When is Turkish Citizenship Withdrawn from Its Owner?

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When is Turkish Citizenship Withdrawn from Its Owner?

Cases that require the withdrawal of Turkish citizenship

When is Turkish Citizenship Withdrawn from Its Owner?
07th August 2022
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Is Turkish citizenship withdrawn after it is granted? Despite all the facilities provided by the Turkish government to those wishing to obtain Turkish citizenship, in some cases, it will be withdrawn, so they must review these cases and avoid doing any action that leads to this.

Through the following article, the editorial team at Binaa Real Estate will inform you of the most important cases in which Turkish citizenship can be withdrawn from its holder, as well as many other aspects related to it will be highlighted. If this topic interests you, you can follow these lines with us.


See the cases of withdrawal of Turkish citizenship:

Through the following paragraph, you can see the various cases in which Turkish citizenship is withdrawn from its holder:

1 - In the case that certain services are provided to a foreign country without obtaining an official permission from the Turkish authorities, and it is in conflict with Turkey’s interests.

2 - If the Turkish citizen worked for one of the foreign countries on a voluntary basis and without obtaining prior official permission to do so, and there was a state of war between the Turkish state and other countries.

3 - If the Turk chooses to enlist in the military service in one of the foreign countries without obtaining the approval of the Turkish authorities.

4 - In the case that he commits a crime in accordance with the articles specified by the Turkish Constitution, in the case that he does not turn himself in within 3 months, this would lead to his citizenship being withdrawn.

5 - If a person has two or more nationalities, he acquired a third nationality illegally, which will lead to losing Turkish citizenship.

6 - The act of forging papers and circumventing the law in order to obtain Turkish citizenship, then it will be withdrawn.

(Nationality is not withdrawn directly in the first four cases, but the person is given a period of 3 months until he steps back from the work he is doing, and if he does not, it will be withdrawn).

The most popular ways to obtain citizenship:

Turkish citizenship is distinguished from other nationalities in the world that it can be obtained quite easily. There are many ways and methods that lead to that, but obtaining Turkish citizenship through real estate investment is the most popular, fastest and easiest way, as it only takes 3 months and may extend to 6 as maximum. It varies depending on the person who wants to get it.

Are there specific conditions for obtaining Turkish citizenship through real estate investment, or is it sufficient to initiate this type of investment in Turkey? Certainly, there are several conditions that must be adhered to, namely:

-The basic condition is that the price of the property is not less than 400 thousand US dollars, and a pledge must be made not to sell the property before 3 years have passed since the date of purchase and not relying on the property previously to obtain it.

-For the property to be suitable for obtaining Turkish citizenship, the real estate appraisal document must be extracted, which determines the price of the property accurately and prevents any manipulation or fraud.


The importance of the real estate appraisal document:

What you do not know about this subject is that in a previous period, the real estate appraisal document was not an obligation except for those who wish to obtain Turkish citizenship through real estate investment, but today it is the same for everyone who wants to buy a property in Turkey, whether he wants to apply for it or not, the upcoming density on buying real estate In Turkey become big, and therefore it has become easy for anyone to be a victim of fraud or the like.

On the one hand, real estate prices were controlled, and on the other hand, it was a safety document for the investor.


Why invest in real estate to obtain citizenship?

You may wonder about the benefit that you will gain by relying on real estate investment in obtaining Turkish citizenship without other methods, as what has been declared by the competent authorities, more than 40% of real estate buyers in Turkey aim to obtain citizenship.

The major benefit that can be obtained from relying on this method of applying for citizenship is that it is possible to benefit from the property in settling and residing in it or in investing in it to obtain a high return, and in any case, you will have achieved two goals at the same time.

In this regard, it is necessary to point out a very important thing, which is that many investors are afraid of losing capital or part of it during the three years in which it is forbidden to sell or do anything with the property, but in fact this is not accurate at all, and the reason for this is that real estate prices in Turkey takes the upward path and therefore when selling, he will benefit from the price difference that will result between the buying and selling stages. The property can also be rented to benefit from a fixed monthly return.


Other ways to apply for Turkish citizenship:

Check out the following paragraph on other ways to obtain Turkish citizenship:

-Financial investment to apply for citizenship:

One of the famous ways to get it is to start any business with a value of not less than 500 thousand US dollars, such as buying bonds, shares, or others, but you must commit not to sell them before at least three years have passed.


-Turkish citizenship via bank deposit:

Also, one of the most popular ways to apply for this citizenship is to deposit an amount of at least 500 thousand US dollars in a Turkish bank, and a pledge must be made not to withdraw any part of the amount before the lapse of three years.


