Rules for renting real estate in Turkey

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Rules for renting real estate in Turkey

If you want to rent real estate in Turkey, there are many rules and information that you must know first

Rules for renting real estate in Turkey
20th May 2023
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Renting real estate in Turkey is one of the things that requires an accurate understanding of the rules and regulations followed in this aspect and when searching for a property for rent in Turkey, you must ensure that the rules and legal paths related to this field are followed.

In this article, we will review together some of the rules that the tenant and landlord must follow when contracting a property in Turkey and through these tips, you will be able to complete the leasing process successfully and easily without facing any problems or difficulties.


The tenant's obligations towards the property and its owner

Turkish laws stipulate the rights and duties of the tenant and landlord in lease contracts, where the rights and duties of both parties are specified in the lease contract.


Under Turkish law, the tenant has the right to live in the property or use it for commercial purposes, while the lessor is the owner and primary owner of the property, who according to the law can sell or rent the property and the contract concluded between the landlord and the tenant is the basis, as these contracts include the obligations stipulated by Turkish law, and the tenant must pay the rents on the date specified in the contract.


If the tenant is late in paying the rent, the landlord must give him time to pay the rent in arrears and the tenant has the right to renew the contract even if the landlord does not agree to the extension, as long as there is no legal reason for not extending.


The duties of the landlord in Turkey wards the tenant 

Among these duties is to provide a legal rental contract that guarantees the rights of the tenant and clarifies the terms of the lease and the obligations of the parties and he is also required to maintain the property and carry out the necessary repairs to ensure its quality and the safety of the tenant's residence.


 The property must be delivered in good condition, and in case of any defects, it must be explained clearly and transparently and he must also provide the necessary services such as water, electricity, maintenance of the elevator, if any, and carry out its repairs if necessary.


In the event that the tenant vacates the property, the deposited amount must be returned in full without causing any losses to the tenant and the procedure for attesting the rental contract with the competent government agencies is also the duty of the property owner to ensure the validity and documentation of the agreement


Does the real estate owner in Turkey have the right to evict the tenant?

According to Turkish law, the landlord in Turkey has no right to evict the tenant without a legal reason and he must follow the correct legal procedures in case of any violations by the tenant of the terms of the contract, such as non-payment of rent or damage to the property and it is important for the property owner to follow closely the laws related to renting real estate in Turkey, because failure to comply with those rules may lead to him facing legal problems that may affect his interests.


Real estate rental in Türkiye offers high returns?

Renting real estate in Turkey is one of the main sources of profits for many real estate owners and there are many ways to earn profits by renting real estate, where the owner can rent his apartment, villa, office for a company, shop, and many other options.

This source is considered one of the most important sources for obtaining quick profits, as the real estate owner can reap a lot of profits after investing in the property.

 With the continuous prosperity of the real estate market in Turkey, renting real estate is considered one of the best investments for investors in this field.

In addition, renting real estate in Turkey is better for investors who want to get high returns in relation to the investment made in the project.

Is it possible to find real estate in Turkey for rent easily?

Many suffer from searching for apartments for rent in Turkey, as it takes some effort and research to find the right home and tenant-free properties are often more available in newer cities and areas, while finding suitable rent in older and central areas can be a bit more difficult.


 Prices in Turkey are constantly rising, which means higher costs for tenants, as it is good to look for shops for rent in student neighborhoods or areas where there are many shops and shopping centers.


Many online sites and applications that provide offers for rent in Turkey can be found knowing that it is better to seek the help of a professional real estate company to achieve the right price and find distinctive properties for rent in Turkey


What are the specifications of real estate suitable for rent in Turkey?

Among the main factors that must be taken into consideration when searching for a suitable property for rent in Turkey is the geographical location of the property and its proximity to public transportation and vital areas and the condition of the property must also be considered and made sure that it conforms to modern specifications for safety and security.


Also, you must ensure the availability of basic equipment such as water, electricity and internet services, as it is important for anyone renting a property in Turkey


Moreover, the size of the property and the abundance of indoor spaces, such as the bathroom and kitchen, in addition to a garden or balcony, must be taken into account and in addition, the rental law in Turkey and its requirements must be checked to ensure that the contract complies with the statutory conditions and compliance with the rules for renting real estate in Turkey is very important, and every landlord must follow the rules of safety and security and ensure that all requirements are met in the property to facilitate the leasing process and increase the chances of obtaining continuous income.


Binaa Real Estate and all those in charge of it are fully prepared in order to secure investment and real estate opportunities for investors wishing to enter into a successful project far from problems and mistakes, so not hesitate to ask us and follow our website, which presents many topics related to the real estate market in Turkey and the laws that must be followed when buying an apartment in Turkey.

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