Investment apartments in Turkey

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Investment apartments in Turkey

See the specifications of investment apartments in Türkiye before choosing the right apartment for you

Investment apartments in Turkey
15th August 2023
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Turkey is one of the popular investment destinations in the world, and it is characterized by an active and diversified real estate market, which attracts foreigners from all over the world to invest in investment apartments in this charming country, so if you are looking for rewarding investment opportunities and the possibility of achieving good returns, you have found the right place and in this article, we will explore a variety of investment apartments available in Turkey and the reasons for their popularity and attractiveness to foreign investors and you will learn about the exciting opportunities available and the factors influencing the decision to invest in real estate in this amazing country.

Reasons for foreigners' demand for investment apartments in Turkey

  1. Turkey offers a great variety of real estate, ranging from ordinary apartments to luxury villas and apartments with unique designs and this diversity allows investors to find the property that best suits their needs and desires.
  2. Turkey has introduced legislation and investment policies that encourage foreigners to buy real estate and the laws grant rights and privileges to foreign investors, such as the right to full ownership of real estate and the right to obtain a residence visa.
  3. It is witnessing strong economic growth and an increase in demand for real estate and this means that investors can achieve good returns from their investments in real estate, whether through long-term rentals or selling the property after its value has increased.
  4. It is witnessing a great urban expansion and infrastructure development, which makes it an attractive destination for investors and many Turkish cities enjoy amazing urban development and modern facilities, which enhance real estate value and attract investors.

Types of investment apartments in Turkey

  1. Apartments in residential complexes: These are groups of apartments located in integrated residential complexes that provide many services and facilities such as gardens, swimming pools, gyms, security, and guarding and these apartments are popular and suitable for long-term rentals, and they attract many residents and investors.
  2. Penthouse apartments: These are apartments located on the highest levels of the buildings and contain a private roof that provides wonderful views and additional space for personal use and penthouse apartments are considered luxurious and target investors who are looking for more privacy and luxury.
  3. Triplex apartments: they extend over three floors and contain a private entrance and spacious areas and these apartments are suitable for large families or for those who want to have extra space to live and enjoy.
  4. Duplex apartments: It features two connected floors within the apartment, and provides a unique design and the opportunity to divide the space in different ways and the upper floor can be used as an additional living space, an additional bedroom, or an office.
  5. Villas: They are independent homes with private gardens and large areas, and are available in different configurations in terms of number of rooms and facilities.

Factors affecting the prices of investment apartments in Turkey

  1. The balance between supply and demand affects the prices of investment apartments, when the demand for apartments is high and the supply is limited, this increases the value of real estate and leads to higher prices.
  2. Location is one of the main factors in determining real estate value. Investment apartments located in vital and desirable areas such as city centers and tourist areas are usually more valuable and enjoy high demand, which positively affects prices.
  3. Prices are affected by the quality of the infrastructure and services available in the area surrounding the apartment and the presence of facilities such as schools, hospitals, commercial centers and public transportation increases the attractiveness of the apartment and thus positively affects its value.
  4. Political and economic developments in Turkey can affect real estate prices in Turkey and improvement in political stability and economic growth can increase confidence in the real estate market and lead to higher prices, while tensions or economic deterioration can lead to lower prices.


Advice on buying investment apartments in Turkey

  1. Do extensive research and check the real estate market in Turkey, look for desirable areas that have strong economic growth and high demand for real estate, visit the areas and learn about the surrounding environment and infrastructure.
  2. Cooperate with a professional and experienced real estate company in the Turkish real estate market, they can help you search for suitable apartments and provide legal advice and documentation for the deal.
  3. Conduct a comprehensive field examination of the desired apartment before making a purchase decision, check the condition of the property and the required restoration work, if any, examine the infrastructure and services available in the area.
  4. Do not hesitate to negotiate the price of the apartment and terms of payment and there may be room for negotiation and get a better deal. Check similar prices in the area and consult the real estate agent for appropriate advice.
  5. Make sure you fully understand the real estate laws in Turkey before buying and check the laws related to property rights, real estate ownership of foreigners, and taxes related to real estate.


The future of investment apartments in Turkey

Turkeyhas witnessed strong economic growth in recent years, which leads to an increase in the demand for investment real estate, economic growth enhances political and social stability, and thus creates a favorable environment for real estate investment.

The great interest of foreign investors in investment apartments in Turkey continues and Turkey has a strategic location and rich cultural history, which makes it an attractive destination for foreign investors looking for lucrative investment opportunities.

Turkey is a popular and popular tourist destination for visitors from all over the world and the continuous increase in the number of tourists leads to an increase in the demand for investment apartments in the tourist areas, and thus an increase in their value.

Turkey's large investments in infrastructure development contribute to making investment properties in urban and tourist areas more attractive and well-developed infrastructure, services and facilities such as transportation, schools and hospitals provide an ideal environment for investment.

Turkey adopts government policies that promote real estate investment, including providing tax incentives and legal facilities for foreign investors, which has attracted business leaders from around the world.


Common questions

What are the most important areas in Turkey to invest in real estate apartments?

Turkey includes many famous investment areas such as Istanbul, Antalya and Bodrum, which enjoy a high demand for residential and tourist real estate.

What are the costs associated with buying an investment apartment in Turkey?

Costs include purchase costs (property price, assignment fees, and taxes), real estate company fees, registration fees, and legal and documentation costs.

What are the laws related to owning real estate in Turkey as a foreigner?

Foreigners are allowed to own real estate in Turkey under the current laws, but there are some restrictions and conditions that must be adhered to.

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