The Best Investments in Turkey

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The Best Investments in Turkey

The most important types of investment in Turkey and their profits

The Best Investments in Turkey
13th September 2022
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Turkey is a fertile environment for many types of investments, and based on many previous experiences of investors and capitalists, it became clear that money can be invested in several important projects.

In this article, you will learn about the most important types of investment in Turkey and their advantages. We hope that you will find accurate answers to your inquiries.


The best types of investment in Turkey:

Investment in Turkey is not limited to specific options, but rather is more extensive thanks to the unlimited potentials owned by the Turkish state, through which it has surpassed many major countries.

Commercial investment in Turkey

Turkey is a country that has experienced significant economic development in recent years, making it an attractive destination for commercial investment. The government has implemented a series of reforms to make the commercial environment more welcoming to foreign investors, and the economy is growing steadily. Turkey offers a number of advantages to companies, including a young and educated workforce, a strategic location at the crossroads of Europe and Asia, and a growing market for Turkish exports.


Industrial investment in Turkey

Turkey has been one of the world's fastest growing economies over the past decade, with real GDP growth averaging around 7% annually. This was driven by a combination of strong private consumption and investment, as well as unexpected export growth. Turkey's manufacturing sector was a major contributor to this growth, accounting for about 27% of GDP in 2017. The manufacturing sub-sector is the largest within the industry, making up 17% of GDP.

Manufacturing production has doubled in real terms since 2002, and the sector is now one of Turkey's main export sources. The government has been supportive of industrial development through a variety of measures, including tax incentives and exemptions. As a result, Turkey's total FDI in the manufacturing sector reached 15.6 billion US dollars in 2017, making it one of the largest recipients of FDI in emerging markets. Looking to the future, the industry sector in Turkey is expected to do so.

Now, you have to learn about industrial investment in Turkey in several different aspects, the most important of which are:

1 - Pharmaceutical industry in Turkey

 The Turkish pharmaceutical industry has grown rapidly in recent years and is now the sixth largest in Europe. Turkey offers a number of advantages to foreign investors, including a large and growing market, and low production costs.


2- Food industry in Turkey

The Turkish food industry is one of the most developed and diversified in the country. It comprises a large number of specialized and export-oriented Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs). The sector employs about 1.5 million people and has an annual turnover of 60 billion US dollars.

The Turkish food industry is distinguished by its strong focus on quality, safety and innovation. It is also one of the most competitive and efficient industries in the world, with a production cost of 20-30% lower than that of other European countries. Among the most important products exported by the Turkish food industry are olives, olive oil, tomato paste, nuts, honey, spices, dairy products and processed meat. The sector also has a strong presence in the global Halal food market, with more than 300 certified companies.


3 - Furniture and furnishings industry

The furniture industry in Turkey is a growing sector with great potential. The country has a well-developed manufacturing base, and its products are competitive in terms of quality and price. The industry is well regulated, and there are a number of incentives in place to encourage investment. Turkish furniture is exported to many countries around the world, and the sector continues to grow.


4- Electrical and electronic equipment industry

The Electrical and Electronic Equipment (EEE) industry in Turkey is one of the most important manufacturing sectors in the country. The sector has a strong export orientation and is a major driver of economic growth. Turkey is the sixth largest producer of electrical and electronic equipment in the world and the fourth largest exporter of electrical and electronic equipment, with a market share of 3.6 percent.

The sector comprises several sub-sectors, including electrical machinery, appliances and lighting, electronics, information and communication technology (ICT), and automotive electronics. The electrical machinery sector is the largest, accounting for about 50 percent of the total production. Appliances, lighting, electronics, and information and communication technology account for about 20 percent, while automotive electronics account for the remaining 10 percent.


5 - Iron and steel industry in Turkey

Iron and steel industry in Turkey is one of the most developed industries in the country. It has a long history dating back to the Ottoman Empire. The industry is well established and has a strong presence in the Turkish economy. The industry employs a large number of people and contributes significantly to the country's exports.

Turkey has a number of advantages that make it an attractive destination for iron and steel production. These include abundant supplies of raw materials, a skilled workforce, and relatively low production costs.


Agricultural investment in Turkey

Agricultural investment in Turkey has many advantages. The country has a large and growing population, which creates a ready market for agricultural products. Turkey also has a young and educated workforce capable of operating effectively in modern agricultural production systems. The government supports agricultural investment and offers a number of incentives to encourage investors. These include tax cuts, and access to cheap land and water.

Agricultural investment in Turkey provides opportunities for both small-scale farmers and large-scale investors. There is great potential for growth in this sector, making it an attractive option for investors looking for long-term returns.


Real estate investment in Turkey

Turkey has become one of the most important countries in the field of real estate investment in recent years, as it provides many features and advantages that make it attractive to investors, whether local or foreign, and this is what made Turkey occupy a distinguished position globally in the field of real estate.

The Turkish government has made great efforts to encourage investment in all sectors, including real estate, and has provided many facilities and privileges to investors. Among the most important features that make Turkey an ideal destination for real estate investment are the following:

-The presence of a large number of tourist cities where Istanbul ranks first among these cities, as it is considered one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in the world, which made it attract a large number of international investors to invest in its real estate market.


