How to Apply for Turkish Citizenship Online

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How to Apply for Turkish Citizenship Online

All about applying for Turkish citizenship remotely can be found in the article

How to Apply for Turkish Citizenship Online
12th August 2022
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During the recent period, and in light of the state of Turkey keeping pace with a period of technical and technological progress in the internet world, it was able to open the door for foreign and Arab citizens, to apply for Turkish citizenship through the website or electronic portal allocated by the state of Turkey, after the applicant fulfills of all the conditions required of him, related to the legal conditions and the period of his stay in the state of Turkey.


Apply for Turkish citizenship online

Many foreigners and Arabs wishing to obtain Turkish citizenship wonder about the papers required to obtain it. It is worth noting that after the provision of the electronic portal related to obtaining Turkish citizenship, all matters related to submitting applications became easy.

Undoubtedly, the application for citizenship is available through this portal only, which means that there is no longer a need to apply through paperwork.

In addition, an applicant for citizenship is not allowed to apply for it more than twice online. As for the method of application, as well as the method of filling out the naturalization application form, we must always remember that the applicant must meet all the conditions that the Ministry of Interior has specified.

The registration process is carried out through the following steps:

First: The applicant for citizenship has to enter the electronic portal that the Ministry of Interior has specified “on the Google search engine, and then choose the first result that will appear in front of him.

Second: After that, you must log in to the portal by entering the ID number and the code designated to enter the site.

Third: You must enter all the required data from you by filling in all the fields designated for them.

Note: You can use the link specified by the Ministry of Interior of Turkey, to follow up on the naturalization application that you have submitted online, due to the information provided by the website through which the applicant can know what stage his application has reached.


Categories that are eligible to apply for citizenship online

As we mentioned previously, applying for citizenship online is for some people only, and not others, who meet the requirements for naturalization, which are as follows:

-The applicant must have previously obtained a work permit for 5 continuous years, with the need for the person not to leave Turkey for a period exceeding 6 months during the entire 5 year period.

-Turkish citizenship is also granted to a person if he has previously been married to a citizen of Turkish origin or a Turkish citizen.

-Or that the applicant for Turkish citizenship is a person who has investments inside the state of Turkey, the budget of which is not less than half a million US dollars or the equivalent of that amount in foreign currencies, and the person has undertaken this investment for a period of 3 years.

-It is also possible for a person to own a property worth not less than 400 thousand US dollars, with the need for this person to pledge not to sell this property.

-It is worth noting that in the case of adoption, a person can also obtain Turkish citizenship, due to several reasons, including that Turkish law gives the Turkish family the full right to adopt a foreign citizen who is not an adult, and thus can apply for citizenship, which is called citizenship foreign minor.

-It is also available to apply for Turkish citizenship for people of Turkish origin.



Conditions for applying for Turkish citizenship online

One of the most important conditions that must be met to apply for Turkish citizenship online, is that the applicant be a real person who is inside the territory of the state of Turkey. In addition, anyone who wishes to obtain Turkish citizenship has the right to submit the application twice only, but in the event that the application was rejected the first time, the person must make sure of the conditions that he must fulfill, and make sure that they are met, before submitting request again. It is also necessary, after all the conditions required of the person to obtain Turkish citizenship have been met, and that he is approved as one of the Turkish citizens, that the person applying for Turkish citizenship online should enter the website, and follow the steps that were mentioned previously.


Advantages of obtaining Turkish citizenship

There are many advantages that a person with Turkish citizenship enjoys, and these advantages are as follows:

First: The holder of Turkish citizenship can travel anywhere without a visa, as the number of countries that he can go to without holding a visa is 110 countries and territories, distributed all over the world, including Japan and Singapore, as well as Hong Kong and South Korea.

Second: The holder of Turkish citizenship enjoys the ease of obtaining an (E-2) visa of the United States of America, through which Turkish citizens can move to the United States, in addition to constructing and establishing many commercial projects in the United States.

Third: It is worth noting that there are no requirements imposed by the Turkish government on the holder of Turkish citizenship related to residence, which makes it clear that anyone who wishes to obtain Turkish citizenship can obtain it without the need to reside in the country of Turkey.

Fourth: Every person who holds Turkish citizenship has the right to grant it to his children, as newborns acquire citizenship by inheritance, and then all children under the age of 18 automatically become Turkish citizens.

Fifth: There is no doubt that all holders of Turkish citizenship enjoy a great deal of free medical care that the State of Turkey grants to all Turkish citizens.

Sixth: The same applies to the free school education and university education that the holder of the nationality enjoys.


Conditions for obtaining citizenship by buying a property online

It is clear to us that in both cases, whether the process of buying a property that gives its owner the right to obtain Turkish citizenship is done on real or online, it is possible to complete the process of obtaining Turkish citizenship online, even if the customer has to travel outside the state of Turkey, or in the case that he does not have enough time to stay there and wait for citizenship, the conditions are as follows.

-Investors wishing to apply for Turkish citizenship online must have a property that conforms to the legal specifications set by the Turkish government, with the need to conduct an warrant for a real estate lawyer or real estate advisor, but in the case that the investor is residing in Turkey, he can go with the real estate advisor or his representative to the Notre Department in Turkey, and conducting a warrant to the process of obtaining Turkish citizenship.

