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Reception from Istanbul airport

Reception service from the airport is provided to our customers from the beginning of their business journey in Turkey

The reception service from Istanbul Airport comes within a packet of distinctive services provided by Binaa Investment; We have a team of well-trained escorts who speak multiple languages to facilitate communication.

You arrived in Istanbul ... Welcome!

Binaa Investment Company is pleased to receive its honored customers at the airport, and to provide all necessary services inside and outside the airport until the customer reaches the hotel.

Perhaps this is the first time that you visit Turkey, and like any new experience, many of us are concerned when visiting a country for the first time, especially when not speaking its language! There is fear of confusion because of the procedures or transportation ...

الاستقبال من مطار اسطنبول

With the pick-up service from Istanbul airport ... you are in good hands.

Therefore, our team is ready to receive you upon your arrival at the new airport of Istanbul, the team members are well behaved and sociable, they are highly qualified, speak the Turkish language fluently, in addition to Arabic and English, which facilitates your communications, and they also know the roads and traffic procedures, so calm down! You are in good hands.

From the moment you and your family arrive at the arrival gate, you will find a member of our team carrying a card with the name of the customer to facilitate identification, however inside the airport the escort will communicate with the airport staff when needed, and he will help you complete the procedures, and collect the luggage, as well as he can help you buy a Turkish mobile SIM card, for example, and select a suitable internet package, or any other issue that the customer needs at Istanbul Airport.

التوصيل من مطار اسطنبول

  Transportation options from the       airport

 Binaa Investment provides you with   convenient transportation from the airport to   the hotel, in addition to translation services   since your arrival to Turkey until your   departure. Our team is pleased to meet your     needs inside and outside the airport.

The available means of transportation suit all customer groups, and vary in terms of vehicle type and size. The company also covers transportation costs and the fees of the roads and bridges.

At Binaa Investment Company, we pay attention to the smallest details to ensure your comfort and well-being. Transport vehicles are air-conditioned and comfortable, and we also have a special reception service for VIPs and businessmen.


From the plane gate to the hotel door .. Binaa Investment accompanies you

In the case of booking and coordination long enough before your arrival, we can provide hotel reservation service in Turkey, we cooperate with the most prestigious hotels in Turkey, to provide you with the best offers, from hotels with distinctive services and charming views, that are close to the main transportation lines and famous tourist places in the city.

After receiving you from the airport, you will go directly to the hotel in which the reservation was made. Our team members will assist you in communicating with the hotel staff, completing the procedures, and taking you to your rooms, then the next day will receive you, to start your interesting journey in choosing the right property for you in Turkey .. the country of dreams ..

خدمات العقار في تركيا

Binaa Investment .. Pioneers of real estate investment in Turkey