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Basaksehir District

Discover Istanbul's Basaksehir: Beautiful landmarks, top-notch facilities, and services. Entertainment, health, education, all at reasonable prices. Modern residential towers offer luxury amenities.

Basaksehir District
05th May 2024
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Basaksehir District

It is hard to walk around Istanbul without hearing about the Basaksehir area, where modern residential buildings, surrounded by the finest service facilities that provide an ideal experience for residence and investment, especially for foreigners.

This article introduces Istanbul Basaksehir, and the factors that make investing there a long-term gain.


The location of Basaksehir and the most significant landmarks

The district is located in European Istanbul, in the western part of the city. Extending over an area of 107 square kilometers, the area was full of mountains, hills and forests, before it was inhabited. Then it became an independent district in 2008, after separating from the district of Kucukcekmece.

Major construction companies launched important projects that transformed the region into a leading and modern residential hub, and in recent years, the Turkish government in turn, started huge projects there too.

The region is located in the middle of eight investment areas: Arnavutkoy to the north, Kucukcekmece, Avcilar, and Bagcilar to the south, Esenyurt to the east, and Esenler, Sultanbeyli, and Eyup Sultan to the west. Perhaps the most important feature is the alignment with the route of the Istanbul Canal, where the construction will begin in 2021.

The canal passes through three neighborhoods within Basaksehir, which promises vast horizons.

The weather in Basaksehir is great, for the wide green fields provide the district with a warm and moderate climate, and a sufficient amount of rain, which makes the residents feel the beauty of the four seasons.

basaksehir Istanbul

Infrastructure and transportation in Basaksehir

The district has a strategic location on the map of Istanbul like no other, as it is located in the middle of eight of the most important investment areas, making it an essential transportation node.

It also extends along the E80 highway, which intersects with the highway leading to the new airport and the Marmara Road, and this is a huge vital part in Istanbul, as it connects the third bridge on the Bosphorus Strait to the city's airport, and includes a subway network linking it to central Istanbul, and later, it will extend to the airport through stations passing through the neighborhoods of the region.

Health services and hospitals in Basaksehir

This district in Istanbul has the largest medical city in Europe, named “Medical City,” and it includes 90 operating rooms, 1,730 patient rooms, 1,266 single rooms, 464 double rooms, and 709 outpatient clinics, in addition to 456 intensive care beds.

The city was designed to be a destination for first-class treatment and health care, with specialized hospitals and clinics, supplied with the latest and most modern equipment.

This medical city is characterized by excellent staff who are not only concerned with caring for patients, but also with becoming a global center for medical innovations.

As for Basaksehir Governmental Hospital, it is a huge, modern facility that includes 9 inpatient clinics and 8 surgical clinics for all medical specialties, in addition to the departments of radiology, obstetrics, organ donation, and intensive care.

The area also includes the Surgical Medical Centre on Yunus Emre Street, with distinctive surgical, plastic and psychological departments, and there is also the Acibadem Governmental Hospital, famous for treatment of all types of cancer.

Educational services, universities and schools in Basaksehir

The region is distinguished by a number of private and international universities, public schools and others that are branches of international schools, such as Al-Aqsa International Schools in Basaksehir Istanbul, known for its advanced curricula and modern scientific laboratories, in addition to 87 schools primary, middle and secondary schools, in addition to nurseries and kindergartens.

While the people of the region are anticipating the opening of the district’s State University soon, the district hosts the main campus of the famous private Ibn Khaldun University.

It was founded in 2015 at the peak of the real estate and urban boom of the region. The university includes the specialities of administrative disciplines, social sciences, and humanities.


Infrastructure and tourist attractions in Istanbul Basaksehir

Thanks to its modernity, the region boasts the finest infrastructure in Istanbul in particular and Turkey in general, which makes it home for the most important government and private projects alike.

The district is keen to provide all government services through state institutions and directorates, such as the municipal building, the Land Registry Directorate, the Tax Administration, and the Population Directorate, so the people of the region do not need traveling to conduct transactions.

The area includes some of the best public and private tourist facilities, including parks, playgrounds, shopping centers, markets, libraries, cinemas, and entertainment centers.

It also includes the largest square in Turkey and the largest botanical garden in all of Europe, despite the lack of historical and archaeological monuments due to being a modern area. 

  • The following are the main attractions:
  • The Botanical Garden in the district, or the so-called People’s Park, is the largest botanical garden in Turkey and the fifth largest in the world, with an area of 5.61 million square meters. It includes 145,300 trees, symbolizing the history of the fall of Constantinople in 1453. It contains wide water areas, a huge theater, and amusement parks for children. It is designed to be a safe shelter in the event of earthquakes, as it can accommodate thousands of people.
  • The Water Valley in this district of Istanbul, includes the longest walking path, 20 km long. It is characterized by trees and bodies of water, in addition to five mosques and recreational facilities, especially the children’s park.
  • Basaksehir Gulet, a spacious park that includes a lake with an area of 26 thousand square meters, and includes many cafes, restaurants, children’s playgrounds, cycling and running routes.
  • Chamliar Forest, the wonderful green space favored by barbecue lovers, extends over an area of 50,000 acres within the Chamliar neighborhood.
  • Basaksehir People Library, one of the largest libraries in Turkey and the largest in Istanbul, contains a collection of one hundred thousand books. The library provides reading, studying halls and holding various conferences, as well as a mosque and a café.
  • Mall of Istanbul, one of the most famous shopping centers. It includes 350 stores and a wide range of international and Turkish luxury brands, entertainment centers and spaces for circus shows and children's plays.
  • Basaksehir Bazaar, which extends over 40 thousand square meters, displays textiles, household utensils, and foodstuffs of high quality and competitive prices. The most important feature is the popular style of display and sale, as a kind of adherence to heritage and selling traditions.

Basaksehir apartments

Neighborhoods of Basaksehir area

34494 is the postal code for the district, which includes nine residential neighborhoods, each having great and competitive advantages. Here are the names:



Distinctive landmarks



Ataturk International Olympic Stadium

Bahcesehir the first section


third Istanbul Bridge

Basak Mahallesi


the industrial zone


in the middle

Chamsakur Hospital


in the middle

the popular bazaar

Kaya Bashi


Botanical Garden



residential projects under construction



Natural Forests

Ziya Gokalp


Mall of Istanbul

Apartments for sale in Basaksehir

For those looking for apartments for sale in Basaksehir, or opportunities for real estate investment in general, it is necessary to take into account the passage of the Istanbul Canal on the site, which means that the areas located along the Istanbul canal will embrace special investment projects, and the prices will rise certainly, and three areas of the district will be included in The organizational plan of the new city on the banks of the canal, which explains the high demand for purchasing real estate in the area.

The luxurious residential status is not only linked to this huge project, as the area embraces huge residential projects, combining modern designs, green views, and high-quality facilities, and also varies between regular and hotel apartments and luxury villas.

Batışehir Istanbul complex is one of the distinctive real estate development projects, with its splendid pioneering architectural designs and the  high-quality services between entertainment and shopping facilities and luxury housing.

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