Many Facilities for Granting Turkish Citizenship to Foreigners

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Many Facilities for Granting Turkish Citizenship to Foreigners

The most important facilities provided by the Turkish government to foreigners to encourage them to obtain citizenship

Many Facilities for Granting Turkish Citizenship to Foreigners
10th August 2022
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The Turkish government has not hesitated to provide a lot of facilities through which it can attract a lot of foreign investments and those wishing to obtain Turkish citizenship, but what are the stances it took and indicated that it stood by them? What are the amendments made to the Turkish law in their interest?

Through the following article, the editorial team at Binaa Real Estate Company will inform you about the many facilities that the Turkish government has been keen to provide. We wish you an enjoyable and interesting reading.


Turkish citizenship laws:

In late 2018, the Turkish government issued many laws and amendments to the law on obtaining Turkish citizenship, as follows:

1 - Those who wish to obtain it in exchange for real estate investment must pay only 250 thousand US dollars instead of one million US dollars, and since then, the foreign influx to Turkey has increased significantly.

2 - As for those who wish to obtain citizenship in exchange for financial investment, the amount invested must be no less than 500 thousand US dollars instead of two million dollars.

3 - Those who want to obtain citizenship in return for a bank deposit, the amount in their possession must not be less than 500 thousand US dollars instead of three million dollars and for a period of no less than three years.

4 - It can be obtained in exchange for employing 50 Turkish people instead of 100 people.

As for the laws issued regarding obtaining Turkish citizenship in return for real estate investment during this year, they raise the value of the property suitable for obtaining it from two hundred and fifty thousand US dollars to four hundred thousand dollars. It should be noted in this context that this amendment did not affect at all the decisions of investors to buy their own real estate in Turkey and the reason for this is their absolute belief in the importance of taking this step within the Turkish lands and the many advantages that can be obtained through it.


The importance of citizenship through real estate investment:

If you look closely, you will find that most real estate buyers in Turkey or a large percentage of them aim through real estate investment in Turkey to obtain Turkish citizenship because they will have achieved two goals at the same time; Turkish citizenship and real estate investment. What you do not know is that any property in Turkey is a profitable investment project and it is successful and distinguished, especially if it has specifications that help the success of this step, such as the strategic location, the picturesque view, the modern infrastructure, and others.


Conditions for obtaining citizenship in exchange for real estate investment:

Surely you know that one of the easiest ways to obtain Turkish citizenship is by investing in real estate, as it can only take a period of time ranging from 3 to 6 months as a maximum, but this does not prevent that there are many conditions that must be met with the property, which are:

-Its price should not be less than 400 thousand US dollars, as mentioned above.

-Commitment not to sell it before the lapse of at least three years.

-That the purchased property has never been relied upon to obtain Turkish citizenship.

-That the full price is paid through a bank in Turkey, and the price is not delivered by hand.

-The property must be purchased from a Turkish citizen or from a Turkish construction company.

-Extracting the real estate appraisal document, which is necessary to control the price of real estate and prevent sellers from tampering with it.

(Important note: Violation of any of the previous clauses makes the property unsuitable for applying for Turkish citizenship, so you must pay attention to each of them and focus well with any step you take).

In this context, it is necessary to point out an important thing, which is that during the three years that the property cannot be sold or disposed of, it can be rented to benefit from a fixed return over those years, and after their expiry, it is possible to resell and benefit from the price difference that will result between the buying and selling processes, and often it will be a distinguished profitable because real estate prices, not only in Turkey but in various countries of the world, remain in constant change depending on several factors, the most important of which are the buying and selling movement, economic recovery, political stability, high population density and many other factors.

As for the reasons that push the Turkish government to provide all these facilities in order to attract all those foreign capital to it, this is reflected positively on its various sectors and fields without exception and thus helps it to enter the club of the big ten and achieve important results at the global level through which it excels many from the developed world countries.


The importance of obtaining Turkish citizenship:

Certainly, the choice of many people to obtain Turkish citizenship specifically without other nationalities was not a random or absurd choice, but was a natural result of a desire to obtain the many privileges that the holder obtains, and through the following paragraphs you can view them in detail.

First: A person who obtains Turkish citizenship can retain the nationality of the country to which he belongs without giving it up, and thus can benefit from the advantages offered by both.

Second: Applying for the Turkish passport immediately after obtaining it, which is one of the most important passports in the world at all, as it enables its holder to enter more than 61 countries in the world without a visa and enables him to enter more than 45 countries with an automatic visa at the moment of arrival. Add to your information that there are 8 countries in the world that grant an e-Visa to its holder.

Third: The multiplicity of ways and methods of obtaining it in and of itself is one of the important advantages that support its position and its global standing.

Fourth: The possibility of benefiting from the retirement program for the elderly over the age of 65 years.

