All you care about Bosphorus Bridge Istanbul

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All you care about Bosphorus Bridge Istanbul

Important facts about the Bosphorus Bridge

All you care about Bosphorus Bridge Istanbul
26th December 2022
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The Bosphorus Bridge in Istanbul is the bridge that connects the two parts of the city and has a historical status and high and distinctive importance. It is an important tourist destination among visitors and all those coming to that city.

The editorial team at Binaa Real Estate Company in this article will shed light on the most important information related to this bridge. If you have any questions related to it, do not hesitate before continuing the following article to find answers to your various questions.


Geographical location of the Bosphorus Bridge

The Bosphorus Bridge is a bridge located in the Turkish city of Istanbul and connects the European side of the city with the Asian side. The bridge is located between two continents, Asia and Europe, and extends across the Bosphorus Strait.

The bridge provides a vital link between the two sides of Istanbul and has become a defining symbol of the city. The bridge is also a popular tourist attraction, as it offers stunning views of Istanbul from both sides and is 1,074 feet above sea level and has an impressive length of 5,610 feet. As such, it is known as one of the largest bridges in the world and one of the most beautiful sights in Turkey.



How was the Bosphorus Bridge built?

 The construction of the bridge was a major engineering feat that involved more than 1,000 workers and took more than three years to complete. The main components of the bridge included two 265-foot-tall steel towers, four reinforced concrete towers, two steel suspension cables each 5,817 feet in length, and a total of 20 spans in length, a total of 8,080 ft.

All materials used in its construction were estimated to weigh 9 million tons and in order to accommodate ships passing under the bridge, it has a total elevation clearance of 157-182 feet above sea level. The entire project cost $130 million and remains an incredible feat of engineering today.


Bosphorus Bridge at night

The Bosphorus Bridge is located in Istanbul, and it is a sight to see at night. The bridge spans the Bosphorus Strait, and it is lit up with thousands of multicolored lights that create a magical atmosphere.

 The lights make the bridge look even more majestic as it stands towering connecting two continents - Europe and Asia. It is truly an awe-inspiring sight for anyone visiting one of the most beautiful cities in the world. The bridge is open 24 hours a day and provides a great way to travel between continents without having to go by boat or plane.

Visitors can enjoy all the beauty of Istanbul while passing this famous building at night and enjoying its amazing view.


Bosphorus Bridge Restaurants

The Bosphorus Bridge in Istanbul, a stunning feat of architecture and a popular tourist destination, the bridge is home to some of the most famous restaurants in the city. These restaurants offer a unique blend of flavors from around the world, as well as traditional Turkish cuisine.

 Whether you are looking for a romantic evening or simply want to enjoy some delicious food with friends, there are many restaurants located near the Bosphorus Bridge that can provide you with an unforgettable experience.

From seafood and Mediterranean dishes to steak and vegetarian options, these restaurants offer something for everyone and many of the restaurants also feature outdoor seating with beautiful views of the bridge, providing guests with a great atmosphere in which to enjoy their meal and with a range of flavors and styles, it is sure to That eating in one of these establishments will be an unforgettable experience.


The global status of the Bosphorus Bridge

The Bosphorus Bridge has achieved an advanced global position, and it is ranked ninth in terms of length and third in terms of the Turkish state, after the Sultan Mehmed Fatih Bridge and the Sultan Selim Yavuz Bridge.


Tourist places near the Bosphorus Bridge

Just north of the bridge is Ortaköy, a lively neighborhood full of art galleries, cafes and boutiques and is also close to the Ortaköy Mosque, a beautiful Ottoman-era mosque overlooking the Bosphorus and offering stunning views of the bridge and the city skyline.

To the north is Beylerbeyi Palace, an ornate 19th-century palace that was once used by the Ottoman Sultans as their summer retreat. The palace grounds are beautifully landscaped gardens, providing a peaceful retreat from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Those looking for a more historical experience can visit the Topkapi Palace, located just south of the bridge. This sprawling complex was once home to the Ottoman Sultans and contains several museums displaying exhibits on Turkish culture and history.


The other most famous bridges of Istanbul

Here are the two most important bridges in Istanbul, which are also of high importance, just like the third bridge.

Mohammed Fatih Bridge

 It opened to traffic in 1973 and spans the Bosphorus Strait connecting Europe and Asia and is a distinctive symbol of Istanbul, providing pedestrians and motorists a convenient connection between the two continents. meters (984 ft).

 The total length of the bridge including the approach bridges is 2,164 meters (7,106 ft) and features four lanes for vehicular traffic with pedestrian walkways on both sides. Its design incorporates traditional Ottoman architectural elements such as the crescent and lily that are symbolic in Turkish culture.

The Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge is an engineering marvel that testifies to Istanbul's long history of cultural and technological achievements.


Yavuz Sultan Bridge

The Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge has become a landmark in Istanbul due to its unique design and location. It has become a popular place for tourists to take pictures and enjoy its beauty from afar. Its lights at night make it even more beautiful because it is reflected in the water below.

In addition to being an attractive tourist destination, Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge is also important for traffic purposes because it provides an alternative route between Europe and Asia when congestion occurs on other bridges over the Bosphorus Strait. This makes it easy for passengers traveling between these two continents to move quickly without having to wait.


These were the most important details related to the Bosphorus Bridge. You can learn more details about that city and its advanced infrastructure projects through your continuous visit to our website, where we monitor all the topics that interest you about the Turkish real estate sector.


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