-Marriage to a holder of Turkish citizenship:

When a foreigner marries a holder of Turkish citizenship, the matter of obtaining citizenship becomes very easy, but it is not possible to apply for it before the passage of three years from the date of marriage at least to ensure that the primary purpose of marriage is stability and not only citizenship, as to ensure that the foreigner does not poses any danger or threat to public security in Turkey.


-Turkish citizenship by adoption:

In the case that a Turkish family adopts a foreign citizen under the age of eighteen, he will be granted citizenship directly, but with the fulfillment of the condition that he does not threaten public security in Turkey. I

It is also possible to apply for this citizenship by proving Turkish origins after submitting all the papers and documents that prove it, and some people can, in certain cases, obtain exceptional citizenship, such as: submitting a technical, scientific or creative achievement to Turkey that has benefited it.

Basic conditions for obtaining citizenship:

Despite the ease of applying for it and the few conditions required compared to the conditions and rules imposed by European countries, there are a set of conditions that must be met, namely:

-The foreigner must not be carrying any contagious disease affecting public health in Turkey.

-Not to be involved in any criminal offense because this threatens public security in Turkey.

-He must have a wide knowledge of the Turkish language to be able to communicate with the community members easily.

-Provide evidence confirming the intention to live and settle in Turkey, such as buying a property or establishing a business.

-Residing in Turkey for at least five years continuously.

-The foreigner should have a good reputation and good morals.

-He should not be under the age of eighteen or suffer from a mental problem.


Turkish government amendments to the Turkish Nationality Law:

There are many procedures and laws taken by the Turkish government, which were certainly positive and helped the investor to make the decision to apply for them. Here are the details of the matter:

- In late 2018, the government issued several decisions to amend the law on obtaining citizenship, most notably that it reduced the amount required for real estate investment suitable for applying for citizenship from one million US dollars to 250 thousand US dollars only.

-As for those who wish to obtain it through commercial investment, the amount has been reduced to 500 thousand dollars, after it was at least 2 million US dollars.

-The amount required to apply for citizenship through bank deposit has been reduced from 3 million US dollars to five hundred thousand dollars only.

-As for those who wish to obtain citizenship by employing Turks, it is sufficient to employ only 50 people, after the number was at least 100.


The importance of obtaining Turkish citizenship:

There is a wide range of reasons, advantages, positives and motives that encourage foreigners in general, businessmen and investors in particular, to seek it in order to benefit from everything it gives to its holder.

Through the following paragraphs, you can see the most important of them:

1 - Granted to the whole family:

Turkish citizenship is granted to all family members, but under specific conditions, the most important of which is that only one wife can obtain it if the investor is married to more than one woman. And if the children are over the age of eighteen, they will not be able to obtain it, and therefore they can obtain one of the residence permits, such as tourist or student, to be their means of staying legally in Turkey. There is an important note that you must take into account, which is that if one of the children suffers from a disability or has special needs, he must apply for it after the lapse of three years.


2- Retaining the first nationality:

Turkish law does not stipulate that the foreigner should give up his first nationality, but he can keep both and then benefit from their advantages together, and this is one of the many facilities provided by Turkey.


3- Obtaining the rights of a Turkish citizen:

A foreigner with Turkish citizenship can benefit from the various advantages and rights that a Turkish citizen enjoys, such as:

-Vote in general elections and run for prestigious positions.

-It is possible to work in both the governmental and private sectors, and to work in the fields that a foreigner is forbidden to work in, such as pharmacy, veterinary medicine, law and others.

-Benefit from the retirement law for the elderly over the age of 65 years.


4- Benefit from public services:

The holder of that nationality can benefit from various service and recreational facilities such as medical and health institutions, schools and universities, whether governmental or private, and at appropriate costs if you go to private institutions, and free of charge if you go to government institutions.


5- The recovery of the Turkish economy:

The Turkish economy is one of the most important reasons for foreigners to obtain Turkish citizenship, as it outperforms many economies in the world, and this has had a reflection on the various sectors and fields in the country.


6- Turkey's geographical location:

-Turkey has a privileged location in the middle of the world.

-Turkey is close to the Arab world.

-Turkey overlooks many seas such as the Marmara Sea, the Aegean Sea and the Mediterranean Sea.

-What distinguishes Turkey's strategic location is that it spans two continents at the same time, Asia and Europe.




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Among the other advantages that push foreigners to obtain Turkish citizenship is the political stability that Turkey is experiencing and its distinguished relations with many countries of the world that bring it a lot of benefit and development.

In order to get the latest developments in the law on obtaining Turkish citizenship or anything else that interests you about the real estate sector in Turkey, follow our website to get adequate answers about all your inquiries because we put what matters to you in it.

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