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Investing in Turkey gives many benefits, including getting Turkish citizenship, the best way to get a second passport to visit many countries with no visa.

Investment in Turkey based on easy procedures and conditions is an ideal way to get Turkish citizenship, consequently a second passport which gives you many advantages, including the ability to travel to several countries without the need for an entry visa.

Since the Caribbean countries are following the same approach in granting citizenship to investors on their territory, there is a trade-off between getting citizenship in Turkey and these countries to find out which one is more powerful.

Therefore, in this article by Binaa Investment, we illustrate the most prominent ways to get Turkish citizenship by investment, highlighting the conditions for citizenship by investing in Turkey and the Caribbean countries.

Bank Deposit for Syrians | The most prominent ways to get Turkish citizenship

Due to the resolution that prevents Syrians from owning real estate in Turkey, investment through bank deposits has become one of the most prominent ways through which they can apply for citizenship.

That is by depositing 500,000 US dollars in a Turkish bank, with a pledge to keep the amount in the bank account for a period not less than 3 years, besides attaching the application to an investment approval document issued by the Banking Regulation and Supervision Authority.


Conditions for getting Turkish citizenship for Syrians

In addition to investing in bank deposits, the law has permitted Syrians to get citizenship in some of the stipulated ways in the Turkish Naturalization Law, including:

  • Marriage to a Turkish citizen.
  • Work permit for 5 years.
  • Proof of Turkish origin.
  • People with specializations that benefit Turkey get exceptional citizenship.


Conditions for citizenship by investing in Turkey and the Caribbean

The similar ways to get citizenship by investing in Turkey and the Caribbean have made some investors think of the two, seeking to choose the most powerful citizenship.


While Turkey gives investors on its territory the advantage of getting citizenship, the Caribbean countries allow foreigners to naturalize by investment as well, besides donating to government funds to rebuild these countries inflicted by natural disasters.


Citizenship by Investment in the Caribbean

There are Caribbean countries that grant citizenship by investing and donating to government funds, including Antigua and Barbuda, Dominica, Grenada, Saint Kitts, and Saint Lucia, according to the terms and options for donating to government funds, which vary from one country to another, as follows:

  1. The passport of Antigua and Barbuda: $150,000 donation.
  2. The passport of Saint Kitts and Nevis: $150,000 donation.
  3. The passport of Grenada: $150,000 donation.
  4. The passport of Dominica and St. Lucia: $100,000 donation.


Naturalization by investment in Turkey

Speaking of Turkey, citizenship can be found in multi-way investment, which is nothing but an additional advantage for the investor besides the profit margin resulting from his investment, while retaining the value of the capital.

That is completely different from the citizenship of Caribbean countries, as donations to government funds in these countries for getting citizenship are not retrieved.

On the other hand, Turkish citizenship gives the chance to live in the paradise of the earth, where the climate is moderate in most states, with a good education at various levels, eastern customs, and traditions, with a close culture to the conservative Arab culture.

Not to mention the economic successes that Turkey has achieved, despite the global crises and other factors that make naturalization through investing in Turkey the best option for investors.


Investing in Turkey through Binaa Investment

At Binaa Investment, through our team of legal advisors, we are happy to be with you step by step while starting to invest in Turkish lands by bank deposit, establishing a company and hiring Turks, or buying Turkish stocks and bonds.

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