities in Turkey and in addition, Mersin is a safe and ideal city for future real estate investment, which makes it a good choice for those looking to buy real estate in Turkey.


Real estate in Izmir

If you are looking for a city that combines luxury with a high quality of life and enjoys a strategic location on the Mediterranean Sea, then Izmir is the perfect choice for you as Izmir is the third largest city in Turkey in terms of population, and it has a rich and civilized history since ancient times as Izmir provides different types of real estate offered to investors, whether you are looking for luxury villas or cheap apartments, it provides everyone with the ideal opportunity to invest at exclusive and competitive prices as investing in Izmir, you may find yourself facing a smart and successful opportunity to take your dreams to the highest levels.


Real estate in Trabzon

Trabzon is one of the best coastal cities to buy real estate in Turkey, as it enjoys a strategic geographical location on the Black Sea coast as it is also characterized by a mild climate and picturesque nature that attracts many to invest in it, and through which real estate residence in Turkey can be obtained as the city includes vital and charming areas that suit all tastes, in addition to the availability of land suitable for building commercial projects and hotels as buying real estate in Trabzon is a right choice for investing in real estate in Turkey, as it can meet all the individual's needs for investing and buying real estate at reasonable prices.


Real estate in Amasya

Buying real estate in Amasya is an affordable option compared to major Turkish cities.

There are many investment opportunities available, including amazing apartments for sale at reasonable prices and convenient installments and if you are looking for a good apartment in a beautiful city to invest in, then Amasya is the right place for you also real estate in Amasya meets certain conditions for obtaining permanent residence, which must be taken into account in the event that immigration is the goal of purchase and in general, there are many cities in Turkey that are ideal for buying real estate, and offer multiple opportunities for real estate investment and obtaining Turkish citizenship.


Real estate in Alanya

Alanya is one of the most visited cities in Turkey, as it has many distinctive and ideal properties for purchase as buying real estate in Alanya is a profitable investment that people should consider, as it offers a large number of properties suitable for any budget and any preference.


 Real estate in Alanya is characterized by its proximity to the sea and its beautiful climate that extends all year round, making it an ideal destination for families and investors and the purchase of real estate in it also provides the possibility of obtaining Turkish residency, which makes it a good option for foreigners wishing to reside in Turkey and benefit from job opportunities and a beautiful life in this country that is characterized by diversity and cultural richness.


The importance of buying real estate in Turkey:

Through the following paragraph, you can see in detail the importance of buying real estate in Turkey. The most prominent advantages of taking this step will be briefly mentioned:

1 – First, you should know that real estate prices in Turkey are considered cheap and very appropriate compared to other developed countries, especially the European Union or the countries of the American continent

  1. Real estate is one of the best types of investment that you can encounter, since profits with it are certain and guaranteed for many reasons, including:

-        Real estate does not lose its value, on the contrary, it is constantly increasing and recorded an increase according to the great development in the Turkish state and at various levels without exception.

-        Real estate is a completely safe and risk-free means of investment as it is not affected by crises if they occur, such as economic problems or any thing like.

-        The real estate market in Turkey has a lot of real estate varieties that cater to different tastes.

-        The many facilities provided by the Turkish government that made it possible to own real estate easily.

3 – Through the purchase of a property in Turkey, real estate residence permit can be obtained, which is one of the best types of residence permit in Turkey at all, and this is done through that the price of the property is at least 75 thousand US dollars and when the property is residential in particular.

4 – It is possible to apply for Turkish citizenship when the property has a value of at least 400 thousand US dollars, and this is considered one of the most important nationalities in the world, because the bearer can obtain a myriad of privileges.

5 – The Turkish government has not been late in providing all the facilities that the foreigner is looking for. Real estate ownership in Turkey does not take much time, effort or money.

6 – The real estate appraisal document is one of the details that makes the investor feel safe, as it prevents the sellers from controlling the prices of real estate as they suit them, one of its tasks is to determine the real property price without forgery.



-Free consultations and important tips you need on your journey to buy a property in Turkey
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-Offers of luxury real estate for sale in Turkey and apartments in Istanbul that are suitable for Turkish citizenship or real estate residence.


For more information about the real estate market in Turkey, you can contact our real estate consultant in order to provide you with more details and to answer your various questions. Do not forget that the best and most important real estate investment opportunities will be in your hands.


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