In the case that the investor is in a country outside the borders of Turkey, he can do the warrant procedures through the Turkish consulate located in his country of residence, and after he performs the procedures, the real estate consultant or lawyer has the right to run the idea of ​​the investor obtaining Turkish citizenship. It is also necessary for the agent to ask the client all the important papers, in order to put them in the file for obtaining Turkish citizenship, and then send them by mail to the agent’s address inside Turkey.

These papers are as follows:

First, the original private warrant, which the investor has granted to the lawyer or real estate consultant within the state of Turkey.

Secondly, the notice related to the sale of foreign currency to the Central Bank of Turkey, and this is only in the event that the transaction was carried out through an intermediary bank, and this procedure is considered a new procedure, which was dealt with at the beginning of this year, after a republican decision was issued to this, the executive instructions of this decision should be issued by the Land Registry Directorate or the Turkish Land Survey Directorate.

A bank notification must be brought containing proof that the amount due on the property has been transferred in Turkish lira by the same bank that plays the intermediary role from the buyer’s account to the seller’s account, and it must equal the amount paid to the Turkish lira, on the same foreign currency value that has been sold by the Central Bank of Turkey, provided that the total value of the property is not less than 400 thousand US dollars.

There must be a tax number for the investor, this number is extracted from the Turkish Tax Department. It is necessary to submit a purchase contract for the real estate certified by the Turkish Notre Department.

It also requires a detailed report, special and related to the real estate appraisal that the client has obtained in the past or with his purchase of the property that meets the conditions for obtaining Turkish citizenship, provided that it should not have been more than 3 months old.

The person must also submit the real estate title deed, whether through housing or residence, and in the event that the title deed is not issued, the file must be included, with a pledge from the investor in the Turkish title deed dept. not to sell the property until 3 years have passed since its purchase.

A person wishing to obtain Turkish citizenship must submit an appropriate report in order to obtain Turkish citizenship, and this report is extracted at the Turkish Ministry of Environment and Cities.

It is necessary to bring copies of the passports of the investor and his family, and it is necessary that the passports be translated into the Turkish language, and certified by the Turkish notary with the obligation of the person to submit copies of the residence document of the investor and his family inside Turkey, provided that these documents are valid with the need to bring the marriage statement and the family statement as well, issued by the consulate in the mother country in Turkey, or from the Personal Status Department of the investor’s country, bearing in mind that these documents are certified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the consulate of that country in Turkey, and have been certified by the city’s governor, In addition to ratification and translation by the Turkish Notary.

A written consent must be brought from the wife, confirming that she agrees to grant her and her children Turkish citizenship, and this consent must be translated into the Turkish language and certified by the Turkish Notary.

Note: There are many nationalities whose passport does not mention the nationality of the investors, for example the Yemeni passport, these nationalities are required to submit a document proving and confirming the nationality issued by the mother country, which has been attested by the official authorities in the country of the person applying for Turkish citizenship, translated into the Turkish language and has been certified by the Turkish Notary.


Some Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Obtaining Turkish Citizenship

There are many questions raised by many wishing to obtain Turkish citizenship, which are as follows.

-When will the amendments related to the Turkish Citizenship Law be adopted?

It is worth noting that the legal amendments enter into force after they are officially published in the Turkish newspaper.


-Is it possible for a person to own more than one property?

The investor can buy several properties or one property, provided that the total value of these properties is 400 thousand US dollars or more, in order for the property owner to be able to apply for Turkish citizenship.


-Are you granted Turkish citizenship immediately after the purchase?

After completing the purchase procedures and the process of transferring ownership, the owner applies for Turkish citizenship, which takes three to six months.


-Do children get Turkish citizenship?

The answer to this question is yes, it is natural for all children under the age of eighteen to obtain Turkish citizenship, immediately after their father obtains it.

As for those over the age of eighteen, they must apply for citizenship, As an independent person who has nothing to do with his father.


-Is citizenship granted to parents when children obtain it?

There are no laws that ensure that Turkish citizenship is passed on from children to parents in Turkey.


-Do I need to be a resident of Turkey in order to obtain citizenship?

It is certain to us that with the new amendments that have taken place in Turkish laws, this matter has become ineffective; anyone can apply for citizenship, as soon as he/she own a property worth 400,000$.


-Are there nationalities prevented from obtaining Turkish citizenship?

Yes; there are some nationalities whose holders are prohibited from obtaining Turkish citizenship, which are those who hold the citizenship of North Korea, Armenia, Cuba, Nigeria, Yemen and Syria.


-Do I have to wait a while to get citizenship?

The answer to this question would be: No

As it is not necessary, if the conditions of the property match all the new amendments, it is possible to apply for citizenship directly, without the need to wait until 3 years have passed.


-What is the law of dual citizenship? How is it applied in Turkey?

It is worth noting that the process of dual citizenship within the state of Turkey is considered a natural matter, and there is no doubt that you are not required to give up your citizenship at all in order to obtain the new Turkish citizenship.


-What are the cases in which a Syrian citizen can obtain Turkish citizenship?

It is worth noting that Syrian citizens are not entitled to directly own real estate in Turkey, except in three cases:

First: Through the partnership with a Turkish person.

Second: In the case of registering the property in the name of a Turkish citizen, taking all guarantees.

Third: Establishing a company within the state of Turkey.

Thus, we have provided you with all the information related to how to apply for Turkish citizenship online, and we hope that you benefit from what we have provided.


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