Information that interests you about the naturalization law in Turkey 2023

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Information that interests you about the naturalization law in Turkey 2023

The most important information and developments that interest you regarding the Turkish Naturalization Law

Information that interests you about the naturalization law in Turkey 2023
15th December 2022
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What do you know about the naturalization law in Turkey? Is he subject to harsh conditions, as is the case in the laws stipulated by the European regimes, which are imposed on those who wish to obtain one of its nationalities? What are the main ways to apply for it? What papers must be prepared? What are the reasons that made real estate investment the most ideal way to apply for it?

In this article, the editorial team at Binaa Real Estate Company prepared this detailed report for you on the most important details related to it. We wish you an enjoyable reading.Information that interests you about the naturalization law in Turkey 2023


How do you get Turkish citizenship?

A good and main question for everyone who wants to apply for Turkish citizenship, so what are the available and well-known ways to apply for it? According to what was announced by the official authorities, more than 40% of real estate buyers in Turkey, especially in the city of Istanbul, aim to obtain Turkish citizenship, because with this step they will not only have obtained citizenship, but also started their good investment in a place that has all the ideal ingredients for its success and advancement.

Now it is natural to ask about the conditions that you must fulfill in order for your property to be suitable for obtaining citizenship? In fact, it is simple and easy to deal with. Here are the full details:

- The price of the property must be at least $400,000 USD.

- The property must be kept for at least three years without being sold.

- The real estate appraisal document must be extracted by the competent authorities licensed by the Turkish government.

- The value of the property must be paid through a Turkish bank.

- The property must be purchased from a Turkish seller, such as construction companies or individuals.

- The buyer must verify that the property has not been relied on previously in order to obtain Turkish citizenship.

The investor should know that after the end of the three years, if he decides to sell the property, he will find that he has gained a lot of profits because real estate prices in Turkey are constantly increasing, especially if the property is located in a distinguished strategic location. Its owner can live in it or invest it by renting it out to get a special monthly return.


Reasons for obtaining Turkish citizenship

Surely you are wondering about the most important motives that encourage obtaining Turkish citizenship, is it really worth it?


stable economy

Turkey has experienced sustained economic growth over the past decade, which makes it a great place to invest and do business as the country also has a variety of industries, from tourism to manufacturing, which contribute to its strong economy. In addition, the Turkish currency is internationally accepted, making it easier for citizens to take advantage of opportunities in other countries for these reasons, obtaining Turkish citizenship is an attractive option for many people looking for financial stability and security.



Turkey boasts a modern network of roads, railways, and airports, as well as state-of-the-art healthcare facilities, schools, and universities. Moreover, Turkish citizens enjoy the possibility of visa-free travel across the Schengen area of ​​the European Union and beyond. With all these benefits in mind, it is no wonder that obtaining Turkish citizenship is highly desirable.


Political stability

The country's political stability and strong relations with major countries around the world, Turkey has maintained a stable and reliable government for decades, creating an ideal environment for businesses and families alike. In addition, Turkey's positive relations with other countries allow access to a wide range of opportunities. For citizens, from travel to trade and with Turkish citizenship, you can take advantage of these benefits while being part of a thriving global community.


Papers required to obtain citizenship

Applicants are required to submit several documents, including a valid passport and a residence permit. In addition, it is necessary to prove the purchase of property in Turkey, such as a title deed or a sales agreement. Other documents that may be requested include bank statements showing proof of funds, tax numbers, and a certificate. Good health from a state-approved hospital or clinic.


Turkish citizenship through bank deposit

Did you know that it is possible to obtain Turkish citizenship by depositing an amount of not less than 500,000 US dollars through a Turkish bank, but ensure that a condition is met when withdrawing any part of the amount before at least three years have passed from the date of its deposit.


Citizenship through commercial investment

Another common way to obtain that citizenship is a commercial investment of $500,000 USD, provided that the investment lasts for a period of no less than three years.


Turkish government facilities for those wishing to obtain citizenship

In late 2018, the Turkish government provided many facilities for those wishing to apply for that nationality. Below are the full details:

1 – The minimum of three million US dollars has been reduced to 500 thousand only for those who wish to apply for it through a bank.

2- The minimum amount has been reduced from $2 million to $500,000 only.

3 - It is now possible to create a business and secure 50 job opportunities for Turks instead of a hundred.

4 - To obtain citizenship through real estate investment in Turkey, its value must be one million dollars, but the minimum amount was reduced to only 250 thousand US dollars, and in the middle of the current year 2022 AD, the amount was raised again to 400 thousand dollars.


What can be said at the conclusion of this topic is that all laws related to nationality and obtaining it are easy and can be dealt with very easily. If you have more details or inquiries, you can contact our consultants to inform you of the details and provide you with the assistance you need.


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