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Ultra-luxurious VIP services are provided by Binaa Investment to VIP investors wishing to own a property in Turkey for absolute luxury & 5-star services.

Binaa Investment Company provides VIP services for VIPs wishing to own real estate in Turkey. These services include real estate consultations and tours, designing decorations, and getting the finest furniture from the most famous local and international brands in Turkey.

In this article, we provide you with all the provided services to people of major investments that start from 400 thousand US dollars, not to mention the FREE ones, which we grant to those wishing to get Turkish citizenship, such as booking a business class flight and other services.

What are the VIP services before buying a property?

Binaa Investment Company provides the best services to clients before purchasing a property to fulfill all its clients’ wishes. The services before buying are:


1- real estate consultancy

If you want to buy an apartment in Turkey, you need to choose a suitable a compatible property with your goals and requirements. That is what the consultant team at Binaa Investment offers you; It presents you with the best and most appropriate projects and chances, based on the received data from you.

Our investment portfolio includes a group of elite central real estate, with a guaranteed investment return in the center of Istanbul, such as high-end penthouses, the most luxurious villas overlooking the Bosphorus, as well as shops and offices rented to major Turkish and international brands.


2- Real estate live tours

After getting advice from our consultants, it is the live visit time, to take a tour of our luxury properties suitable for VIPs, and see your options on the ground.

The travel planning measures begin, from the date of the flight, until the landing time of the plane on Turkish territory, knowing that we will accompany you from the first steps, through:

1- Flight booking

Binaa Investment will take care of first-class and business-class flight bookings, through the best international airlines to and from Turkey. However, the big surprise is that the flight booking for those wishing to get Turkish naturalization will be FREE exclusively from Binaa Investment.


2- Reception and transportation

The moment you arrive at Istanbul Airport, a team from Binaa Investment will welcome you and secure the services you need inside and outside the airport, such as translation, getting to know traffic procedures, roads, etc. So, you do not need to worry if this is your first visit to Turkey; you are in our care.

After leaving the airport, you will arrive at the hotel in a high-end and comfortable air-conditioned car; it has been specially equipped for your transportation comfortably and safely; with a suitable type and size for your position. Not to mention, the company pays the fees for roads and bridges, covers all transportation costs, and pays attention to all details.


3- Hotel booking in Istanbul

Concerning hotel booking, we will be happy to host you during the selection period and real estate tours in luxury furnished hotels and apartments near the wonderful tourist areas in Istanbul.


3- Virtual real estate tours

In case it is not possible to travel to Turkey, Binaa Investment provides virtual real estate tours. One of the team members makes a visual call with the client, upon a prior agreement, to visit the appropriate project location. Then he wanders inside it according to the client's request to cover every corner of the property and have a clear picture of it in the buyer's mind.


What are VIP services during property purchase?

At this point, we will work with you on implementing all reliable legal measures to complete purchasing the property of your choice; some of these services are:

  • Providing legal services without the need to go to the government departments under the supervision of a Turkish lawyer.
  • Opening a bank account in a Turkish bank to complete the financial procedures accurately.
  • Transferring the purchase amount through a bank account in your country to your bank account in Turkey, then to the seller’s bank account during the transfer of property ownership.
  • Exchanging the amount into Turkish lira when needed, according to the best exchange rates.
  • Translating the required papers by a certified translator, then certifying them by the Notary Public.
  • Verifying the title deed.
  • Paying the property tax or getting a tax exemption document if the investor's status is included in its conditions.
  • Issuing a new title deed to the buyer, after completing the ownership transfer procedures.


What are VIP services after buying the property?

Congratulations on your property. However, there are some legal procedures and transactions, that should be carried out after buying a property in Turkey. Therefore,  we have provided you with a range of distinguished after-sales services, so do not hesitate to request any service, we will be happy to provide it to the fullest:


1- Turkish citizenship

If your property value reaches 400 thousand US dollars we are happy to get ready and submit the necessary papers to get Turkish citizenship for you and your family under the real estate investment, within a short period from the delivery date of the required documents, and under the supervision of a lawyer, who is an expert on naturalization laws in Turkey.

We can send ID cards and passports to your place of residence anywhere in the world! All of that at no additional cost.


2- Running the counters and paying the bills

The after-sales team at Binaa Investment will submit the necessary applications to run water, electricity, and natural gas meters.

Besides the fastest terrestrial internet services and even the provision of mobile SIM cards, thus the completion of all procedures and reviews in a relatively short time without the need to go to any government department or service institution.

In addition, the due bills are paid for all those subscriptions on time, to prevent the interruption of these services or delay fines.


3- Monthly dues

Our company team will also be happy to pay the monthly dues of the participatory services to the administration, which is responsible for the affairs of the housing compound or building, under regular receipts.


4- Decoration and design

We proceed with you through specialized workshops in decoration and design, which have the best engineers and technicians, in response to your desire to make adjustments to the building, such as adding some decorations, changing some finishes, or renewing its paint and wallpaper.

5- Furniture

The journey will not end before adding distinction to your apartment, by purchasing the finest furniture and the latest models, from the most famous Turkish and international brands.


6- Renting out the property

Under a power attorney by you, we will be able to rent the property to a suitable tenant with legal contracts at excellent prices. We periodically deposit the rental amount into your bank account or transfer it directly to you after receiving it from the tenant.


That has been a comprehensive presentation of our distinguished services at Binaa Investment Company. Our distinguished team of managers and employees always seeks to provide the best services at the highest levels to all customers, such as VIP services for VIP investors and businessmen, to ensure your complete comfort and well-being around the clock.


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