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Green Turkish passport

Advantages of obtaining the green Turkish passport

Green Turkish passport
03rd February 2023
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What is meant by the green Turkish passport (private passport), and it is intended for a certain group of members of society only, and in recent years many foreigners and investors, especially Arabs, were able to obtain it after obtaining Turkish citizenship.

Did you know that many businessmen and investors in Turkey are seeking to obtain a green passport instead of the regular passport they have .. Why? Their desire to obtain more privileges and important facilities that help them succeed and excel.


What is meant by a green passport?

It is a kind of Turkish passport, but unfortunately not everyone can obtain it, as it is intended for specific people from society, and among the privileges it provides them is the ability to enter more than 160 countries around the world without the condition of having a visa.

Although the ordinary passport allows its holder to enter many countries of the world without a visa, it does not do so with some important countries such as the United States, China, European Union countries and many Arab countries.

While the green passport allows its holder to enter all the countries that we referred to above, i.e. the countries of the European Union and the United Arab Emirates, the United States does not even allow holders of a green passport to enter it without a visa.



green Turkish passport

Who gets a green passport?

Some employees in Turkey can obtain it, as well as Turkish lawyers, but the question that imposes itself here is how foreign investors can obtain it?

According to the latest amendments issued in 2017, exporters or exporting companies can apply for a green passport, and it does not matter if the company is actually exporting or not, but does the matter end here only? Certainly not, as there are many conditions that must be taken into account, including the following:

1- The issuer must be an individual or company with an annual average of more than 500 thousand US dollars, and this must have continued for at least 3 years before applying for it, and from here we conclude that the company must have a total of 1.5 million dollars American before anything.

2- What if the company has annual exports of more than 500,000 US dollars? There is nothing wrong with this, but in the event that it is less than 10 million US dollars, only one person will be chosen from the company to be given it.

3- If the average annual exports are more than 10 million US dollars and less than 25 million US dollars, two people from the company can obtain it.

4- If the average annual exports is more than 25 million US dollars and less than 50 million dollars, 3 people can get it.

5- If the annual average exports are more than 50 million US dollars and less than 100 million US dollars, then 4 people can apply for a green passport.

6- In the event that the average annual exports are more than 100 million US dollars, then there will be 5 people who can obtain this passport, and this is the maximum possible number.


The most important conditions for obtaining a green passport

Is it sufficient to fulfill the condition for the existence of an export company so that its owners or one of them is eligible to apply for the green Turkish passport after obtaining Turkish citizenship? Certainly not, as a number of other conditions must be met, as follows:

They must not have been imprisoned for a year or more for willfully committing a crime.

Not have been convicted of a crime against state security.

Not have been convicted of embezzlement or bribery.

He must not have committed forgery or treason.


How long is the green Turkish passport?

In principle, the green passport is issued for a period of 4 years and is renewable, but be aware that it is not granted to the families of the applicants.


How to apply for a green passport?

The request to obtain it must be submitted to the concerned authority, and a decision is issued whether the applicant party meets the above-mentioned conditions or not by the Ministry of Commerce. Once approval is obtained, the applicants will have to submit their applications to the General Administration of Civil Registry and Nationality in order to complete the remaining procedures. .


The papers required to obtain a Turkish passport

There are a number of papers that must be prepared to obtain the passport.

Application Form.

A copy of the company's Chamber of Commerce record, which summarizes its current status.

A copy of the identity card.

Turkish passport.

Two personal photos.

An invoice showing the paid passport fees.

If the applicant suffers from a disability or is under the legal age, he must submit a document confirming the consent of the person responsible or guardian.

* The green Turkish passport can be obtained whether the individual is of Turkish origin or a foreigner who has Turkish citizenship.


Rights of the Turkish passport holder

 They are allowed to work or reside in any of the other countries that are part of the Schengen area. In addition, they can access healthcare services in many countries around the world using their passport. Moreover, they can apply for diplomatic protection if they find themselves in a difficult situation abroad, finally, Turkish passport holders can obtain consular assistance when traveling abroad.

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