The most important time to sell real estate in Turkey

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The most important time to sell real estate in Turkey

Find out the best time to buy and sell real estate in Türkiye

The most important time to sell real estate in Turkey
23rd April 2023
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Turkey is a vibrant country characterized by cultural and economic diversity, which makes it a favorite destination for many real estate investors as it has an attractive climate for many reasons, including confidence in the economy, political stability, flexible legislation, and well-developed infrastructure.

If you are thinking of buying a property in Turkey, you are making a smart investment as real estate in Turkey is witnessing a steady increase in prices, and this means that your investment will have a return on it in the future and in this article, you will learn many important details about this matter so follow us.


Important information about real estate in Turkey

You should take into account that the ideal time to buy or sell real estate in Turkey depends on several factors, such as demand, supply, and political and economic events as it is important to study the market well before making any decision to buy or sell.


In terms of selling, the ideal time depends on your reasons for selling and if the reasons are personal, such as the need for cash, then the sale can be made at any time but if the reasons are related to the market, you should wait for the prices to reach high levels.

On the other hand, the ideal time to buy real estate in Turkey is when prices are low as this usually happens during periods of economic recession or during periods of political volatility and in this case, you can buy a property at a low price and wait until its price reaches high levels to get a good return on investment.


In addition, you must take into consideration geographic, cultural and economic factors when choosing an investment area as areas such as Istanbul, Antalya and Bodrum, which have a vibrant nightlife and wonderful beaches, attract many investors while other areas are characterized by picturesque nature and tranquility, and they attract many tourists and investors wishing to invest in luxury real estate.


What are the reasons that raise real estate sales in Turkey?

We will talk about the reasons that increase real estate sales in Turkey:

1- Strategic location

Turkey enjoys a strategic location in the heart of the Middle East and Europe, which makes it a center for trade and investment as Turkey is also known as a gateway to European and Middle Eastern markets, which makes it an ideal destination for investors who want to invest in real estate.


2- Improving the infrastructure

The Turkish government is working to improve the country's infrastructure, by building new airports and modernizing roads, bridges and ports as this enhances the national economy and facilitates transportation and trade, making Turkey an attractive investment destination for investors.


3- Easy and fast rules

Turkey is characterized by easy and fast legal procedures for buying real estate, where foreigners can buy real estate directly and without any restrictions as residence permits can also be easily obtained if a property is purchased in Turkey.


4- Reasonable real estate prices

Real estate prices in Turkey are reasonable compared to other European countries, and this means that investors can buy real estate at reasonable prices and make good profits when selling them in the future.


5- Increasing demand

Turkey is witnessing an increasing demand for real estate by foreign investors and local residents, and this enhances the value of real estate and makes it a good investment.


6- Booming tourism

Turkey is a popular tourist destination, visited by millions of tourists annually as this means that there is an opportunity to invest in tourist real estate, which increases its value and raises its sales.


Does buying real estate in Türkiye require a lot of time?

In fact, the procedures for buying real estate in Turkey do not require much time, but investors must follow some steps to ensure that the purchase process is completed successfully.


First, investors must obtain residency in Turkey, which they can obtain by requesting it from the Turkish embassy in their country, or by submitting an application with the competent Turkish authorities.


After obtaining residency, investors must open a bank account in Turkey, where they can deposit the required amount to purchase the property, by signing a contract with a local bank

Then, investors must search for the right property for them, and they can do so by looking at the advertisements on the websites specialized in buying real estate in Turkey, or by communicating with local real estate agencies.


After choosing the appropriate property, investors must communicate with the seller and determine the purchase price, after which the purchase contract is signed between the two parties.


Finally, investors must pay the purchase and registration tax, by visiting the local registration office and submitting the required papers.


Common questions:

  1. What is the best time to sell real estate in Turkey?

Spring and summer are the best times to sell real estate in Turkey, as the demand for real estate purchases increases during this period.


  1. What are the areas where real estate can be sold as quickly as possible in Turkey?

- The areas where real estate can be sold as quickly as possible in Turkey include the Istanbul region, especially the Beylikduzu region, and real estate can also be sold easily in the city of Antalya.


  1. What is the reason for the difference in real estate prices during the seasons of the year in Turkey?

- The real estate market in Turkey is affected by demand and supply, as supply increases during the winter seasons due to the decrease in the number of buyers, which leads to lower prices while the demand increases during the spring and summer seasons, which leads to an increase in prices.


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