Fifth: Children's enrollment in public schools and in private schools is free, and they benefit from the educational benefits that are provided in accordance with the international quality followed in the most important countries of the world, and through them it is possible to obtain internationally recognized certificates.

Sixth: After the renaissance that Turkey witnessed in the world of medicine and health, it has become a major destination for anyone who wants to receive high-quality treatment or perform any surgery, since Turkey is very famous for its medical specialties.

Seventh: Turkey is one of the most important tourist destinations in the world, as it has many important historical, archaeological and natural destinations, parks, gardens, and many more.

Eighth: Enjoying many of the rights that a Turkish citizen usually enjoys, such as voting in elections and running for job positions in both the public and private sectors. It is also possible to practice professions that a foreigner is prohibited from working in, such as pharmacy, law, customs clearance and others.

Ninth: Turkey is an ideal country for permanent residence and stability, and this is a natural result of the advantages that can be obtained through this matter.

Tenth: The holder of Turkish citizenship can buy whatever real estate he wants in Turkey without restrictions or limits and without obtaining security approval.


Motives for obtaining Turkish citizenship:

In addition to all the advantages previously mentioned about the importance of obtaining Turkish citizenship, there are many other motives and incentives that encourage the investor to apply for it, the most important of which are:

-The reviving Turkish economy, whose impact is positively reflected on various sectors in Turkey.

-The Turkish state's close relations with the most important countries in the world, especially the European Union.

-Sophisticated infrastructure.

-Real estate prices in Turkey are cheap compared to other countries in the world.

-The cost of living in Turkey is low compared to other countries in the world, especially European countries.

-Ease of learning the Turkish language and integrating with Turkish society because it witnesses a lot of real estate diversity.


Other ways to obtain Turkish citizenship:

There are a number of other ways in which Turkish citizenship can be obtained. The matter is not limited to applying for it through real estate investment. Through the following paragraph, you can see the most important of these methods and ways:

First: Obtaining Turkish citizenship through commercial investment, provided that the investment value is not less than 500 thousand US dollars.

Second: Turkish citizenship can be obtained through a bank deposit in exchange for the amount of not less than 500 thousand US dollars and not withdrawing any part of it before the lapse of at least three years.

Third: Marriage to a Turkish citizen. This allows you to apply for citizenship after at least 3 years have passed and until it is ascertained that the foreigner does not pose any danger to public security in Turkey.

Fourth: When a Turkish family is adopted, a foreign citizen under the age of eighteen, he/she obtains it directly, provided that it does not pose a threat to public security in Turkey.

Fifth: Obtaining citizenship by proving Turkish origins through documents and papers.


Several conditions for obtaining citizenship:

-You must reside in Turkey for five consecutive years without interruption.

-The foreigner should not have a contagious or dangerous disease that affects public health.

-Not to have a criminal record in order to maintain public security.

-To provide evidence that confirms the sincerity of his intention to live and settle in Turkey, such as buying an apartment, setting up work, or others.

-To have a good reputation and good morals.

-To have a source of work sufficient for himself and the individuals responsible for their lives.

-Not to be under the legal age and not to suffer from mental illnesses such as dementia.


Who can obtain Turkish citizenship?

Various family members can obtain Turkish citizenship, but with the fulfillment of some conditions, the most important of which is that the children are not under the legal age and the foreigner is not married to more than one woman, it is only possible for one and after taking the permission of the other. But if one of the children suffers from a disability, he will get it after three years.


Is it possible to find suitable properties for citizenship?

Quite easily, you will find many suitable real estate offers in order to obtain Turkish citizenship, as most of the projects that are being built at the present time are suitable for obtaining citizenship, and this is what companies are working to achieve to meet most desires.

The most special offers you can find are in Istanbul, as it is the best selling city for real estate in Turkey at all, and this is according to a statement issued by the Turkish Statistics Authority, and this is a natural result of the many privileges that can be obtained, as it is the modern, developed and upscale urban face.


Why Turkish citizenship and not others?

In your opinion, what are the reasons that push foreigners to apply for Turkish citizenship over other nationalities such as nationalities of European countries and others?

-The many facilities provided by the Turkish government, while the governments of European countries imposed many difficulties and put in the way of the foreigner many obstacles that prevent him from achieving his goals.

-Buying real estate in Turkey is very easy, as all procedures can be done within just one day.

-Real estate ownership in Turkey is not restricted to a specific number of years, as do European countries that restrict foreign ownership of their land to only 99 years, while in Turkey, children can inherit real estate.

-Turkish citizenship is granted to foreigners permanently and is not withdrawn except in certain cases such as working for foreign countries against Turkey without obtaining approval from the authorities.

Here, we have provided you with all the important information about obtaining Turkish citizenship and the many facilities provided by the Turkish government to those wishing to obtain it.

Follow our website constantly and get more details that interest you about the real estate market in Turkey or regarding the Turkish citizenship law because we present everything new and important about it.


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