Is the real estate sector affected by the Turkish elections?

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Is the real estate sector affected by the Turkish elections?

The impact of the elections on investment and real estate purchase movement in Turkey

Is the real estate sector affected by the Turkish elections?
13th February 2023
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Turkey is about to enter a new electoral phase with which the fate of the country will be determined, and the Turks are ready to participate in this fate in order to present their votes to whoever they see as the appropriate person for such a task. As for the candidates, they are a group of parties, most notably the Justice and Development Party with their candidate, the current Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. In your opinion, are they Will the upcoming elections have an impact on the Turkish real estate sector? This is what you will know in this article.


How will the real estate market be affected by the Turkish elections?

When we talk about the real estate market in Turkey, we simply refer to one of the most important real estate markets in the world, and its real start began after the great earthquake that hit the Marmara region in 1999 AD, where the Turkish government and the concerned authorities worked to remove all weak buildings or as they were classified at that time as dangerous. And building other earthquake-resistant buildings that carry modern, safe and modern qualities that suit all tastes and budgets.

In the context of talking about the real estate market in Turkey, you should know that it is very flexible. Its regulations and laws can be dealt with easily without the need to face any complications or challenges. This does not mean that it is possible to buy without adhering to certain controls, but it is much simpler than those that exist in European and American countries and even Arabic countries.

What attracted the attention of real estate investors around the world is that the real estate market in Turkey did not stop in its urban revolution that began at a certain point, but rather it continues until today. Indeed, it owns dozens of distinctive residential, commercial and investment projects with impressive urban design and high-quality materials while continuing to maintain the closest prices From low to high, and with the combination of all these factors, it can be declared a safe haven for real estate investment to obtain distinguished returns.


Will real estate prices rise in Turkey?

Yes, this is confirmed by many specialists and scholars of the current market situation, and this is only because it is driven by a wide number of factors, the most important of which are:

- The advanced infrastructure that competes with the most important countries, as that country embraces dozens of projects such as the new Istanbul Airport, the new Istanbul Water Canal that is being established in the current period, and the Eurasia Tunnel, in addition to the advanced transportation networks that help move the population from one place to another with great ease, and thus these projects It has a significant impact on real estate prices.

- The continuation of the program of granting Turkish citizenship through real estate investment for 400 thousand US dollars, as many people want to benefit from its unlimited advantages.

- The ease of ownership procedures in Turkey compared to others, as the whole thing can be done within a few days.

- The Turkish real estate market is on a date with an unprecedented investment future.

- The buyer will not have limited options, but the offers it contains are many and you deserve to choose from.

- Turkey is witnessing a significant increase in this population, in addition to the influx of foreigners from everywhere for study, work, investment and stability.

- Owning or residing in Turkey is an opportunity to benefit from all available public services and recreational facilities suitable for all family members.


Turkey's plans in the next stage

There are a lot of efforts dedicated to the further advancement and distinction of the Turkish state in its various fields and sectors, the continuation of growth in its economy, and progress in the Group of Twenty to a more advanced position. In this context, it must be noted that it is trying hard to build solid political and commercial relations with various countries of the world. Especially the Arab countries, and this is what we clearly saw during the last period, as agreements were concluded with a number of them.


The following expectations for the real estate investment sector in Turkey

What can be said in this context is that the trend of real estate investment in Turkey is constantly on the rise, and there is no indication that it will stop in the future. The state has all the ingredients for its growth, especially with the launch of the urban transformation projects campaign, which aims to eliminate the presence of old buildings and replace them with new and modern ones built in accordance with international quality and safety standards.


Is the impact of the elections positive on the Turkish real estate sector?

After the elections are over, it is expected that the demand for real estate will increase in general in Turkey, because the conditions will be more stable, and the place will be better for real estate investment, and then the country will in general take large steps of development and progress, and according to many specialists, buying now is the best option because prices are somewhat low However, after the end of the elections, it will not remain so. With the stability of general conditions, prices will rise rapidly, which guarantees the investor many profits and privileges.


How to quickly find a property that suits you in Turkey?

One of the important questions that arises in the minds of everyone who wants to buy a property in Turkey, especially if this is his first experience, where should we start the search? In fact, it is necessary to seek the help of the skills of a specialized real estate company that has a lot of experience and expertise to nominate the buyer the most important available options, thereby shortening the effort, mistakes and waste of money in the wrong place.

In this context, there are a number of things that you must request from the real estate company or the agent who provides you with assistance, as follows:

- Request extensive field tours within the market to learn about the available options and see their advantages.

- Ask for a group of thoughtful consultations and get answers to your various inquiries.

- The distinguished police provide you with its services in obtaining Turkish citizenship and real estate residence for you and your family members.


The Turkish real estate sector is a golden opportunity with open doors that all interested parties can enter without hesitation. Ask for help from your real estate consultant in a construction company and leave the full tasks to us.


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