Investing in the energy sector in Turkey

Turkey's exceptional location has given it an important role in the energy sector. Turkey is a transit country for oil and gas pipelines from the Middle East and Central Asia to Europe. These factors make Turkey an attractive destination for energy investors.


Investing in the tourism sector

Tourism is one of the main sources of income for many countries and investment in the tourism sector has its advantages. It creates jobs. It is estimated that for every 10,000 tourists who visit a country, 950 jobs are created. This is because when tourists visit a country, they need places to stay, places to eat and places to visit. All of these companies need employees to function properly.

 Another advantage of investing in the tourism sector is that it can help boost the economy. When tourists visit a country, they spend money on souvenirs, food, and activities. Injecting money into the economy can be beneficial, as we can tell you that the tourism sector is also relatively stable when compared to other sectors such as manufacturing or agriculture.


Investing in the jewelry and gold sector

Turkey is one of the leading producers and consumers of gold in the world. The jewelry and gold sector in Turkey is a major driver of economic growth, contributing significantly to employment, export and investment. The sector is also an important source of tax revenue for the government.

In recent years, the Turkish government has taken steps to support and enhance the sector, including creating a ministry dedicated to the jewelry and gold sector, and offering a number of incentives and tax exemptions. Turkey's jewelry and gold sector offers investors a number of advantages, including a well-developed infrastructure and skilled workforce. Turkey also has a long history of trading in precious metals, dating back to the Ottoman Empire.


Investing in Turkey in the education sector

There are a number of reasons behind this trend. Turkey offers high quality education at a relatively low cost compared to other developed countries. In addition, the country's universities offer a wide range of English-taught programs, which attract international students. The Turkish government is also keen to attract more foreign students and has introduced a number of initiatives to make Turkey a more attractive study destination.

These include offering scholarships and simplifying visa procedures. As a result of all these factors, Turkey is an increasingly popular destination for education investors. The country offers a number of opportunities for those looking to invest in the education sector, such as schools, universities and other educational institutions.


Investing in Turkey in the health sector

The Turkish health sector is one of the most attractive and fastest growing markets in the world. Turkey has a proven track record in healthcare, with a well-developed infrastructure and a growing number of private hospitals, clinics and health centers.

Turkey's healthcare system is constantly evolving and adapting to the country's needs, making it an attractive destination for foreign investors. There are many opportunities for foreign investors in the Turkish health sector, especially in the fields of hospitals, private clinics and health centers.

The development of this field in Turkey has clearly emerged in recent years, and Turkey has established a large number of modern hospitals, which are considered today to compete with the most important countries in the world, especially the (Basaksehir Medical City).


Livestock investment in Turkey:

Animal investment in Turkey has many advantages that make it one of the best countries to invest in this field, the most important of which are:

-The presence of a large number of livestock, which is one of the main factors that make animal raising a profitable investment.

 -Availability of suitable climatic conditions for the growth and development of animals.

 - abundance of pastures.

 -Availability of water resources.

-The existence of a developed infrastructure in terms of transportation and communication that facilitates the marketing and export of animal products.


Import and export in Turkey:

Turkey is one of the countries with a lot of potential in the field of import and export, as it is located at the crossroads of Europe, Asia and Africa, which made it a major point of international trade. The Turkish economy is growing rapidly, and this is reflected in the increasing number of Turkish companies exporting their products and services to other countries.

There are many opportunities to invest in the field of import and export in Turkey, as there is a growing demand for Turkish products and services in international markets. Some of the promising sectors for investment in Turkey include:

- Food and beverages - Textiles - Chemicals - Building materials.


Investing in stocks in Turkey:

Turkey is considered one of the most attractive countries in the world for investment in general and investment in stocks in particular, as it provides a suitable environment for starting and developing businesses, in addition to many incentives that facilitate investment. Among the most important reasons that make Turkey one of the best countries to invest in stocks are:

-The presence of a large number of companies listed on the stock exchange.

-There are many electronic trading platforms that facilitate the process of buying and selling.

-Ease of opening a brokerage account and investing in stocks.

-The existence of a developed financial and banking system.

-There are many incentives for investors, such as tax exemptions and customs privileges.


Why is real estate investment in Turkey the best option?

Real estate investing is a great way to make money and build wealth. It is one of the best options available for capital development. Here are the main reasons for investing in it:

First, real estate values ​​can rise over time. This means that your investment will be more valuable in the future than it is today.

Second, real estate can provide you with a steady stream of income. This is especially true if you are investing in rental properties. The rent you collect from tenants can help you cover the costs of owning and maintaining your investment property, as well as providing you with a profit.

Third, real estate investing can be a great way to diversify your investment portfolio.


The field of investment in Turkey is diverse, as we mentioned above, with the winning balance tilting to the investment in real estate. Our advisory team at Binaa Real Estate Company is always ready to provide you with all the profitable and distinguished investment opportunities in Turkey, so do not hesitate to contact us.



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By continuous following of our website, you can learn about many details regarding the real estate market and the Turkish reality.


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