An apartment in Turkey or a spacious house?

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An apartment in Turkey or a spacious house?

In the following article, we provide you with a definition of both the apartment in Turkey and the spacious house, if you are in the process of choosing

An apartment in Turkey or a spacious house?
15th August 2023
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While apartments in Turkey offer unique features, spacious homes have their own advantages as well, so before making your final decision, it is important to understand the differences between apartments and spacious homes and weigh the advantages and disadvantages that each offers.

In this article, we will explore the advantages of buying an apartment in Turkey, we will also highlight the benefits of buying a spacious house in Turkey and information will be provided to help you make an informed decision according to your personal needs and family requirements, so continue reading to learn more details and information to facilitate the real estate investment process in the real estate sector in Turkey.


Advantages of buying an apartment in Turkey

  1. Turkey is witnessing an active and thriving real estate market, which means that there is a wide range of options available for buying apartments and a variety of sizes, designs, and locations can be found at different prices to suit different budgets.


  1. Apartments in Turkey are often more affordable compared to some other real estate markets and apartments can be found at affordable prices with good finishes, giving the buyer the opportunity to get value for money.


  1. Many residential complexes in Turkey are characterized by the presence of integrated facilities and services such as swimming pools, gyms, recreational areas, and gardens and these facilities provide easy access and comfort to the residents.


  1. The real estate market in Turkey is characterized by providing apartments that are designed in a modern and modern style, and were built using high-quality materials, as these apartments are characterized by durability and quality and provide a comfortable and beautiful living environment.


  1. Turkey provides fair and legitimate property laws for foreign investors and buyers enjoy legal protection of their rights and have the right to freehold the apartment and achieve a return on investment.


  1. When buying an apartment in Turkey at a certain value, the buyer can obtain a long-term residence permit in Turkey, this opportunity allows the buyer to benefit from all the benefits of residency and live in Turkey permanently.


  1. If you do not live in the apartment permanently, you can invest it or rent it out to get additional financial return and there are strong rent demands in the tourist neighborhoods and urban areas of Turkey.


  1. Turkey occupies a strategic location that makes it a meeting point between continents and a major travel destination for tourists from all over the world and this means that Turkey is easily accessible through flights and other destinations are easily reached.


  1. Turkey has a long history and rich culture, which makes it an attractive tourist destination for many visitors, as living in an apartment in Turkey gives you the opportunity to explore temples, historical sites, restaurants, museums, and cultural festivals.


  1. With modern and vibrant cities such as Istanbul, Antalya and Bodrum, you can enjoy a lively environment and an active nightlife and these cities offer a variety of activities, dining, shopping and entertainment that cater to your interests


Benefits of buying a spacious house in Turkey 

  1. The spacious homes in Turkey include a large area that allows you to have a spacious and comfortable residential space and you can enjoy the freedom to move, organize the space, add more furniture and decorations, and meet your personal needs.


  1. The spacious house provides comfort and a private space for you and your family members and you can enjoy privacy and relaxation inside the house and organize your daily activities comfortably.


  1. With ample space, you can easily host friends and family in your home in Turkey, receive guests comfortably and provide them with a welcoming and comfortable environment.


  1. You can use the ample space to create additional spaces according to your needs and interests, you can create a playroom for your children, a work-from-home office, a private gym, an indoor garden, or any design that meets your specific needs.


  1. Spacious homes usually maintain their value well in the long term, Turkey is witnessing an increase in demand for spacious properties, and therefore buying it can be a good investment that helps maintain and increase the value of the property over time.


  1. If you are not using the spacious home permanently, you can rent it out for extra income and the demand for spacious homes in Turkey is high, and you can have a good opportunity to rent them out to tenants and make a good financial return.


  1. In many residential complexes in Turkey, additional facilities and services are provided such as gardens, swimming pools, sports centers, commercial centers, and places for entertainment and these facilities add extra value to the spacious home and provide you and your family with places to enjoy and entertain.


  1. Living in a spacious home enhances the quality of life and contributes to psychological comfort and general happiness and the ample space allows you to breathe, relax and enjoy a comfortable indoor life.


  1. Spacious homes can be found in strategic locations in Turkey, whether it is near the beaches, the city or the tourist areas, this provides you with easy access to basic services and facilities, tourist sites, restaurants and commercial centers.


  1. Buying a spacious house in Turkey gives you the opportunity to enjoy a luxurious life experience and you can enjoy the luxury, comfort and modern designs that characterize the spacious houses in Turkey.

Tips when buying spacious apartments and houses in Turkey

  1. Before proceeding with the purchase process, determine the financial budget that you can afford and it should include the costs related to the purchase of the property, including the price, taxes, fees, legal fees, and registration.


  1. Do an extensive research and explore the different neighborhoods and regions in Turkey, look at the average real estate prices and compare the apartments and spacious houses available in those areas.


  1. Cooperate with a reliable and experienced real estate company in the real estate market in Turkey, they can help you choose the right property, arrange the purchase process and assist in negotiation.


  1. Before completing the deal, be sure to conduct a comprehensive legal examination of the property and you must check the validity and integrity of legal documents and make sure that there are no legal problems or mortgages on the property.


  1. Visit the selected property before making a purchase decision and take a tour inside and outside the property and check its condition, features, and proximity to important facilities and services.


  1. Feel free to try to negotiate the price of the spacious apartment or house, there may be room to negotiate and get a better deal.


  1. Before signing any official documents, consult a professional lawyer who specializes in Turkish real estate law and the lawyer will be able to review contracts and agreements and ensure that your rights as a buyer are protected.


  1. Check the available transportation and the proximity of schools, hospitals, malls and recreational facilities, make sure the location meets your daily needs and has good infrastructure.


  1. If you intend to finance the purchase, check out the available options for obtaining real estate financing in Turkey, consult banks and financial companies for information about mortgage loan terms and interest.


  1. Look at real estate as a future investment and choose a property that has the potential to grow in value over time, and take advantage of the investment opportunities that the real estate market in Turkey can offer.


Common questions

Are the apartments more comfortable and easy to maintain?

Yes, apartments are usually more comfortable and easy to maintain compared to spacious homes, as they usually require less maintenance and less effort in care and cleaning, which saves time and effort for residents.

Do the apartments provide common services and facilities?

Yes, many residential complexes in Turkey offer apartments with common services and facilities, such as swimming pools, playgrounds, sports centers, children's play areas, gardens, and places for meeting and entertainment.

Do the apartments offer the possibility of investing and renting them easily?

Yes, apartments in Turkey are a popular choice for real estate investment and can be easily rented out to renters and the demand for residential rents is high in Turkey, especially in major metropolitan areas and tourist resorts.

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