Houses for sale in Turkey in installments

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Houses for sale in Turkey in installments

Comprehensive information on how to get houses for sale in Turkey in installments

Houses for sale in Turkey in installments
08th July 2022
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The Turkish government did not hesitate to provide all the facilities and privileges that push the investor to buy real estate in Turkey, and the most prominent thing it provided to the buyer is (buying homes in installments), and this was the ideal solution for many people around the world.

In this article, the editorial team at Binaa Real Estate Company will present to you a detailed report on the importance of searching for houses for sale in Turkey in installments, and many other aspects related to this topic will be highlighted.

We wish you an enjoyable reading.


Should I look for houses for sale in Turkey in installments?

Among the many options available to foreigners wishing to buy houses in Turkey are installment apartments, and it is considered a suitable idea for many people, most notably:

Who wants to buy an apartment in Turkey, but does not have enough balance to pay for it.

In the event that the buyer believes in the necessity of distributing the capital to obtain an abundant profit.

You have to know that the purchase of apartments in installments is one of the completely safe options that a large group of investors resort to. It should be noted that there is no fixed period for the termination of the installments, but this matter is determined between the seller and the buyer. more.

The Turkish state made it possible for foreigners to buy real estate in installments or in any other form, and it also allowed the Turk without any prejudice or racism, and this is classified among the many privileges that prompted the foreigner to choose to own real estate in Turkey.


How to buy a house in installments in Turkey?

Now we have come to the most important question asked by many clients and investors wishing to enter the real estate investment world in Turkey, which is how to buy an apartment in Turkey in installments? Is it complicated or can it be handled easily?

If you want to search for houses for sale in Turkey in installments, you are in front of many possibilities, which we will review through the following article:

1 - Installment homes under construction:

In general, the real estate that is still under construction in Turkey is one of the very distinguished options, especially for those who do not have enough capital to pay for it in cash. This method saves them a lot of money and allows them to obtain abundant and high profit through it, and the reason is that it is cheaper than real estate. Ready-made in many stages, and add to your information that their prices rise significantly after the completion of the construction stages, ranging between 35% and 70%.

One of the advantages that will attract you to buying an apartment in installments in Turkey is that you will have the opportunity to control many details of the apartment and then add your own touches and make the modifications that suit you.


2 - Purchase through a bank loan:

There are those who choose to buy an apartment in installments by taking a loan from one of the banks and banks in Turkey, which provides the buyer with the possibility of repayment in the long term, which is longer than the period provided by the construction companies.

The bank had previously purchased the houses from the building company and at a price that it sells to the buyer and puts a mortgage sign on it that it does not raise until after the full price of the house is paid.


3 - Buying a ready-made house in installments:

The general characteristic that prevails over homes that are in installments is that they are under construction and you rarely find ready-made offers in installments, but this does not negate that they really exist and can be used, and what you should know in this regard is that the first payment that must be paid here must be a minimum of 40% Of the total property value, while if the property is under construction, the first payment is 35% as a maximum.


The most prominent advantages of buying apartments in installments in Turkey:

Through the following paragraph, you can see the most important advantages and features that can be obtained when buying apartments in installments in Turkey.

1 - Whoever buys this type of real estate can obtain Turkish citizenship if the value of the property is as stipulated by the Turkish Constitution, i.e. not less than four hundred thousand US dollars.

2 - The buyer will not have to face financial pressures and confusion in how to secure the price of the property to be paid on time.

3 - The buyer can take advantage of the property and use it even if he has not finished all the installments due on it.

4 - Construction companies offer a lot of special offers and high discounts, and this will make the buyer save a lot of money.

5 - You should know that you will not be in front of limited options, but in front of many special offers that you can choose from with complete comfort.


Important tips when buying an apartment in installments:

Before you make your decision whether installment apartments are your choice or not, you should look at the most important tips and advice provided in this area, which we will talk about below:

Do not take this step until you are sure that you have sufficient ability to pay the installments on time.

If you can make a large down payment on the property price, it helps you to get a high discount.

Do not choose to borrow to pay the due installments, as this makes you get rid of a problem and fall into another.

Focus on the items that you sign, as there may be something that does not match your goals.

Any delay in paying the installments on time puts you in front of a major problem, which is the payment of fines.

If you choose to buy through the bank, you will be able to repay it over a long period of up to ten years.



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Some information that interests you about the topic of buying homes in Turkey in installments, we have provided to you to answer your various inquiries, and if there are more inquiries, you can contact our real estate consultant to provide you with adequate answers about them.



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