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Emirate of Dubai

The Emirate of Dubai enjoys the advantages of highly developed high-quality cities, which is why considered very attractive to entrepreneurs, entertainment and education, and to experience modern life in the United Arab Emirates.

Emirate of Dubai
02nd May 2024
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Emirate of Dubai

The Emirate of Dubai enjoys the advantages of highly developed high-quality cities, which is why considered very attractive to entrepreneurs, entertainment and education, and to experience modern life in the United Arab Emirates.


The Emirate of Dubai combines ancient traditions and amazing modernity, as it is one of the most prominent tourist destinations in the world. It is famous for the mix of events and attractions that attract millions of visitors annually.

The official Emirates language is Arabic

Stay with us in this article to discover the features and events of Dubai, and how you can make the most of your Dubai trip, while enjoying the amazing details and Dubai safe environment thanks to the great efforts of dubai’s police.


Information about the Emirate of Dubai

Dubai is the second among the seven emirates: Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Fujairah, Ras Al Khaimah, and Umm Al Quwain.

Dubai's location is distinguished by the 72-kilometre-long eastern coastline of the Arabian Peninsula, and it is bordered by Abu Dhabi to the south, and Sharjah to the northeast. The emirate rises about 16 meters above sea level, all of that indicates a rich geography in Dubai.

 what’s the population of Dubai? 

According to recent estimates is about 3 million people, which is a large number compared to the population of the United Arab Emirates as a whole, as the population of the Emirates is about 9.8 million people, according to the 2021 statistics. Thanks to the country's many attractions, foreign residents still outnumber people from UAE, according to World Bank data.

Recently, the emirate's government launched the Dubai logo, to become the symbol. The logo consists of five elements representing Dubai's history and heritage. The elements are the falcon and what it symbolizes of insightful vision, the palm tree of generosity, the boat of goodness and trade, the Ghaf trees of tolerance and coexistence, all the way to the flag, as a shield of safety and security.

dubai economy

Dubai’s economic position

Since the 1970s, Dubai has moved from a small, vibrant commercial center to become a significant economic weight globally, benefiting from the human diversity offered by the UAE government and an attractive environment for all those seeking opportunities to develop the national, regional and international economy.

Today, the Emirate of Dubai includes many international companies and organizations that find in this city a legislative climate that facilitates their work, from advanced investment policies to excellent infrastructure at various levels, economically, touristically, sports, artistically and educationally.

Here are some of the most prominent landmarks of Dubai Economy:

  • Dubai World Trade Center

It is an international center that holds exhibitions, trade events and conferences. Many major international events and representatives of industrial exhibitions, some of the most important countries in this field, flock to it annually.

  • Dubai international financial center

This area is considered one of the most important regional financial institutions and includes a number of the most active financial companies and international banks, and a complex of luxury buildings and quality restaurants and cafes.

  • Dubai Media and technology City

This unique area brings together many technology companies, leading media and technology institutions. Many consider it a pole for promoting innovation and leadership in the fields of communications and information technology.

toruism in dubai

Tourist places in Dubai

The Dubai government was able to attract the most important engineering expertise in the Emirates and the world, to create a number of breathtaking architectural landmarks whose fame has crossed borders. The most important tourist destinations in Dubai are:

  • Burj Khalifa

One of the tallest buildings in the world, it is considered a symbol and example of luxury and urban development in the beautiful emirate. The tower offers stunning views of the city and the surrounding desert, and also includes luxurious restaurants and an observation deck that attracts visitors from all over the world.

  • The Dubai Mall

  It is the biggest mall in Dubai, and includes a variety of international shops, luxurious restaurants, and enjoyable entertainment experiences.

  • Dubai Water World 

Dubai Water World is one of the largest and most famous water tourism destinations in the world, as it offers a variety of water games that stimulate adrenaline, in addition to luxurious swimming pools, making it a wonderful place to spend an unforgettable summer day.

  • Palm Island

It is an artificial island designed in the shape of a palm tree, and is considered one of the symbols of tourism in Dubai. It is famous for the luxurious hotels and resorts, and restaurants belonging to international chains.

  • Dubai Marina

A residential and recreational area directly on the coast, which includes residential towers in which people of good taste compete to reserve apartments for themselves. It also contains distinguished restaurants and shops.

Dubai Marina offers cruises and water entertainment activities such as yachting and diving.

events dubai

Events in Dubai

One of Dubai city facts that it combines cultural diversity and high-level entertainment, making it one of the best tourist destinations in the world. Whether for those looking for exciting experiences or times to relax and refresh, Dubai provides everything you need for an unforgettable vacation.

The Emirate of Dubai hosts many activities, international exhibitions, and major economic events that enhance the position as a major investment destination in the region.

 Some of the most important events are:

  • Dubai Safari

Foreign tourists love to explore the Arabian Desert. This excursion is a unique and unforgettable experience in the Emirates in general and Dubai in particular, where visitors can enjoy wonderful safaris that include riding quad bikes and camel trips, enjoying traditional folk performances, and even dining under the stars.

  • Dubai Shopping Festival

Dubai Shopping Festival is a landmark among the world's business festivals. It includes huge discounts on products, entertainment offers, and valuable prizes.

  • Dubai Aviation Festival 

The Dubai Air Festival attracts companies, engineers and aviation industry professionals to showcase the latest technologies in aviation and space, and is also known for the exciting air shows.

