How to obtain permanent residence in Turkey?

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How to obtain permanent residence in Turkey?

Learn about details of how to obtain permanent residence in Turkey

How to obtain permanent residence in Turkey?
05th December 2022
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One of the most important types of residency in Turkey is permanent residency, which allows its holder to stay on Turkish soil for a permanent period and without interruption, but this is done by adhering to a number of conditions stipulated in the Turkish constitution. If you want to know about it and some information related to it, follow this article with us. Which will be through talking about it and clarifying its most prominent aspects.


How to obtain permanent residence in Turkey?

If you want to obtain this residency, there are many conditions that must be met, the most important of which are the following:

- You must reside in Turkey for eight consecutive years without interruption.

- The foreigner must not have received any assistance from social organizations or the like in the last three years.

- The foreigner must not pose any threat to the national security of the country.

- A valid health insurance must be obtained.

- The applicant must not be a refugee.

- He must have sufficient income for himself and all members of his family.


Advantages of residing in and settling in Turkey

- As one of the safest countries in Europe, Turkey has low crime rates and is generally considered very safe for expats.

- The quality of life in Turkey is among the highest in Europe, with plenty of opportunities for education, healthcare, leisure and recreational activities.

- With a thriving economy based on tourism, manufacturing, agriculture and textile production, Turkey offers great prospects for foreign investors looking to set up businesses or expand their operations within the country.

- With a rich history spanning more than seven thousand years, Turkey is home to many cultural attractions such as ancient ruins, monuments, museums, and galleries.

- There are plenty of job opportunities available, from large global companies to small businesses, and there are plenty of options for those looking for work. In addition, due to its proximity to Europe and Asia, you can find work within the country as well as abroad if you wish.

- The cost of living is relatively low compared to other developed countries such as the USA or the UK - making it an attractive option for those on a tight budget.


The importance of obtaining permanent residence

If you hold permanent residence in Turkey, there are many privileges that you will get, including:

- Its holder can benefit from the various privileges that a Turkish citizen obtains.

- It is possible to benefit from educational services and enroll in public and private schools and universities, and thus you will get high quality education at reasonable costs.

- Obtaining a lot of medical services and receiving treatment in the most important governmental and private hospitals at an appropriate cost.

- Enjoy the available entertainment services such as visiting malls, shopping, visiting game cities, and others.

- Visit famous tourist and historical places.

- You can be eligible for Turkish citizenship.

- Its holder can work in all fields and sectors in Turkey.


The cost of obtaining permanent residence

To obtain this residency, it does not require a lot of money from you, only some fees for extracting, translating and attesting some papers.


Is permanent residency of a limited duration?

Not at all, it is of unlimited duration and is valid for life and does not need renewal or similar procedures and allows its bearer all that it provides to a foreigner.


Papers required to obtain permanent residence

The following are the most important documents that must be prepared to obtain residency in Turkey:

- Residence permit application form.

- The applicant's passport and a copy thereof.

- Previous residence permit.

- Proof of non-receipt of aid.

- Personal photos.

- Income statement.

- Document not judged.

- A valid medical insurance.


The most important other types of residency in Turkey

There are a wide number of types of residency in Turkey, each of which is characterized by advantages, and there are a number of conditions that must be applied, and we quickly refer to the most important of them:


Real estate residence

Are you thinking of buying a residence in Turkey? If so, you should know the many advantages that obtaining a real estate residence document provides.

 If you buy a property in Turkey and obtain a real estate residence document, you become eligible for the Turkish citizenship program and this allows you to apply for citizenship and this is much faster than applying for traditional citizenship through naturalization.

If you obtain residency in Turkey through the purchase of a property, you can enjoy many tax benefits such as reduced income tax and VAT exemptions on certain purchases. You will also be able to open bank accounts with your title deed and benefit from special discounts offered by banks on loans and other services. .

 Obtaining residency in Turkey will give you access to government services such as healthcare, education, driver's license, etc. You will also have the right to work or start your own business.


Tourist accommodation

Are you looking for a place to stay and explore while you travel? If so, then Turkey may be the perfect destination for you. From its rich culture and vibrant history, to its stunning landscapes and beautiful beaches, there is something for everyone in this country and if you plan to stay in Turkey for more than 90 days, obtaining a tourist residence document can To assist you in facilitating your stay.

Applying for a Turkish tourist residence document is relatively easy and straightforward, all you have to do is submit an online application form with some supporting documents such as proof of identity and proof of income or financial stability.

With a Turkish tourist residence document, you will be able to access public services such as healthcare and education which will make your stay more comfortable and enjoyable.




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