Sancaktepe is the most important district in the Asian side of Istanbul

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Sancaktepe is the most important district in the Asian side of Istanbul

See the Sancaktepe area and get to know its details well

Sancaktepe is the most important district in the Asian side of Istanbul
05th April 2023
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Welcome to the tourist guide to the most important regions  in the Asian side of Istanbul, in which we will focus on the city of Sancaktepe, which is one of the most attractive areas for tourists in Istanbul, as this neighborhood is characterized by a wonderful skyline and stunning views of the Bosphorus Strait and with the many activities that visitors can spend as Sancaktepe is definitely a favorite destination for all family members, so do not hesitate to join us to enjoy this fun experience.


The geographical location of Sancaktepe district

The Sancaktepe district of the Asian side of Istanbul is characterized by a distinguished strategic location, as the area is located in the southern part of the city and overlooks the picturesque "Aydos" forests.

The area is only 22 km away from Sabiha Gokcen International Airport, which makes it a prominent location for real estate investments and a preferred residence for many in Turkey.

The area contains many luxurious residential complexes and necessary facilities such as schools and hospitals and in addition to modern shopping centers, Sancaktepe is also easily accessible through the modern urban transportation network, which makes it an ideal residential area to live or invest at the same time.


Advantages of real estate investment in Sancaktepe

The Sancaktepe area in the Asian side of Istanbul is famous for its real estate investment advantages, as it is distinguished by its privileged location, charming views of the Asian forests, and its proximity to vital areas.

Sancaktepe also has a developed and integrated infrastructure, with modern educational facilities and high quality education and in addition, the markets and commercial complexes available in Sancaktepe include various famous shops, restaurants and cafes that meet the needs of residents and tourists.

Real estate investors can get high returns when buying apartments in Sancaktepe, as this area provides multiple and diversified investment opportunities with a good level of security and stability.


Public transportation in Sancaktepe

In recent years, the region has witnessed great qualitative leaps in improving transportation, especially in the public transport sector, as a large number of metro, buses, and tramway lines have been opened linking Sancaktepe to the rest of the European and Asian regions of Istanbul, making movement within the city more easy and comfortable.

This qualitative development in the transportation network is accompanied by the establishment of more various service facilities, such as malls, shops, restaurants and cafes, which it is worth noting that they come with modern and modern designs that suit the desires and needs of real estate investors.


The most famous tourist place in Sancaktepe 

See the most important destinations and tourist attractions in this region through the following paragraphs.

1 - Pashakoy Al-Roumi Cave

Known for its mystery and ancient history as the cave is distinguished by its beautiful rocks and mysterious secrets that attract tourists from all over the world to visit it as the cave contains long corridors and multiple chambers, which were discovered in several layers of ancient civilizations, most notably the Greeks and Romans nad in addition, it is home to a variety of small caves, underground rivers and is one of the most important tourist attractions in the region, enjoying natural and cultural beauty.


2 - Sarigazi Koyu Mosque

It was established in the eighteenth century and is characterized by its picturesque architectural lines that highlight the importance of the cultural heritage of the region as the mosque is located near Sarigazi Koyu Well and Rumi Pasakoy Cave and it is a short distance from the Sefkenhak Usta spring, the mosque has a unique personality and is frequented by visitors to enjoy the beauty of historical architecture and to perform prayers.


3 - Sefkenhak Usta spring

The Sefkenhak Usta area is one of the wonderful historical and touristic places in Sancaktepe in the Asian side of Istanbul, and it can be easily reached through public transportation or near the apartments for sale.

This spring is characterized by its pure and flowing water in large quantities, and it is a great place to relax and enjoy the picturesque nature as this area is a great stop for tourists who love charming landscapes and places to relax and in addition, there are many parks, restaurants and shops near this area.


The most important malls in Istanbul are Sancaktepe

This area includes many malls and important shopping centers, including.

1 - Outlet Center Mall

Featuring a wide range of the most famous local and international brands, the mall provides great discounts and special offers on many products, and it is a popular destination for shoppers in Istanbul in search of the best commercial offers and in addition, the mall is characterized by huge aquariums inside, which give a special atmosphere to its visitors, and the mall is famous for arranging its products in a distinctive and well-organized manner.


2 - Water Garden Mall

The Water Garden Istanbul Mall is one of the best malls on the Asian side of Istanbul, as it brings together many famous shops and restaurants as this mall is characterized by its modern and modern design and a spacious water basin that gives visitors a feeling of relaxation and comfort.

The mall also provides a unique shopping experience, as there are various international brands in it as the mall also includes a variety of delicious restaurants and wonderful entertainment venues, and makes the mall's ideal location on the main road and its proximity to many famous tourist areas in Istanbul.


Apartments for sale in Sancaktepe are suitable for obtaining Turkish citizenship

Searching for apartments for sale suitable for obtaining Turkish citizenship is a very ideal idea, as you can find offers whose price has reached 400 thousand US dollars or more in light of the high urban and cultural development that the region is witnessing, and after the sale must be committed before the passage of three years from the date of purchase.

With Binaa Real Estate, you can get the best offers for apartments for sale in Istanbul, you can benefit from and obtain Turkish citizenship or real estate residence for you and all members of your family, you will get accurate advice regarding real estate ownership law in Turkey and the latest real estate market news in Turkey.


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