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Real estate tours in Istanbul

You’ve arrived in Istanbul? Welcome. you’ll be accompanied on real estate tours to its most important projects

Real estate tours service in Istanbul is one of the important integrated services that is provided by Binaa Investment, because their aim is making an ideal friendly relationship with you and paying attention to the smallest details to ensure your complete comfort and satisfaction.

An eyewitness is better than hearsay!

Based on this fundamental principle, we adopt the principle of “in person inspection”, which provides the opportunity for the client to see and witness with his own eyes the real estate and projects that fit his requirements and budget in the field, so that he can make the appropriate decision.

ليس من رأى كمن سمع

The importance of real estate tours in Istanbul

During your stay in Istanbul, our consulting team will set a daily schedule, in agreement with you, to include tours to the most important real estate projects in Istanbul, both European and Asian, as well as other nearby cities and surrounding areas.

You will see and inspect yourself apartments, shops, villas and various real estate projects, until you find the right one for you.

During the real estate tour, the client considers the features of the property and the project that he inspects, and learns himself its specifications in terms of quality of construction, cladding and good location, and in case that the customer is fully convinced about a real estate, we strive to get the best offers and discounts that satisfy him and comply with his budget.

الجولات العقارية في اسطنبول

The beginning of real estate tours in Istanbul

This service begins by receiving the customer at the airport and taking him to the hotel, after that he has the option to go on a tour to one of the projects directly, or postpone it to the next day to take some rest.

On the next day, after setting a prior appointment, one of our real estate consultants will come to pick you up from the hotel, your residence, or any other place you prefer, such as tourist attractions such as Taksim Square or any other place in Istanbul ..

We will accompany our honorable clients on a tour to the most important real estate projects that have been previously selected based on the client's requirements, that we received from him in advance.

Luxury cars for your real estate tours

Binaa Investment provides modern, air-conditioned and comfortable cars, suitable for different groups of customers. There are various types of cars with different sizes and capacities, to ensure the comfort of the customer and his companions during the real estate tour.

luxury field trips

During the daily trip to see and inspect real estate projects, we guarantee that we will do our best to provide a comfortable and fun atmosphere, so you can see the beautiful views while moving from one place to another.

We will also be honored to take you to one of the ancient Turkish restaurants to complete our hospitality to the fullest.

Remote virtual real estate tours

In addition to the above mentioned, Binaa Investment provides a virtual real estate tour service "online". In some cases, travelling to Turkey may not be possible, due to the client's preoccupations or any other reason; then it is our pleasure to provide a virtual tour service.

One of our team members, having previously arranged an appointment with the client, will visit the agreed-upon real estate project, make a video call and move according to the client's desire in the property to cover all its details.


Through these multiple and integrated services, we guarantee that our customers will have the opportunity to collect the largest possible number of information deduced from the field, so that they can finally make the right decision that meets all their ambitions, in their new property in this beautiful country!

Binaa Investment .. pioneers of real estate investment in Turkey