Yedi Mavi Apartments

.Nestled in the esteemed Zeytinburnu area, "Yedi Mavi" occupies a prime location within one of Istanbul's most sought-after investment districts

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Why Yedi Mavi

  • Welcome to "Yedi Mavi," an architectural marvel harmonizing luxury with distinguished design in the vibrant heart of Istanbul. Developed by Gül Construction, a pioneering force in the construction industry, this project stands as a testament to unparalleled quality and innovation.
  • Nestled in the esteemed Zeytinburnu area, "Yedi Mavi" occupies a prime location within one of Istanbul's most sought-after investment districts. Its strategic positioning near iconic tourist landmarks and essential amenities amplifies its allure and investment potential.
  • With proximity to key transportation hubs such as the Eurasia Tunnel and the Marmaray Line, residents benefit from seamless connectivity between Istanbul's two dynamic sides. This strategic advantage not only enhances convenience but also elevates the project's investment value.
Payment methods
Payment method The first payment Number of installments Notes
Cash 100% 1
Number of rooms Areas Project Type Prices
1+1 71 m2 - 71 m2 Apartments 14,333,333 ₺ - 16,500,000 ₺
3+1 143 m2 - 341 m2 Apartments 27,600,000 ₺ - 53,000,000 ₺
2+1 121 m2 - 186 m2 Apartments 29,800,000 ₺ - 36,100,000 ₺
3.5+1 159 m2 - 220 m2 Apartments 33,766,667 ₺ - 39,933,333 ₺
4+1 223 m2 - 392 m2 Apartments 48,433,333 ₺ - 83,466,667 ₺
4.5+1 259 m2 - 346 m2 Apartments 50,433,333 ₺ - 72,200,000 ₺

information of Yedi Mavi

  • Design and Units: "Yedi Mavi" sprawls across 63,500 square meters, comprising 7 residential towers, each soaring 17 stories high. Offering a diverse range of apartments, from cozy 1+1 layouts to spacious 4+1 configurations, every unit is equipped with cutting-edge smart home systems. With its striking glass facades affording panoramic vistas of the Sea of Marmara, and a direct tunnel linking the complex to the coastline, "Yedi Mavi" redefines modern living.
  • Facilities and Services: Embracing a holistic approach to living, the project boasts an array of recreational amenities. Residents can indulge in a fully equipped sports center, rejuvenate in swimming pools, or unwind along scenic jogging and walking paths. The Turkish bath and sports courts cater to diverse leisure pursuits. Adding to the allure, "Blue Street" hosts a selection of shops and restaurants, ensuring residents have everything they need within arm's reach.
  • Security and Additional Services: Ensuring peace of mind, "Yedi Mavi" provides round-the-clock security services, complemented by emergency and ambulance assistance. Pet care services, airport transportation, and convenient parking facilities further enhance the residential experience, underscoring the project's commitment to resident comfort and safety.
  • "Yedi Mavi" transcends the realm of mere residential developments, presenting an unparalleled investment opportunity. Seamlessly blending luxury, security, and accessibility, it emerges as the epitome of distinction and exclusivity in Istanbul's bustling heart.
  • Seaview

  • Direct on Sea

  • Government guarantee

  • Rental guarantee

  • Return on investment

  • Suitable For investment

  • suitable for Turkish citizenship

  • Luxury

  • Residential complexes

  • smart homes

  • Near the metro station

  • beside a university

  • Childrens playground

  • gardens

  • Green spaces

  • Private parking lots

  • Closed swimming pools

  • Summer swimming pools

  • Gym

  • Outdoor sports

  • Security

  • security cameras

  • Turkish bath

  • sauna

  • Jacuzzi

  • Running tracks

  • basketball court

  • Outdoor sessions

  • Near a highway

  • Marine transportation

  • Easy transportation

  • Compound management

  • Fast Elevators

  • Maintenance Services

  • Air Conditioners

  • Central air-conditioning