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Turkish citizenship questions

How to obtain Turkish citizenship

Turkish citizenship can be obtained through real estate investment in an amount of more than 250 thousand dollars in Turkey, with a pledge not to sell the property 3 years ago.

What is the naturalization law in Turkey

The naturalization law in Turkey, published in the Turkish Official Gazette on 09-19-2018, includes the possibility of applying for Turkish citizenship, by one of the following methods:

Buying a property worth more than $ 250,000 and not selling it for 3 years

A fixed investment of at least $ 500,000 USD

Providing a job opportunity for at least 50 Turkish citizens

Deposit in a Turkish bank for an amount of not less than 500 thousand dollars

How to obtain Turkish citizenship?

Turkish citizenship can be obtained through 4 methods as follows:

1- The first method: Residence in Turkey for 5 continuous years with a work permit.

2- The second method: exceptional Turkish citizenship, which is granted in special cases that include holders of higher degrees.

3- The third method: real estate investment at an amount of more than 250 thousand dollars, with a pledge not to sell the property for 3 years.

4- The fourth method: Obtaining Turkish citizenship after 3 years of marriage to a Turkish citizen or a Turkish citizen.

How long does the process of obtaining citizenship take in return for buying a property?

The Turkish government has opened a special office for naturalization to receive investors' requests and speed up the study of files. The period for issuing the naturalization decision reaches 45 days after receiving the completed file of documents.

How much is the right property to obtain Turkish citizenship?

The property purchased on 09/19/2018 and later must have a value of at least $ 250,000.

The property purchased between 01/12/2017 and 09/18/2018 must have a value of at least $ 1 million.

Turkey real estate questions

What are the problems of buying real estate in Turkey?

  • Not selecting the required option in advance such as the size of the apartment, the asking price ...
  • Rush to make a purchase decision without visiting the property site.
  • Failure to match the property specifications stated in the ownership contract with the real estate on the ground.
  • Buying the property without a real estate expert with no experience.
  • Purchasing the property on the plan may cause a problem in the absence of sufficient liquidity to complete the project.

What are the steps to buying a property in Turkey?

Submit a request to transfer ownership to the security authorities.

Choose the right property.

Preparing the following papers: a copy of the title deed + a statement of the signatory from the municipality + 4 personal photos.

Obtaining the tax number from the tax department.

Translation of the passport into the Turkish language and its attestation by the notary "Notre".

Signing the purchase contract with the seller and submitting a down payment.

Submit a request to transfer ownership to the security authorities.

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