The Historical Galata Tower - Important details

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The Historical Galata Tower - Important details

Learn everything related to the historic Galata Tower in Istanbul through this article

The Historical Galata Tower - Important details
20th May 2023
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In the world of symbols and historical monuments, Galata Tower in Istanbul holds a privileged place that cannot be ignored and it represents one of the most important ancient towers in the history of Istanbul, which is one of the most important tourist attractions in the city and the tower is famous for its beauty and ancient history, as it tells an extraordinary story about the history of Istanbul and its past full of transformations and changes, a story that we will constantly refer to you in this interesting article.

Introduction to Galata Tower

Galata Tower is a famous tourist attraction in Istanbul that offers a panoramic view of the beautiful city of Istanbul and its construction dates back to the Middle Ages and was restored during the Ottoman Empire in 1509 and it is located in Taksim, and it consists of nine floors, with a height of 66.9 meters.

It has a restaurant, a café and a nightclub that hosts entertainment shows, as Galata Tower is distinguished by its exquisite engineering design and its surface that sparkles with night lighting, which makes it an ideal place to take memorial photos and enjoy the beauty of the historical city.


Galata Tower location

- Galata Tower is located in the Galata neighborhood of the Beyoglu district of Istanbul.

- The height of the tower is 67 meters and contains 9 floors.

- The tower features a wonderful view of Istanbul and the Bosphorus Strait.

- The tower was originally a watchtower for the defensive walls of Galata.

- The tower was built in the fourteenth century and since then has undergone many renovations and modifications.

- Galata Tower is one of the most famous and attractive historical monuments in Istanbul, and it is a favorite place for tourists and visitors to enjoy its stunning views.


How to get to Galata Tower

  1. The easiest and cheapest public transportation to get to Galata Tower is by using the metro and it can be reached by the zero line from "Kabatas" station.
  2. The tower can also be reached by bus, as there are many lines that reach areas very close to the tower.
  3. The tower can also be reached by taxi, but it can be a relatively more expensive option and although public transportation is the best option, you can take amazing photos of the surrounding areas on foot.


Galata Tower construction history

  1. The Galata Tower was built in the Middle Ages and there is no exact information about the year of its construction.
  2. The tower was restored after the earthquake that struck Istanbul in 1509 by the Ottoman architect Hayreddin.
  3. Galata Tower is one of the oldest and most beautiful towers in Istanbul, dating back many centuries.


 Ottoman restoration of the Galata Tower

  1. At the beginning of 1509, the Galata Tower was severely damaged by the earthquake that struck Istanbul, and it was restored by the Ottoman architect Khair al-Din.
  2. A new floor was added to the tower when it was restored, and it was called the "vision floor", and it is characterized by the fact that it is equipped with wide windows that allow a clear view of Istanbul.
  3. Some Ottoman motifs and decorations were added to the facade of the tower and the walls surrounding it, which added a unique aesthetic touch.
  4. Local natural bricks and stones were used in the restoration process, while taking care to preserve the original character of the tower.
  5. The restoration of Galata Tower is one of the most prominent Ottoman engineering achievements, and it is still a symbol of the city's historic spirit and ancient heritage.


Galata Tower view of Istanbul

Here are 7 distinct views of Galata Tower over Istanbul:

  1. A panoramic view of the historic Istanbul peninsula and its beautiful suburbs.
  2. View of the Black Sea from the upper floors of the tower.
  3. View of the Bosphorus Bridge and enjoy watching the views of the passing ships and yachts on the way.
  4. A view of the second bridge in Istanbul, Fatima Bridge, which extends from the Asian side of the city to the European side.
  5. A view of the residential neighborhoods in Istanbul, seeing the beautiful houses and old neighborhoods.
  6. A view of Gulhane Park, and enjoy the views of the various trees and plants.
  7. A view of the large square on the European side of Istanbul, watching modern buildings, luxurious offices, and high residential towers.


Current uses of Galata Tower

- Galata Tower is a tourist area and the most important shrine in Istanbul, which receives visits from tourists from all over the world.

- The upper floors of Galata Tower have been converted into a café and restaurant that offers a wonderful panoramic view of the city.

- The lower floor of the tower is used to display art and cultural exhibitions, as it receives visitors of all ages.

- Galata Tower is also used as a warning beacon for marine navigation, as it was built in the past to signal ships coming from the sea.

- It is said that it was used in the past as a prison, as it was considered one of the main landmarks in the city of Istanbul.

- Galata Tower was also used as a viewing point for cannons to defend the city in the Middle Ages.

- Galata Tower is used permanently in artwork and cinema, as it is an essential part of Turkish culture.

- There is also a shopping center on the third and fourth floors of Galata Tower, where famous visitors and types of gifts are sold.


The best time to visit Galata Tower.

  1. It is recommended to visit the tower in the spring and autumn, when the weather is mild and suitable for tourism.
  2. The month of Ramadan is the perfect month to visit the tower, as visitors can enjoy the wonderful night lights that decorate the tower.
  3. Visitors can enjoy the summer sunshine and cool sea breeze during the summer.
  4. Winter is the right time to visit to enjoy the beautiful view of snow and rain falling from the top of the tower.
  5. It is advised to avoid the summer season, which is crowded with visitors and the intense heat in the months of July and August.


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