  • Dubai International Film Festival

This festival is considered one of the most important film festivals in the region, and it displays films from all countries, attracting filmmakers and art stars to the red carpet.

  • Dubai Heritage and Culture Festival

This festival expresses the region's heritage and Emirati and Arab culture, including performances of traditional music, folk dances and traditional arts.

  • Dubai Food Festival

The Dubai Food Festival offers the opportunity to enjoy a limitless variety of international and local cuisine, through food exhibitions, tasting demonstrations, cooking workshops, and related competitions.

  • Dubai Arts Festival

This festival includes many events that provide enjoyment of contemporary and traditional arts. These include art exhibitions, workshops, and theatrical and musical performances.

These are just some of the notable festivals and events in Dubai, and there are more cultural and entertainment events throughout the year that make Dubai an ideal destination for visitors from all over the world.

sports dubai

Sports events in Dubai

Dubai residents enjoy a number of prominent sporting events, some of which are held seasonally and some of which are held throughout the year, making this emirate an excellent destination for sports and competition enthusiasts.

Here are some of the most prominent sporting events in Dubai:

  • Dubai Marathon
    The Dubai Marathon is one of the city's largest sporting events, attracting participants from all over the world to strong challenges and participating in various races, including large races over long distances, marathons and sprints.
  • Dubai Tennis Championship
    The Dubai Tennis Championships is one of the most prominent tournaments on the tour schedule for professional tennis players. Expect to see some of the world's tennis stars competing for the title, prize money, and lucrative prizes here.
  • Dubai Golf Championship
    The Dubai Golf Championship is one of the most prominent golf tournaments in the region. Professional players from all over the world participate in it to compete for the title in the magnificent stadiums in Dubai.
  • Dubai International Horse Race
    The Emirate of Dubai holds the most important horse races in the world, attracting millions of horse lovers from all countries to this event to watch interesting challenges and compete for huge prizes.
  • Dubai Cycling Championship
    The Dubai Cycling Championship is considered one of the most important events in the world of cycling, attracting the best international riders to compete in exciting races that fill the well-equipped streets.

visa dubai

What are the conditions for entering the UAE?

Many people seek to enter the United Arab Emirates for work, residence, and visits, so they are interested in knowing the conditions for obtaining an Emirates visa and the restriction in Dubai, i.e. an Emirates visa, which is a document issued by the Emirati authorities granting access for travelers.

The importance of obtaining a UAE visa lies in the fact that it is the only way of legal entry and temporary residence that allows you to move, tour the Emirates, do business and investments, as well as family visits and facilitate personal activities in general.

Here are the types of entry visa to Dubai and the documents required to obtain it:

  • Tourist visa: Those who obtain it have the opportunity to visit the Emirate of Dubai for tourism and entertainment.
  • Work visa: which provides you with an opportunity to work and settle in the United Arab Emirates, and practice various types of professions.
  • Investor Visa: Provides you with an opportunity to obtain permanent residency in Dubai. Many find this visa a valuable opportunity for long-term professional development.


What facilities does the UAE provide to investors?

The United Arab Emirates offers a wide range of facilities to investors, including:

Advanced infrastructure: which includes international airports, modern seaports, and modern transportation networks, which makes it a great place for investment.

Flexible economic laws: a flexible legal and economic environment that provides investors with various opportunities for growth and expansion.

Tax exemption: Some of the seven emirates provide a tax-free environment on profits and income, which greatly tempts investors.

Direct government support to investors through programs and initiatives aimed at encouraging investment and supporting company growth.

Entering regional and international markets: the UAE is a gateway to accessing these markets due to the strategic location, the facilities provided, the availability of modern means of transportation, and the mentality that supports investment.

Documents required to travel to the Emirates

As for the documents required to travel to the Emirates, they differ according to the type of visa. Here are the most important details in this regard while U.A.E. visa check:

  • A one-month UAE visit visa for residents of Gulf countries, and you need:
  • A copy of the passport, which must be valid for a period of no less than 6 months.
  • A personal photo that matches the specifications.
  • A copy of the residence card.
  • Mother's name.
  • The duration of stay within the UAE is about one month under this visa.
  • A tourist visit visa in the UAE for one month for non-residents of the Gulf countries. These documents require:
  • passport copy.
  • A recent personal photo.
  • Confirmation of travel reservation.
  • Sometimes health insurance.
  • The visa is valid for two months from the date of obtaining it, and provides a period of stay of one month.
  • A 3-month tourist visa, which requires these papers:
  • A passport valid for a period of not less than 6 months.
  • Recent personal photos that match specifications.
  • Confirmation of your travel reservation and accommodation plan.
  • health insurance.
  • Paying visa fees and legal fees.
  • This visa provides residency in the United Arab Emirates for two months.
  • A five-year multi-entry UAE tourist visa, which is one of the best visas that many people desire. the required documents are:
  • passport copy.
  • A coloured personal photo.
  • Mother's name.
  • A bank statement for the last 6 months with a balance of $4,000 or the equivalent in foreign currencies.
  • Academic qualification data in detail, including the level of learning, source of degree, and specialization.

The duration of stay in the UAE for this visa is 90 days per visit, and the visit can be extended for an additional 90 days.

The same travel conditions and required documents apply to the Emirate of Dubai, of course.

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