Bayrampasa District

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Bayrampasa District

Bayrampasa district in Istanbul is characterized by its vital location and proximity to important active areas.

Bayrampasa District
07th May 2024
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Bayrampasa District

Bayrampasa district in Istanbul has a vital location in the middle of many active areas in the European section of the city. the proximity to the ancient Fatih area, which is of tourist and economic importance, is sufficient to realize the value of it as an area that has a unique mix of modern architecture intermingled with the older parts, which have a special charm.

This article introduces you to the most prominent features of the Bayrampasa Istanbul area, and the attractions that tempt you to own real estate there.

Overview of Bayrampasa area

It is located in the heart of European Istanbul. It is bordered by the Gaziosmanpasa district in the north, Fatih and Zeytinburnu in the south, Eyup Sultan in the east, and Esenler in the west. It is separated from Fatih district by only 5 kilometers, from Taksim Square by 15 kilometers, and from Sabiha Gokcen Airport 51. km, and 41 km from the new Istanbul Airport.

Until the early 1990s, Bayrampasa was a neighborhood in the Eyup Sultan area, then it became a separate municipality after witnessing an increasing urban renaissance. Bayrampasa postal code is 34045.

The area is the best example of the impact of the development of agriculture, industry and trade on the area of Istanbul. Since the 1970s, this region has enjoyed a location that has made it an essential commercial corridor for transporting agricultural goods and industrial equipment used in agriculture as well, which has provided the region with features of modernity and contemporary architecture, overlapping with the style of Old and traditional buildings, in a charming mix that meets all the tastes of those looking for apartments for sale in Bayrampasa.


Infrastructure and transportation in Bayrampasa

Thanks to the central location, Bayrampasa has an efficient transportation network around the clock, as it is very close to the metro line. Also, the Metrobus and public buses pass through it, which easily connects the area to all parts of Istanbul and all of Turkey.

The best thing about the region in this regard is the existence of Bayrampasa Garage, which is the largest central bus station linking the regions of Istanbul. This station is closer to the Esenler area, but located within Bayrampasa. This multi-storey facility includes about 500 permanent bus stops and more than a thousand temporary stops.

As for the tram, it passes through these stations: Rami - Top Sholar - Demirkapi.

The metro stations pass through: Kocatepe, Sagmalcilar and Maltepe, in addition to Bayrampasa.

bayrampasa hospital

Health services and hospitals in Bayrampasa

Bayrampasa area hospitals are considered among the best in Istanbul, and provide services around the clock to all residents, both Turkish and foreign, and provide translation services in several languages. Below are the most prominent hospitals in the region:

Bayrampasa Governmental Hospital

Bayrampasa State Hospital was established in 1970 in Istanbul, becoming one of the most important government hospitals in the city. With the independence of Bayrampasa as a municipality, the focus on developing the hospital and enhancing the capabilities doubled. This large building includes departments of emergency medicine, family medicine, oral and dental health, and neurosurgery, in addition to pediatric dermatology and reproductive diseases, also the department of physical therapy and rehabilitation, general surgery, thoracic and cardiovascular surgery, all the way to obstetrics and gynecology, and many other departments and specialties.

Bayrampasa State Hospital provides the possibility of booking an appointment through the application, using the TC number found on the residence document.

Bayrampasa Eye Hospital

Another ancient hospital, founded in 1984, it includes the most famous and qualified ophthalmologists. It extends over an area of eight thousand square meters. This private hospital provides translation services into Arabic, English, Russian, and German, and also provides easy payment services in easy installments.

Bayrampasa Kolan Hospital

A private hospital established in 2015 as part of the Kulan Hospitals chain in Turkey, and is famous for the modern techniques in treating chronic diseases such as diabetes and high blood pressure, in addition to psychological illnesses. It includes 114 beds and 4 operating rooms, as well as an intensive care unit with more than 40 beds.

It is worth noting Bayrampasa's proximity to Safak European Hospital, which is a private hospital located in Gaziosmanpasa, and is distinguished by the quality services in various specialties.

bayrampasa district

Educational services, universities and schools in Bayrampasa

Due to the population density and the desire of many to live in Bayrampasa, the government allowed the establishment of many schools there, for various educational levels, starting from kindergarten and ending with the secondary stage. As for universities, the region is distinguished by the presence of Yildiz Technical University, whose students study engineering and technical sciences in Turkish and English.

The convenient transportation network provides access to various other schools and universities in nearby areas, such as Amjad Al-Orouba School, Qamar Al-Azbekia, International Astrolabe University, and Al-Biruni University.

Bayrampasa is also famous for containing the Safak Academy for Development, which offers various courses for teaching different languages, including Turkish and Arabic to non-native speakers.

property in bayrampasa

Advantages of buying a property in Bayrampasa area

There are many people who love to live in areas with a strategic location close to the most prominent landmarks, and the area includes vital facilities that make life easier for the residents. The place includes markets, wonderful parks, and modern residential projects that try to meet the growing demand for housing in the area.

Here are the most important advantages of owning real estate in Bayrampasa:

  • The municipality of Bayrampasa is interested in creating parks in particular, so the region has one of the largest European parks in Istanbul ever, which is Bayrampasa City Park, with a breathtaking lake and entertaining recreational activities in the amusement park. Here you will find many types of pets, and even a space for horse riding training, bicycle activities, and other features that make your residence or work near this park an endless pleasure.

The vast area of Park provides places for football and basketball courts and other popular games, in addition to restaurants and cafes with stunning views of the park or the surroundings. Many people like to walk on the designated paths, or even enjoy reading in a quiet atmosphere under the trees.

There is another wonderful park in Bayrampasa, Sabri Akpinar Parki, which also attracts many sports and fun lovers. You will definitely be lucky if you live near here.

  • Bayrampasa markets enjoy diversity and quality, such as Forum Istanbul Mall, which includes 300 stores of the most important Turkish and international brands. There is also Access Istanbul Market and Mega Center. The area also includes a huge branch of the Swedish furniture brand IKEA, which is preferred by the majority because of the offers and quality of workmanship.

As for the Bayrampasa Istanbul market, many people love to wander around it, due to the great diversity and the suitability of the prices to all budgets. Owning an apartment or shop close to this market is a great advantage for those who master real estate investment opportunities well.

Apartments for sale in Bayrampasa

  • The area has a wide range of comfortable hotels that are well-known for the luxury it provides to the guests, such as the Titanic Bayrampasa Hotel with a stunning view, the Lionel Istanbul Hotel close to the Bosphorus Strait, and the Wish More Istanbul Hotel with exquisite architecture, all of which are five-star hotels. This explains the attraction of many luxury tourists to the Bayrampasa area.
  • Finally, it must be remembered that Bayrampasa is close to one of the most beautiful historical landmarks of Istanbul, which makes it a suitable starting point for visiting neighboring areas such as Fatih and Eyup Sultan, and visiting the Sultan Ahmed Mosque, the Grand Bazaar, the Basilica Cistern, the Hagia Sophia Mosque, the Eyup Sultan Mosque, and the dolphin exhibition. And Berluti Hill, where the famous café overlooks the most beautiful parts of Istanbul, including Bayrampasa, in addition to the possibility of enjoying a unique cruise across the Bosphorus Strait.
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